Reviews for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013


Basically, it's no FIFA

DowntimeGuys | March 31, 2014 | See all DowntimeGuys's reviews »

For many years people had considered PES as the pinnacle of football games when it comes to gameplay. FIFA may have had all the licensing and advertising clout, but Pro Evolution Soccer was a faithful incarnation of the real thing. Matches we're more likely to end 0-0 than the 5-5 you might find at full time in FIFA, but that was why we loved PES. This year the balance is shifting. The gameplay on FIFA has steadily been getting better throughout the years, with modern games offering both a tactical and beginning-friendly offering that can be enjoyed by the masses. PES on the other hand has positioned itself as the 'game for hardcore players' even thought most die-hard footy fans will be drawn to the licensed teams that FIFA brings. Having played both FIFA 13 and PES 2013 it's hard to justify the reasons to choose PES. The menus do look nice, and some of the licensed team's players look fantastic, but everything feels very rigid and arcade-like. It's hard to explain what makes FIFA so good in comparison. You'll play PES for a few hours and really start to enjoy it. But it's only when you go back to FIFA that you realise how much better the players control and the overall feel and flow of the game. It may end up 5-5 at full time, but who cares when you're having so much fun in the process. Purists will argue that PES will always be the dominant game, but give FIFA a chance too. I think you'll find you'll have more fun with the latter. PES isn't a bad game by any means, but FIFA is king as far as football simulators go.


A big improvement over the previous games!

britishlad | June 3, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

Most of the previous pro evolution soccer games have been either average or terrible - They are usually let down by bugs or weak gameplay however this game is a massive improvement and the best in the series! Here's my list of good and bad things: The bad: The graphics has been one of the problems of the series making some of the animations and the overall graphic to seem lower than what they can put out there. There is also a little too much focus used for other modes such as UEFA Champions League mode and Libertadores mode. The latter one could have been implemented in some way in the football life making it possible to have world tournaments with teams, rather then just having the teams there without using the teams there. Online mode is still a little clumsy and also suffers a little lag sometimes, but not has been improved. Good: Football life has been improved so much from last years game that you can use all of your time just on that. With putting on shoes, increased skill earned with in-game credits or deciding training the way it is suppose to be. All these aspects have been improved in every way in Football Life. The Gameplay itself has also been improved in both offense and defense. AI's are more intelligent. Making better runs and working better with the player when attacking, instead of having to push the whole team forward. Players will now go on runs and support when playing offensevily. Defensively the palyers are now able to take the ball from the ball handler better than any time before. You don't have to control every player to place them in the defense where you want them. Instead they put themselves where you want them after what tactics you have put up. Overall this game is great addition to the series and is worth playing. Highly recommended