Reviews for Halo 4


Not as good as previous Halo's

CyberSh3ff | Jan. 13, 2015 | See all CyberSh3ff's reviews »

I was hyped for the release of this game but was somewhat let down, not only by the single player mode but also the multiplayer aspect of the game too! I'm a huge halo fan and spent countless hours on Halo 3, 2 and Combat Evolved, so obviously when Halo 4 was announced I did have high expectations. The storyline wasn't as good as previous Halo's in my opinion, and the multiplayer I feel was starting to have a different feel to it than for example Halo 3, which I loved. The people online were also annoying, but that doesn't affect my rating as that's not the games fault.. The storyline could have been done better, it was a bit short and not much too it, compared to the other Halos. Having said that, it was still pretty fun to play, and the multiplayer did have it upsides!


Halo 4, the pro's and cons

Sam_Rockett | March 5, 2014 | See all Sam_Rockett's reviews »

Halo itself filled by childhood with joys, its what i played straight away from when i got home from school. Delighted to hear back in July of 2011 that a new halo was coming out! A year later the game was finally released but i was to find that it was not up to its former predecessors. The campaigns story fitted in with the series though and i was glad to see the Chief was making a comeback and Cortana to. The graphics of the game were far more superior to the games before it comparing to halo 3 you could see major improvements such has the armour detailing of all the Spartans was present, no blurs, faults or issues. Your surroundings were crisp clear and the scenery was delightful. however the story line to the game was not up to my standards, yes it was exciting and enticing to find out what happens next, but i feel it really lacked what halo 3 had. The multiplayer was great, several game types to choose from such as the traditional slayer, big team battle and including a new addition in the match making section infection (this was on the older games but you could only play as a custom game) these all met my standards and were great fun to play with mates and alone. A brief sum up for those who don't want to read my paragraphs Pros: -Good graphics -exciting story line -multiplayer is enjoyable -provides hours of game play Cons: -story line isn't as great as it use to be -expensive -very different to other halo games All in all the game is a great play, i definitely recommend it to all the halo fans and i think 343 did a great job in continuing the halo story on. Its definitely worth the money and will not disappoint! but i feel the story line could of been improved and they could of made it feel more like halo that just a common FPS game.


Halo 4

xSh4d0wXx | Aug. 8, 2013 | See all xSh4d0wXx's reviews »

This is game has given me hours of fun with my mates playing online. I love the forging on these games. The forge has really improved since halo 3 where we were limited with what we cold do and had to glitch the game to get or maps how we wanted them, in this game we have a lot more options sch as snapping objects together which makes it a lot easier to build stuff. Overall, great game.


Fell Short Of It's Predecessors

RadiatorFanboy | Aug. 2, 2013 | See all RadiatorFanboy's reviews »

I was not as Hyped for Halo:4 as I was for the older games and I found it to be OK but nothing special. Story was not that special for me, I don'r see myself as an expert other than what I think and I did not think much about the story behind this. I liked Halo: Forward Unto Dawn and I thought it was a great idea to go in that direction to promote a product and the way they shoe horned that idea in for people who may not have seen the Short was disappointing. The Multi-player was not the saving grace either, very similar to Reach as to be expected and the Model designs for the SPARTANS was not good either trying to put too much detail into the armour and the lining did not give it the same style as Reach or games prior and I have friends who agreed on that. Overall a miss nothing too different from Reach I have not gone back to playing the Campaign as I have done with the others and the Multi-player has not drawn me back either It's a competent game and I wish I enjoyed it more


Halo 4 Review

sliceofmoon | Jan. 14, 2013 | See all sliceofmoon's reviews »

Halo 4 is a fun game with hours of enjoment to be had. The campaign is well thoughtout and has a very gripping story line, with graphics that are to die for. War Games is equally enjoyable and the many game types on offer prevent you from becoming bored of the same old team slayer, the loudouts give you a choice of what weapon you wish to bring to the battle field, instead of fighting with someone because they picked up the weapon you wanted. Spartan ops is also fun however compaired to the campaign it can seem a bit bland and too short missions leave the player wanting more. Therefore I think 343 have done an all round good job in carrying on the Halo 4 series that we all know and love.