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Good game

britishlad | June 3, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

This is a good game and if you bored of the fifa series and want to try something else then I recommended fifa street. The game itself is perfect in setup the in game graphics are just the same as Fifa 12, yet the game play has many positives from the the past games. Such as tricking out your opponent, pulling off a successful trick, and finding ways of making creative goals. It also brings in new variations of street ball that will not let you get bored for one second. At the same time there are places it falls short, the A.I. is terrible in moments during the gameplay, for example not taking an open shot or not being able to take an open ball on the ground. Yet one of the biggest appointments so far seen is not being able to play club teams online. Though this a big and stupid issue that could have been simply implemented in the game there maybe hope later on for updates. In the end though looking past the few flaws this is a game that will not disappoint, it is very creative it has a real street ball feel to it but still allows for tricks to be done that the average person cannot do. The music is perfect the world tour part of the game is very long and fun and its a game that can be played for hours. I would have given this game a a higher rating if it wasn't for the A.I. problems and and the online.In the end though the positives out way the negatives and this is a game worth the money espically now that the game is cheap to buy - Recommended