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Good story but average game

britishlad | May 18, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

This game requires patience - first off the introduction was nearly twenty minutes long! Now don't get me wrong I love cutscenes/story and this game has done a good job with both however I nearly turned it off because intro just went on for too long! The game is a hack and slash with lotsof cut scences and after a while it gets very annoying and I ended up skipping half of it. The controls are fairly simple but it gets a bit fiddly when you have to move and aim while locking on to your target, I never really mastered it but muddled my way through. There seems to be a lot of bosses that keep re-appearing even after you have supposidly killed them and all bosses have simple patterns to defeat and it wont take you long to master the chinks in their battle play. The game has moments of great play and differs from most hack and slash i have played before. You swap characters half way through which is nice but all their moves are samey and you cant learn any new combos throughout the game. Their are lots of hidden trophies and you dont seem to get any reward for tough battles and difficult parts but instead you get rewarded for dying, staring at someones breasts,getting scalded by a drink and loads of wierd pointless stuff, yeah great for trophy whores but strange logic behind rewards. Worth playing at a cheap price