Reviews for Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition


Not quite on par with Fallout 3

nudeood | Sept. 13, 2013 | See all nudeood's reviews »

If you loved Fallout 3, then Fallout New Vegas is a must-play game, although the environment and atmosphere aren't quite as good. As a standalone game, this is still fantastic. The level of freedom is unmatched by many other open-world games, and the lack of vehicles means you truly experience the wasteland environment as you trek across it. The main storyline is interesting and involves plenty of karmic choices to result in one of many different endings. This free will is reflected in the gameplay aspects of New Vegas, where you are able to level your character and tailor them to suit you specific playstyle. You may develop a character who excels in melee combat, with sniper rifles or even is a charismatic pacifist. However you choose to play the game, it will last for hundreds of hours of entertainment and be a unique experience every time.


Hours of post-apocalptic goodness

Mattiebo | Sept. 15, 2012 | See all Mattiebo's reviews »

Ive spent a lot of time playing the Fallout franchise on PS3. They're fun, they last a very long time and are full of humour and general gaming brilliance. I would recommend anyone play both games (Fallout 3 and New Vegas), but I would suggest you play Fallout 3 first. New Vegas improves on Bethesda Game Studios' Fallout 3 formula, adding new gameplay mechanics including cooking and crafting along with a hardcore mode and the addition of iron-sights on guns. The developers are Obsidian Entertainment; a team that includes many of the people behind the original Fallout Games, and so you'll likely to find a lot of references to those first games within this version of the post-apocalyptic Mojave desert. Voice acting is as solid as ever, which is always surprising given the amount of NPCs in the world. New Vegas is espcially good for its quests. There are loads of quests throughout the wasteland, with the downside being that exploring isn't as rewarding, because most explorable buildings are linked to a certain quest. New Vegas presents you with several factions to join or go against. This takes over Fallout 3's Karma system in terms of importance, as you actions towards certain factions will either better or worsen your reputation with them. The main story forks out into several endings, but unfortunately ending the game will wipe your save file, as in Fallout 3, and so you may want to avoid the main story altogether until you've played enough of the game. There are several DLC packs available on the PSN Store too to keep this game fresh.