Reviews for Hacker Evolution [Legacy]


Virtual hacker. Feel the hacking inside your fingers.

hateah | July 22, 2014 | See all hateah's reviews »

If you are a programmer,or beginner, or you are just into the virtual hacking and imagining yourself as a hacker,that's the game for you. It might be very difficult tho for a beginner who doesn't know anything about the basics of the hacking. But that's why it has tutorial and tips which is helping you during the whole game. I only managed to get to lvl 3 and then i was tracked. You really have to try out that game for an indie game it's very good, there aren't many hacker simulation games like this one. It might look difficult for you at some point, but you will get through it and it will give you that amazing feeling when you finish the level and transfer the money to your account. You will have to learn the ways of hacking and all the commands, because you'll need them all the time. It might become a habit at some time just to insta write the commands that are necessary but until then you'll need to play it hell of a lot of time. Still its one of the best games in that genre.


An interesting game

nightassassin1 | Sept. 11, 2013 | See all nightassassin1's reviews »

This game does not actually require knowledge of hacking, teach hacking, or require knowledge of Unix/Linux. The game gives you a tutorial of how things work and what you have to do to efficiently play the game so it is not hard for people who have little knowledge of computers. The game is quite hard and is more of a text puzzler than a hacking simulator, but it is interesting and fun. It tends to make people nervous when you sit near them and play the game, making them think you are actually hacking something. It is kind of fun to see their reaction to it. Personally I am pleased with the game for the price of $1 that I payed. If you can get this game for really cheap then it is a great game to get, but if it is more than $1 or so, I would not buy it. The game is pretty low key and text based.


Hacker game? Gimme that! oh wait…

DeaD | Dec. 11, 2012 | See all DeaD's reviews »

This game returns to the old text based games, so if you want something spectacular, don’t bother. First i thought of something like, oh my god i’m gonna experience something fantastic, a new world will open itself to me. Well it didn’t but the game is fun anyway. Maybe there are not that much commands, and maybe getting into a „database” won’t make you dance, or order a champagne, but it certainly does have a feeling. These were the good. And now for the bad. The game is hard (or at least it was for me [first time at the franchise]), and not that entertaining. Even so i’d say it does, what it wants to, and i do accept it’s uniquness. It is kinda cheap, so it is worth trying, but do think about whether it fits you or not.


Less hacking and more mini-games

Maniacal | Dec. 7, 2012 | See all Maniacal's reviews »

Hacker Evolution is sold as a hacking simulation game but it plays as much more of a series of repetitive mini-games. It is kind of fun for a little while pretending to be some 1337 haxor the novelty wears off as the repetitiveness sets in. It isn't as bad as the hollywood movie and TV show "hacking" scenes, but it isn't really that much better either. The aesthetic design is lacking as well, there wasn't much worth taking a screenshot of. If you are really into pretending to be a hacker it will certainly be fun for a while at least though.



oginer | Nov. 10, 2012 | See all oginer's reviews »

I wouldn't call this a hacking simulation. It just looks like one, at first sigh at least, until you find out the minigames involved in hacking, which are just generic minigames that don't have anything to do with hacking. So if you like minigames with dome interesting setting and plot about hackers, get it, but if you expect a hacking simulator like uplink (or even the first Hacker Evolution game) the this is not the game you're looking for.


Easier than Uplink.

zhack075 | Sept. 3, 2012 | See all zhack075's reviews »

this game is fun to play. I'm not a hacker but it's still nice todive in this particulary atmosphere of hacking. To my mind this game is easier than uplink but remains challenging. If you want a nice puzzle game and you like those kind of universe this game is made for you. If you want something more challenging try uplink.


Not what I expected

Freebird | Aug. 22, 2012 | See all Freebird's reviews »

Well, here I go. I pre-ordered this game in a whim, as the main website stated it was a "HACKING SIMULATOR" that would revolutionise the franchise. It also stated it would have open world gameplay, upgradeable parts, and a slew of other things that made me salivate in anticipation. After playing through the full game, not only was I SEVERELY underwhelmed, I was also presented with the poignant fact that the dev had been lieing to us to such an extent that it was shameful. Not only that, but now when people ask for refunds or complain on his forums, he promptly deletes the threads and goes on a rampage saying that for ever unhappy consumer there are (according to his own words, mind you, and he is basically quoting steam numbers which I believe is illegal.) TENS OF THOUSANDS of faithful followers. Not ten, not eight, but plural TENS of thousands. His website is stagnating, nobody visitis it, forums on steam and other outlets absolutely simmer with hatred for the guys lies and rip-off charlatanry, yet he is confident that his mystical tens of thousands of avid fans will heave him above their heads and praise him as a god. Anyways, enough about that, on to the review. After playing through about two hours and finding NONE of what he talked about, as in , no simulation, no open ended gameplay. I uninstalled in disgust, but played a second time, as I had purchased the super expensive pre-order... I gave it another try just because the game cost me money and I honestly am in disbelief of the fact that the creator lied so much about what he was making. He touted it as a hardcore realistic hacking simulator with open world unscripted gameplay as well as other hackers that you could ally with.


Decent, but no Uplink

Cooberstooge | Aug. 19, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

Almost nobody makes hacking games, and as such, all of Exosyphen's titles are worth a peek. Just don't expect Uplink-like originality out of them. Hacker Evolution is more of a puzzle game than a hacking sim, but is worth a play just to see something more modern and up to date than Uplink. This one closely resembles the stuff you'll see so-called computer gurus in tv shows use, with all the flashy graphics and popping up windows. The game runs great, and I've never once run across any bugs. Definitely a solid little title, if you've exhausted Uplink.


Hacking simulation or puzzler?

kof91 | Aug. 7, 2012 | See all kof91's reviews »

Never really my kind of games to get into. Feels like hacking simulation and can never understand the game fully. Definitely some will enjoy this is rather unique game. After uplink, Exosyphen Studios is the only studio that actually produces this niche kind of games.


Challenging, But Still Fun

Vinderax | Aug. 6, 2012 | See all Vinderax's reviews »

Hacker Evolution is, as its name suggests, a hacking game. I should warn you at first, this game is not for everyone. It's a good, solid hacking simulation, but the learning curve and overall difficulty level makes it hard to really get into the game. As a hacking sim, the gameplay mechanics mostly consist of typing various commands on a computer console. The gameplay itself is solid, but a bit repetitive. The steps you need to perform for a successful hack are pretty much the same for most servers, and it can get monotonous fast. Fortunately, the game has enough variety in its puzzles to make up for this. You have to locate clues on different servers to discover new servers and unlock new upgrades. There are plenty of objectives to complete, and even a few optional ones, giving the game that open-world feel which makes it more fun to play. However, the difficulty level is really what drags this game down. The tutorial and help sections are confusing, and show the player too much, too quickly. Not only that, but the levels themselves are also quite hard. It's almost impossible to beat a level on your first try. You basically need to figure out the best strategy and order to complete objectives before you can successfully complete a level, and doing that means replaying the level several times. It's doable, but not really practical for the average gamer. Hacker Evolution is a challenging, but fun hacking simulation. It may be excessively difficult to get into, but if you have patience and perseverance, Hacker Evolution can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for the hacker inside of you.


Interesting Geeky puzzler

joeman098 | Aug. 6, 2012 | See all joeman098's reviews »

At first I was like Why would i play this looks kinda eh. I already had uplink and this game looked almost the same so why bother? I couldnt have been more wrong this game blows uplink out of the water. I love how you really have to type real commands into a console. this game does have a pretty steep learning curve however. But at the price it is more then worth it. If your into a puzzles or pretending your a leet hacker dood then this is def a game for you to try out =D thanks GmG.



orange22 | Aug. 1, 2012 | See all orange22's reviews »

This is second hacking simulator game i have played, the first one being evolution untold. And this game is simply awesome too. It teaches some things of hacking. Like I have hacked in real life lol :D. but really it's a fun game and i would recommend it! This game may seem boring to some of you and it sometimes is, but in the end it would be rewarding. So get it if you can stand the boredom.


Neither good, nor bad

mertgunes | July 29, 2012 | See all mertgunes's reviews »

According to an independent-production, Hacker Evolution is very good; but in my opinion; it is a little boring; so i think this game neither good, nor bad. For a short fun; it is purchasable; but nothing more, unfortunately.


Oldie but goodie

dantepicasso | July 23, 2012 | See all dantepicasso's reviews »

This game to me, was a lot of fun. It was easy to understand and emersive enough that you didnt get bored. It gives you a great change of pace from all the other titles out there. It is a bit linear but it is still worth playing if you are looking for something to break the mold.


Oldie but goodie

dantepicasso | July 23, 2012 | See all dantepicasso's reviews »

This game to me, was a lot of fun. It was easy to understand and emersive enough that you didnt get bored. It gives you a great change of pace from all the other titles out there. It is a bit linear but it is still worth playing if you are looking for something to break the mold.


Hello geeks!

Moneyman | July 18, 2012 | See all Moneyman's reviews »

The game is ok, and lets you try out to be a hacker, which is good if you never had the courage, nor skill. If you are very interested in computers then you will have more fun and probably understand all the "computer talk" even though you easily can complete the game without knowing anything about computers. So to summaries this it´s an ok game, but if you love computers then you can add 15+ on the rating. As for the rest of us, the game has good puzzle and is an ok timekiller if you have 30 min over, or so.


Bringing old school flavor back..

djokawild | July 17, 2012 | See all djokawild's reviews »

Before all the animated games came out in the 90's, you would enjoy playing command line games, and this sure does bring back memories. If we were still in the age of pure command prompted games and limited graphics, you would be playing this right now. The game seems to be easy but that's where it fools you. Very challenging and intuitive and so I say, give it a try, you may end up loving it.


Sucks ass

DrAlban99 | July 15, 2012 | See all DrAlban99's reviews »

It's like the old text-based adventure games, without the fun. Doesn't teach you anything about computers like the other guy said (not that I expected it to), and the music is pretty lame too.


Great and addicting game

Shaidarol | July 14, 2012 | See all Shaidarol's reviews »

The graphics interface is simple and there are no exces things to distract you. The game itself looks ok, but graphics are not the thing this game is about, its about great fun which hacking in this game actualy is.The hacking itself is realiesed in the command line, with set of commands know from dos, which can be aliased just as you wish. When you dive into the commands and mechanics of this game it wont let go.


Pretty useful

Dagexon | July 11, 2012 | See all Dagexon's reviews »

This game is surprisingly great as it can teach you the basics of hacking a very entertaining and challenging way. At first I thought OH NO this game probably isn't even going to be worth the install but I was wrong. The game starts of with a very simple tutorial that teaches you the basics however I still managed to fail at it twice, not because it was hard but because I was greedy and attempted transferring £5000 in one go from an offshore bank account which as you can imagine that didn't go down too well. If you are good with computers and want to find out more about them (and how to hack them) then I highly recommend this game.


Fun, hard game.

ruready12 | June 22, 2012 | See all ruready12's reviews »

This game is pretty nice and actually well describes and gives examples on how hacking actually works. It is extremely close to how the hacking process works making this game very difficult and you have to use your head a whole lot. The game can be played on pretty much any computer, and the minimum requirements are extremely low. This game is worth trying and if you are a fan of puzzle games that are also educational, this game is for you.


Worth a Pass

FMN13 | July 27, 2011 | See all FMN13's reviews »

I found this game to be enjoyable, if only for the ~30 minutes per-level I spent. It forces you to think and try to look around and find solutions to non-typical problems. It's a good choice if you've never tried hacker games before. One thing that bothered me with this game is the Trace meter. I thought that it detracted from the overall experience because it made the player focus a lot more on how much their detection is. It needs some improvements. The game, however, is worth a try and the couple of bucks you'll spend on it.



GAMEKINGZ | June 1, 2011 | See all GAMEKINGZ's reviews »

This game is a really great game to understand the method of hacking. If you really want to learn hacking well at leas the beginning i would recommend this game as first. I must say i have enjoyed this game for a while just because it is like winning a match if you hacked into the machine. Hope you will have the same fun as me.


Worth trying

moomphas | April 11, 2011 | See all moomphas's reviews »

Apart from Hacker Evolution I know only one game about hackers - Uplink, which in fact I haven't played yet. But let's stick to the former. I grabbed it when it was for free (a promotion offer), although I'm not a big fan of hacking. I played through a couple of levels till I got stuck and didn't know what to do :) It discouraged me a little bit but the game got me busy for a couple of hours and providing that I'm not really into this kind of games, it's a good recommendation. If you would like to check how it is to be a hacker then it might be worth giving Hacker Evolution a try.