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Could of been better

britishlad | May 16, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

So this game is lego star wars re-skinned into Batman and it's half okay but a bit dissapointing Basically all the prisoners break out of arkham asylum and it's your job to get them all back into their cells! There are 3 chapters for hero missions and in every mission it will have you solving puzzles and smashing stuff to get to the boss at the end, the fact that this game is so easy is what really lets it down! I was never troubled in the completing of this game and it didn't take me very long, just over 10hrs. But the best thing about it is once you complete the hero missions you get to play the villian missions and it is undoubtabely way way more fun! In the missions you will have to collect 10 minikits, get true hero ( when you collect alot of studs) and a red brick. You will need to come back and play these missions in free-play mode to be able to collect all those things and that is where the replay value comes in! With your studs you can buy characters to play with on free-mode in the villian missions but in the hero ones you unlock different suits that you can switch around into! The game does have it's downsides for example It's best to play with a friend because the Friendly AI is atrocious and the game lacks the humour which is a shame So overall a decent and half fun game that would be better if longer, less repetitive and harder