Reviews for Hacker Evolution Untold [Legacy]


Great upgrade to the first of the series

nightassassin1 | Sept. 11, 2013 | See all nightassassin1's reviews »

This game is better than the first Hacker Evolution and does the franchise justice as a sequel. It has a more polished interface to make it look nicer, the difficulty is around the same, and the puzzles are slightly better. This is still a text based puzzle game and NOT a hacking simulator as you may think. I like this one a bit more than the first and it seems to be very well done. The graphics are not amazing, but they do not need to be because it is a text based game and the audio bits in the game are nicely done and make the game more immersive to feel like you are actually hacking something. It is an interesting game and is just a nice game to have for the right price. The sale price of $0.50 is a great deal for this game and I would pay up to about $1 for this game, however paying any more than this is a waste on such a simple to make game.


More Polish would make it better

Plasros | June 11, 2013 | See all Plasros's reviews »

Unfortunately, the excellent level design of Hacker Evolution and Hacker Evolution: Reinsertion are not to be found throughout this sequel. The developer decided to make a couple of the levels overly convoluted and unnecessarily complicated for no good reason whatsoever. It is not a matter of these couple levels actually being challenging. On the contrary. They have proven to being the exact opposite of anything resembling of fun and intuitive. In Untold, it is as if one is put through a couple tedium and boredom filled levels as a form of punishment or through lack of design creativity. There is simply no enjoyment to be extracted from these two exercises. These two levels are not fun, interesting, nor rewarding. It feels more like taking irrelevant and needless tests for nothing. The music in Untold is not nearly as amusing and entertaining to listen to during play as in the original game. The songs selected are bland, uninspired, and repetitive in comparison. I could barely notice the difference between each song. Another bad change in comparison to the original is that the game does not make use of a wide screen view. Instead, it has placed black bars on each side. As far as I have noticed, only one new command ("deletelogs") has been added to the user's repertoire, and that only adds to the general feeling of doing errands in order to proceed. It is a shame that the badly designed levels are utterly unreasonable and joyless, since parts of the game offers truly fun levels that accompany a nice storyline, continuing the original's saga. Despite its level design problems, Untold still manages to be more developed and better executed than Uplink, but it remains a poor comparison to the original Hacker Evolution. Once you get past the two inferior levels, the rest of the game is enjoyable. As for the Flight Zero expansion, it is completely broken and cannot be played past the first level due to bugs. This can be confirmed through the official Steam forum for the game. As of this writing, there are no signs that the expansion will be patched into working condition. Sadly, Untold appears to have been rushed and is clearly uninspired, and Flight Zero is blatantly unfinished. This is almost disastrous, since the original game and original expansion were such wonderful examples of this rare genre. Perhaps Untold's biggest disappointment besides the level design flaws, is the weak ending. This is yet another poorly executed aspect of the game that showcases how overly uninspired Untold is in comparison to its predecessor from the same exact developer. The last level and ending are so pitiful and neglected, that it serves merely as a confirmation of the all-around lesser quality in comparison to the original. I hope the developer can pick up the pieces from this developmental stumble and improve upon the original for the sequel. It took me about 8 hours to complete the base game. The Flight Zero expansion could not be played due to game breaking bugs.


I love to play it

Oizo | May 23, 2013 | See all Oizo's reviews »

The game is really nice, I love to play it, it might be the genre, that was new to me. I got some nice hours of playing, but compared to ego shooters which are my genre normally the graphics leaks a bit. Besides that it gives a feeling you could rule the world by hacking stuff, but sometimes it's a little hard.


More of a puzzler

Cooberstooge | Aug. 19, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

Unlike the other two hacking titles created by this developer, Hacker Evolution Untold has quite a big focus on puzzles rather than any sim hacking. It looks like you're hacking, mind you, but you're often just matching things up in correct order. Some of the puzzles can be downright "out there", too, and will take you ages just to figure them out. The graphics of this one are miles better, and have a cool Matrix vibe to them, with all the different shades of green. I have noticed screen tearing while playing though, which is pretty strange, since my system can more than handle this game - doesn't detract from the gameplay, in any case.


Better than the first one!

Moneyman | Aug. 9, 2012 | See all Moneyman's reviews »

If you liked the first game then you will like this one, the changes aren´t major but still noticable. The "hacking" is more puzzles with hacker names on it. As the first one, it is very difficult, and it will probably drive you insane, but the feeling when you solve the puzzle is very good. I think the game is a bit boring, but since hacking games isn´t my cup of tea, (but I do enjoy a good puzzle game) I feel a bit off. The puzzles are there, but all the "hacking language" isn´t very appealing to me. And after around 10 tries I usually give up, and return a few weeks later, but the returns are happening more less, and I don´t think I will make it through. The game is annoying than fun, but if you like hacking + puzzle (or simply want to try out the glorious life of a hacker) then you should grab this title, it´s atleast better than the first one.


New experience

orange22 | Aug. 1, 2012 | See all orange22's reviews »

This is the first hacking game i have played and i can tell you that my mind has been blown away. It is really difficult but It's also a very interesting game. If you like thinking and different gameplay then this is the game for you. It features complex levels and commands you have to enter. Get the game today and save the world! On the PC requirements side, everyone should be able to play it.


Evolution is better

Dagexon | July 12, 2012 | See all Dagexon's reviews »

Somehow this game is more difficult than hacker evolution, it might just be me but if you haven't played the other one then don't get this but the other one as that will be a better start to the hacker games. The game has incredibly difficult puzzles that will have you scratching your brain for hours, maybe longer. If you get frustrated and rage quit games then this certainly isn't for you because I don't think you'll even last 15 minutes playing it but if you have a patient attitude and find puzzles and computers fun then this IS the game for you.


It's alright.

aqnickdan3 | June 28, 2012 | See all aqnickdan3's reviews »

This game looks great, and it is quite fun to play, but has not much to do with actual hacking. The "hacking" is just a bunch of challenging puzzles set up in a way to look like terminal-ish command prompts so that you get the hacker feel. The interface is great, the gameplay is extensive, and the graphics make it feel like you are hacking. This all ties up into one good game.


Niche game, but very fun if that's your thing

wakenbakejake | May 25, 2011 | See all wakenbakejake's reviews »

I got the Hacker Evolution bundle from steam a little while back, thought it looked interesting. Well, it is, although there are a few irksome things imo. For one, I thought the UI in this game was great. Everything was easy to see and read and was positioned well on the screen. Of course, the game doesn't actually teach you how to "hack", but it does make you use your brain, and is a sort of hacker-themed puzzle game. This is not to say that it doesn't involve any sense of realism (although there is plenty that is likely unrealistic, like paying to remove your trace), because the game uses some real concepts and terminology, like bouncing (proxies) and some actual linux commands. If this is a niche you enjoy, I'd recommend this game.