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It's no KOTOR

GeorgeStorm | Jan. 20, 2014 | See all GeorgeStorm's reviews ยป

I absolutely loved KOTOR I and II, two of my favourite games ever, I was bitterly disappointed when they released The Old Republic instead of KOTOR III because I didn't want an MMO where you had to pay per month etc. When it went free to play I thought I'd give it a go, sadly it was slightly disappointing for a couple of reasons.

Probably the biggest, I just don't think I want an MMO. Seeing lots of other people doing similar things to me just made it feel like I wasn't doing anything amazing at all, rather than making me feel part of something massive and epic. This obviously may be due to only doing the earlier missions, possibly once you get into the late game then things change, but it was a real downside for me. One of the amazing things about KOTOR was the amazing storyline, and that felt like it was lost with TOR due to seeing other people with the same secondary characters as you, going to the same places, doing the same things etc (apart from small sections which were solo).

If you're looking for more KOTOR then this may not be for you, but it's definitely worth trying, I still enjoyed my time with it, it just wasn't quite what I wanted. If you're into MMOs, and like Star Wars/KOTOR, then this may be ideal, since it went free to play I think the player base has increased which should be good. Despite the overall negative vibe of this review, and the mediocre score I think it's something I'll try and go back to to see if on a 2nd attempt I 'get' it.