Reviews for Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed


Best racing game ever

StormSonic | Dec. 14, 2015 | See all StormSonic's reviews »

Sonic&all stars racing transformed is a unique racing game where you can race on land, in sky, on sea, on the same track!, The game got an amazing roster of sega characters starring sonic, everyone's favourite hedgehog and personally my all-time favourite character in video games and animations, The graphics are amazing, The gameplay is unique and incredible, The replayability is unbeatable, The soundtrack is good, The collection of racing locations and powerups will keep you busy for long, overall the game is addictive and very fun and highly recommended.


A really, really good racer

Snotnarok | April 22, 2015 | See all Snotnarok's reviews »

Mario Kart has been king for ages and I've never really been a fan of it since Nintendo thinks that everyone should have a fair chance at winning even if they've been in last place the entire race. (Blue Shells anyone?) That's where this game really works out in my mind, items are not these godly powerful weapons that can win you the race, instead they help you get further up the ranks and most need you to pay attention to what you're doing. There's 1 super powerful one that lets you jet forward super fast, makes you invincible but it's not a blue shell and I'd say unless you're super skillful won't harm every player on the map. The driving in this relies on drifting, the better you drift the more you build up the coming out of your exhaust and if done properly can give you good boosts. There's a awesome variety of courses, characters, and different set-ups per character. Now when I say there's a good variety to courses, that really opens up when every map changes in some way as you're playing them. Typically very drastically, first lap you may be driving the whole course, the second lap something breaks the road and now your transforming car will be in boat mode, or flight mode on a different route to the finish. Many courses have different routes, hit a transform ring and take to the sky and fly over the cars below, or hit a boat to speed through another area. I said I wasn't a fan of Mario Kart games, and while I stand by that the early games like the SNES, N64 ones stand out to me as better (DS one too infact) but this one? Bests them all. Good balance and overall fun. It's a clone yes but it has enough sense to do things different and it does what it does very well. There's some PC exclusive stuff like TF 2 characters ...who are not voiced by the TF2 crew which makes it weird ..but funny. Has online multiplayer and 4 player split screen for local. Very impressive game visually and runs well on my machine.


In style of Mario Kart, but for PC

Armannn | March 25, 2015 | See all Armannn's reviews »

Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed is a PC racing game I first noticed in 2014 when I was searching (and hoping) for Mario Kart PC announcement. Found nothing as probably expected. However, what I found was this: Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed, a game that seemed to be like a Sonic version of Mario Kart, but FOR PC. Luckily, it was really so. I got the game, installed it and was amazed on how good it looks. It's not as fun as Mario Kart (Wii) is, but is definitely the best PC racing game in this style. From the original Sonic characters to Team Fortress 2 characters as drivers, there are plenty of them to choose from. And all of them are fun to use and play with, which is very important. What I liked are the dynamic tracks, something you could see in Mario Kart as well. On the brightest side note, this game is really great and I recommend it for all racing games fans.


Fun game

Verlyn | March 25, 2015 | See all Verlyn's reviews »

I had a lot of fun with this game! It isn't particularly hard but it sure isn't super easy either. The controls are great and you instantly get the Mario Kart vibe. The different character animations and vehicles are great. I loved unlocking new maps as I progressed and I also loved how different each of them was. I loved the Viva Pinata map. I only tried the online function a couple of times and it worked great. Might be harder to find people to play against, so if you only want this for multiplayer, I would recommend either getting the 4-pack or playing it split screen. Overall, this is a very fun game.


Not Too Shabby

mrminecrafter1 | Feb. 28, 2015 | See all mrminecrafter1's reviews »

Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed is a fairly good game.The gameplay aspects are fairly strong with a nice arcade feel to it. No instances of rubber-banding have occurred in my playtime, so earning first place in a race is based on your skill. Love the music because it fits the game just so smoothly. The presentation is good, but could use some improvements. As with all racing games, a controller is recommended for best gameplay experience. Overall it is rather enjoyable.


Great job on this one.

Snotnarok | Sept. 10, 2014 | See all Snotnarok's reviews »

Let me sort this, firstly this is a solid port in the regards that it has online, local split-screen multiplayer and works very easily with 360 and other game pads. Right off the bat the one issue with S.A.R.T. is many of the characters and tracks are locked and you have to unlock them in single player. A major gaming sin where you get this game to play with friends and it requires a little bit to unlock tracks, characters. THAT SAID, a hour or two will unlock a lot of it and you'll have plenty of incredibly made tracks, a nice character roster with different options for how they drive. There's a reason Mario Kart 8 has anti-gravity, because this games track design plays out with 3 vehicle modes, car, boat, plane all of them handling well bringing some car physics into each (drifting as a plane/boat, wot?). Speaking of Mario Kart, know what I never liked about those games? The powerful items, the items that will insure you will have a annoying time in any place above last? The items in this game aren't super powerful, meaning there's more focus on driving well and driving fast. Something I'm happy to see as that was something that always drove me mad about Mario Kart. Enough about that game! I can't say how many tracks there are, but there's a good amount with their own themes, layouts and nostalgic nods to other game series ranging from House of the Dead to Golden Axe. Look, ya like kart racers but don't have a nintendo console or Crash CTR? This isn't a crap clone, this is competition, again the anti-gravity in MK8 really aiding to that argument.


Watch Out Mario Kart!

Rcoder97 | July 3, 2014 | See all Rcoder97's reviews »

After playing this on a steam free weekend I didn't want to stop there. This is the best Mario Kart clone on the PC. Join Sonic and his friends in a racing game that borrows from Diddy Kong Racing taking you into the air and on open water. There are plenty of characters to choose from. Admittedly I am not as well known with the other games that most characters originate from. You also get PC exclusive characters like Team Fortress and General Winter! There are 12 tracks and their mirrored counterparts included along with 4 remastered tracks from previous games and their mirrored versions too. While very fun, I got tired of these tracks and wished for more. The controls are a little to adjust to but are finely tuned to how you play. If you have a controller then that's even better. There are a few modes to play by yourself like story and time trial, but multiplayer adds battle modes like Capture the Chao and Battle Race. Each character has their own individual stats adding a serious balance to the game. Along with that each character can level up unlocking modifiers so you can tune each character how you'd like them to perform adding a strategic approach to the game. All in all this game is outrageously fun but I was left wanting more tracks since other kart racers often give more than 12 new tracks. Recommended to any kart racing fan on PC or Sonic Fan OR Sega fan.


Best Car game ever

Fearkow | June 13, 2014 | See all Fearkow's reviews »

Simply put.. the best cart racer yet. Beating Mario Kart, Crash Team Racing and any other cart racers that have gone before it. The fact that it's Multiplatform and includes Online Multiplayer this time (The original Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing on PC did not have Online Multiplayer) means this title is going to be tough to beat. Sporting more challenging AI and far more variety with both tracks and racers, along with the Transformation mentioned in the game's title, this is a serious cart racer for those looking for something with more depth, challenge and all-round badassery. Not one to miss.


Very fun racing game for all ages

LastCerinean | June 9, 2014 | See all LastCerinean's reviews »

I honestly didn't know what to expect when I picked up this game. It seemed like it was going to be a bit young for me, but it was surprisingly very fun. It can be challenging at times based on the difficulty, track, and car mods, but overall it is easy enough to play. I do not like how small the items seem to be. I always seem to miss them when I need them most. But, as you play more and understand how the cars, boats, and planes control, you can pull off more satisfactory stunts. I recommend this game to all who enjoy a good racing game.


A racing game for the ages

sennju | Feb. 9, 2014 | See all sennju's reviews »

For the longest time the Mario Kart franchise has been the one to beat among the newcomers to the kart racing genre, but All Stars Racing might have changed that. Sumo Digital has done an outstanding job with this game. The presentation is top notch, beautiful and diverse locales that even if you're not a SEGA kid you'll appreciate as they all are breathtaking in detail and fun to race through, most change in layout with each lap. The music is excellent and fits the mood of the game perfectly. Gameplay wise, the game feels balanced in the sense that your placing on the finish line depends more on your skill than luck and you can unlock a variety of "mods" for each racer so that every character has at least one viable build. The game is bets played with a Xbox 360 controller. My only complaint with the PC version is that in some really rare situations the game will not recognize the 360 controller, but all you have to do is erase the controller config file in My Documents SART folder and open the game again.


one of the best arcade game on pc

Jakob91 | Feb. 8, 2014 | See all Jakob91's reviews »

I enjoyed mario kart when I was younger but got bored over the years with the next games being more of the same. I bought Sonic Racing Transformed on sale and was amazingly surprised how good the gameplay is. The game has a lot of depth for an arcade racing game and the level design is for most tracks, superb. You can transformed as the name says and it helps keeping the game fresh. The light in the game is very well done and you won't suffer any lag on a middle ware machine. The soundtrack consist of various remix of previous Sega games in history and some of them as very well done. I suggest you play the game using an xbox360 controller or any other controller as long as you configure it properly (icons are 360 buttons and can be confusing if using another controller). Amazing game for the price, especially when it's on sale. Grab it.


Best kart racing game of the generation

Sganotak | Jan. 16, 2014 | See all Sganotak's reviews »

I was a little hesitant to pick this up at first because I am not a big fan of Sonic and the other SEGA characters, but thank God I bought it because this game is awesome. The game offers lots of content for you to unlock. The character roster is huge and features important characters from SEGA's videogame history. The tracks are equally impressive and each one is based on a different SEGA Franchise. There is an good amount of single player modes, like World Tour (where you compete in various challenges and try to earn stars to spend on unlockables), GP which is your typical kart game tournament mode, Time Trial and Single Race. Unfortunately, some game modes like Battle Arena and Battle Race are available only for online play which is a major letdown for me. The AI will give you a great challenge, especially on the hard difficulty so you'll have chose your character and kart mod carefully. The game also offers a leveling system for all characters which awards them with extra kart mods as they level up. The gameplay mechanics are simple and easily accessible, the controls are fluid and the game balance in general is great. Be warned though... This game is meant to be played with a controller, you will probably have a hard time figuring out the keyboard mappings.


Awesome racing game

Vlady | Dec. 23, 2013 | See all Vlady's reviews »

I was totally surprised by this one. Don't get fooled by that trailer or the "kiddie" graphics. The game is quite challenging and deep if played on harder difficulties. It has lots of tracks, different racing events, progression system, unlockable characters and really packs a punch. Track design is incredible and the sense of speed and control is just amazing. Very fluid and enjoyable. You could potentially sink dozens of hours playing this. Unfortunately there are also a few gripes that I have: sub par PC port, keyboard controls are not that good, UI could be a lot better, menu layout is not well organized and the announcer is very annoying at times. (there is a voice in the background that narrates your every move while browsing the game menu)


Skilled Go Kart racing

mugaro | Dec. 23, 2013 | See all mugaro's reviews »

I would say this is the closest thing to a successor of Diddy Kong Racing I've seen. Karts, Boats & planes, along with speed boosts & weapon attacks just like DKR. The drifting aspect adds a whole new level to it though. The trick to doing well is to always be building up a speed boost by drifting, doing tricks on each jump and hitting every boost. That can make it really hard, but once you master it, it's a lot of fun. The music is great, they've taken a lot of classic game music and updated it. Going through Sky Sanctuary Zone from Sonic 3 in a plane or the Samba map in a boat makes the game interesting enough that the gameplay doesn't get stale. Highly recommended if you want a solid modern kart racer for PC. Get the 4 pack & join the very active online community.


Best racing game hands down.

CrysisX | Dec. 20, 2013 | See all CrysisX's reviews »

If you're looking for a fun racing game to play with friends then look no further! This game has a ton of maps that will keep you entertained for a long time and plus the environment changes at almost every lap which is quite a surprise since a lot of the tracks stay the same in most racing games. The most unexpected part of the game is when your vehicle changes into a boat/plane randomly out of nowhere. The graphics of the game looks stunning and the music matches really well. Would definitely recommend this game to anybody.


One of a kind

Jokin93 | Dec. 14, 2013 | See all Jokin93's reviews »

I am not a huge fan of racing games, but the Sonic franchise will always have a special place in my gamer heart. Despite the disappointment brought by its predecessor(Sonic and Sega All-star Racing) this game is wonderful and offered me hours of fun. It's not just a racing game, it is a brilliant fun-packed arcade racing game that could compete with Mario Kart anytime and the only alternative for PC gamers. The graphics are great(yes, they are cartoonish, but that's what Sonic is), the gameplay is fantastic and the multiplayer is spectacular and it represents the best way the game can be played. All in all, this game is on my list of top games of 2013 and it is a worthy addition to any gamer's library.



BubbaRay420 | Dec. 7, 2013 | See all BubbaRay420's reviews »

This is honestly one of the best kart racers I've played in years, and I can't think of a better one available on the PC. Lots of single player content for you to unlock like tracks and characters, and I was surprised how much I enjoyed the level up system. You earn exp for every race you play and leveling up unlocks a new mod for your kart. Mods aren't really all that important, each one just shifts your characters stats around a little bit. If your favorite character has great speed and acceleration, but poor handling then you can try out the mod that increases your handling at the expense of other stats. Also has great steam integration, if you're playing on a 360 controller you can access the steam community page from the menu screen with just a button press. Supports 4 player local multiplayer as well as lots of different online options like matchmaking or custom lobby. Looks great, handles great, tons of replayability. Highly reccomend.


Arcade Racing fans should not miss this

Grafos | Nov. 21, 2013 | See all Grafos's reviews »

This game is a lot of fun. The presentation is very polished, from the menu screens, to graphics to music and sound. Level design is also excellent, with varied tracks full of inventive traps and obstacles. It reminded me somehow the good old Power Drift racing game by Sega, being equally loud and fun. On the minus side of things, skirmishing opponents doesn't seem to impact the outcome of the race as much as it should. Also, control setup was buggy on my system. It wouldn't recognise my Logitech Nascar racing wheel. My Attack3 joystick it did recognise but my cart was auto-reversing. Redifininf keys on either the joystick or the keyboard didn't work. I ended up playing with a keyboard, kinda hard when on air. Because these issues might be system specific, I won't take away too many points.


A Fun Racing Game

Twiblight | Nov. 19, 2013 | See all Twiblight's reviews »

For those looking for a lighthearted racing game that isn't called Mario Kart, look no further. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed playing this game. It has plenty of content such as unlockables and extras such as time attacks to keep you interested. The controls feel smooth and the locations look absolute fantastic. I quite enjoyed seeing all these race course themed after SEGA franchises, even some discreet ones like Panzer Dragoon. The online play is fun as well, as long as you don't mind losing the first few games you play. All in all I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys games such as Mario Kart and just anyone in general.


The most surprising fun I've had in a long while

asbath | Nov. 19, 2013 | See all asbath's reviews »

Let me start off this review with this preface: this game is ineffable amounts of fun with friends. On its own, however, it really is only "meh" because it doesn't do anything new or terribly exciting. A couple friends bought the 4-pack on sale, and we split them up to play together. We spent about 6 consecutive hours laughing our butts off and having an absolute blast. We normally play games which require unadulterated amounts of violence, swearing at one another, and in general large complicated games. This game caught all by surprise at how simple yet fun it is. The game mechanics are pretty good. There are a few bugs that came up during the game that ruined someone's race, but ultimately they are not game breaking bugs in a multiplay setting. For example, upon transitioning from plane to boat mode, I once "fell off" the track even though I shouldn't have. This cost me a couple of spots, but that's really nothing when you're having a good time. I don't have a controller (yet), so the controls were a bit odd, but understandably close to each other: arrows control direction, L Shift is accelerate, A/D roll, L Ctrl fires the weapon, and Space drifts. The control scheme is a bit spread out, but understandably so as I would imagine they made them "kid "friendly". The graphics were pretty bland, but colourful. The maps had lots of animation that made for some fun times. I can't really complain about the graphics for a game, though, that doesn't necessarily require top-end graphics engines. It's a racing game with SEGA characters: why bother? The music is fun, but a bit loud. Luckily you can change the audio settings from the Launcher - this is especially recommended if you're going to have voice chat with your friends. The maps are varied, and full of twists and turns, but it's another racing game for kids: expect nothing special here. There are some interesting transitions between sections, so it can be slightly disorienting when moving from car to plane, plane to boat, etc. You get used to it after the first couple of transitions, but be aware that it can really throw you off the first few times. Finally, despite some of the blandness in the game, it's still amazingly fun. On its own the game is nothing special. It really requires that you play this online with friends, because you can banter and insult each other (politely) as you catch up and whack them with a swarm of bees or a drone and take their spot. Or you can drift around a long bend and use the boost to pass someone just ahead of you before reading the finish line.


Fun - Delivered!

Shanti | Nov. 17, 2013 | See all Shanti's reviews »

For all those who do not have the pleasure of a Nintendo or prefer to game on the PC, this is as serious (or as silly!) a cart racer you will get. Incredibly satisfying, fun and hilarious in multi-player and single-player. The last update fixed the infinite dash exploit/bug so they do still pay attention to the competitive aspect of the game which is great.


Great game

SchottayB | Nov. 16, 2013 | See all SchottayB's reviews »

I've been after this game for a while now. I played it free during the free weekend on steam and loved every minuet of it. So glad I managed to find it here on Greenmangaming on this amazing offer! With the 75% off plus 20% voucher it's a win win! Like another person mentioned, I loved Mario Kart, but I just find this better. For the price it's at in the sale you can't go wrong!


A suprisingly good kart game

codename4711 | Oct. 26, 2013 | See all codename4711's reviews »

As a fan of Mario Kart, i didn't have huge expectations for this game. Honestly, i wasn't expecting it to be good. I was VERY wrong! Sonic And All Stars Racing Transformed is probably the best kart racing game i have ever played. It combines the likeness of SEGA's characters with the creativity Nintendo have been bringing to their Mario Kart franchise, but multiplies it with the transform concept, which allows stages to dynamically change. It's an excellent idea that adds variation and re-playability to the game. PC wise, you also get a character called 'Team Fortress', which is the roster of the famous Valve game Team Fortress 2 as cross over characters, which in itself should be reason to at least check this game out!


Very fun

lesfromnewyork | Oct. 26, 2013 | See all lesfromnewyork's reviews »

In the shades of Mario Kart and Diddy Kong Racing, Sonic Racing Transformed is a LOT of fun, not too easy, a great learning curve, tons of unlockables, hidden characters, mirror tracks, it's impossible to get bored with this game. I will warn people, Online play on steam is very humbling. Unless you're real good, prepare to go 1/100 in races.


Impresive racing game

SkyorZX | Oct. 25, 2013 | See all SkyorZX's reviews »

I thought this game was be boring like a Mario Kart, but I was wrong. This game is a funny racing game that have an amazing way to make you feel the speed. The transformable vehicles give stylish to the game, making it interesting. Although this game is a racing game, also is a competitive game into you must use weapons to overtake to the another drivers, you must not only be the faster also you must know how to use all weapons! If you love racing games as me, you will enjoy with this game, I do not say that is the best racing game but I am safe that you will have fun with it.


Amazing racer

arksun | Oct. 21, 2013 | See all arksun's reviews »

This is the game the first Sonic Racing should have been. Not only does it have solid racing mechanics (drifting, weapons, balanced stats across all racers), it also provides for solid replay value. And best of all, the better you get, the more you unlock. Obviously, that will become a problem for you if you don't spend quite a bit of time to learn the intricacies of each racer, the tracks and the weapons system but the real joy comes from how it all blends together; before you know it, you'll be seamlessly doing triple drifts while launching weapons behind you and dodging track hazards all at the same time. I can't recommend this game enough, especially because of the stark lack of good racing games on the PC that DON'T fall into the simulation racing category.



hauntdos | Sept. 27, 2013 | See all hauntdos's reviews »

I played this a bit during a free weekend on Steam and I immediately fell in love, it's in my opinion better than Mario Kart Wii. I could though still be bitter about the changes they made transitioning from Double Dash to Wii but nonetheless, this racing game is exceptionally well done.


One of the best racing games.

Cowwie | Sept. 22, 2013 | See all Cowwie's reviews »

One of the best racing games that I have ever played. Lots of characters to choose from, very challenging courses in order to unlock upgrades and additional characters. Driving is very smooth like Mario Kart, which is probably my favourite racing game. I just wish that there were more items to shoot, it feels like theres too little!


Very fun mario kart style game

BlockAgent | Sept. 9, 2013 | See all BlockAgent's reviews »

The game runs very smooth and is alot of fun to play. My wife and i enjoy playing 2 player split screen alot. The graphics look as good as promised and the everything from the sound effects to the tracks throw back to memories of sega past.


Surprisingly enjoyable

Llamu | Aug. 25, 2013 | See all Llamu's reviews »

After playing many kart games, I can honestly say this one is one of my favorites. The drifting is a hard mechanic to grasp, but it allows you to speed through tracks and past other racers, and the multiplayer is one of the most enjoyable experiences in a racing game I've ever played.


Best Racer.

Xillion | Aug. 18, 2013 | See all Xillion's reviews »

Sonic All stars racing Transformed is very fun. You can race in land air or sea. It is best played on PC and looks amazing with 60 Frames per second. It's best played with a controller to get the full experience. I must say this is better than Mario kart and i highly recommend that you get this game.


Simply fun

Smindy | Aug. 17, 2013 | See all Smindy's reviews »

This game feels very solid for an arcade racer. Lots of characters to play as and upgrade, and all of the levels are well designed. Both single and multiplayer are worth playing, especially if you have other friends that you can trash talk while you're playing.


Sonic on wheels!

FizzyX | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all FizzyX's reviews »

Pretty cool racing game with some fun unlocks. Has loads of funny, entertaining, and trip inducing tracks that will make you WTF and still be satisfied at the same time. I played this game countless times with friends and even enjoyed the split-screen with my little brother. I'd recommend this game to anyone who wants to have fun with friends for parties or if you are just bored out of your mind.


Unexpected Surprise

lachking | July 30, 2013 | See all lachking's reviews »

Sonic and all Stars Racing Transformed is much better than I expected it to be. To say the least it is quite possibly the best kart racer I have ever played, and I have played quite a few such as Mario Kart, Crash Team Racing and Crash Nitro Kart. The game is chock full of personality. There are arrays of vibrant colours and locations and well as great soundtracks and map effects and general aesthetics. Race tracks even change throughout the race and a road segment you drove on in lap 1 may be a river in lap 3. There are many characters from various different games to play as and unlock such as General Winter from Company of Heroes 2 and each has a distinct art style with accompanying voice quotes. The game also has many different modes to play such as World Tour, Grand Prix and Quick race, as well as multiplayer modes such as quick battle. One of the game’s best features is the integration of boating and flying segments of races. In this game you are not just kart racing, but throughout the races your kart will change to a boat or plane and this brings different dynamics into account such as wave effects on water. The flying mechanic is also nice but can be a bit difficult sometimes because of the camera view of the game, making you fly into objects sometimes, heavily impacting your race performance. The game is also well suited to different player abilities, with no player group being left out in the cold. You can play on 3 different difficulty settings and harder difficulties award more stars to unlock more goodies but at the same time less capable players are still able to progress into the game, but will just unlock less material. Sonic and All Stars Racing is an unexpected gem. There have been multiple mediocre kart racing games over the years and I expected this game to be the same. Boy was I wrong. This game is full of personality, different characters, many game modes, changing race tracks, lots of multiplayer options, varying difficulty options and breathtaking graphical scenery. Pick up this game. You won’t regret it.


Best kart series since Diddy Kong Racing

Demadizz | July 29, 2013 | See all Demadizz's reviews »

If you liked Diddy Kong Racing and also a challenge; then this is a title to pick up. The level designs are unique and well made. The single player is difficult but not too difficult once you learn how to perform tricks, transformation boosts, and starting boosts. The multiplayer is fun also and items always add a new feel, making this game replay value high up there. 75% off is a perfect price. Tons of characters to play around with and lots of achievements to collect throughout.


Great Kart Racing game

Jorgel | July 28, 2013 | See all Jorgel's reviews »

In lack of Mario Kart on PC, Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed fill the gap in a great way. With a lot of characters to choose(some of them really weird to be on this kind of game) and scenarios to play(all of them very beatiful), this is a great game if you like kart racing games, with a lot of itens to use. The controls are good and the game is very fun to play, and the graphics in general are very good. The only con in this game are some very annoying bugs that sometimes can get you mad, but that doesn't affect the overall experience.


Great Kart Racer with full controller support for PC

IchiVanilla | July 20, 2013 | See all IchiVanilla's reviews »

Its been awhile since i've played a kart racer style game. picked this up in the ultimate sonic collection and i have no regrets whatsoever. The handling is great on a xbox360 controller i have hooked up to my PC. The level design is very interesting and the land/sea/air switching mid-level is very cool. I like that this game incorporates all of the sega franchises into the levels and not just sonic. If you want to relive your glory days of crash team racing or mario kart, get this game.


The best Kart Racer, period.

redsoundwaves | July 8, 2013 | See all redsoundwaves's reviews »

Throughout gaming history there have been plenty of kart racers, Mario Kart, Crash Team Racing, Diddy Kong Racing, but over time these games have started to become a bit stale. Sure Mario Kart adds in new vehicles but it isn't doing much new. Thank heavens for Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed. I had begun to lose hope in Kart racers, I did not enjoy Mario Kart 7 at all and LittleBigPlanet Karting was a huge disappointment for me, the controls didn't feel tight and tracks felt less creative. What's so different about Sonic Transformed? A fast pace and smooth controls. Sonic Transformed has tight controls, a great list of characters and tracks that will throw you back, great replay value and not to mention some of the best online kart racing you can get. The races consist of switching between cars, jets and boats/hovercraft, which add for different handling sections within every track. Tricks are one of the main mechanics that will help you get through races, as you flip around, dodge rocks slightly and drift you are granted boosts which help speed up the race. Let's also mention that this is one of the few kart racers on PC, and the online matches run through steam making an easy multiplayer experience and letting you pump up the graphics. The only problem with the game is the glitches that can be found that can break the time trials and that Sumo Digital didn't put out more DLC like they said. Don't count on any Shenmue references in this one! but maybe look out for Segata Sanshiro.


Surprisingly good

FruitySkills | July 7, 2013 | See all FruitySkills's reviews »

Nice tracks. Game includes Wreck it Ralph and Team Fortress 2 characters. The game is a whole lot of fun. Buy it! Downside: The game has black bars on the top and bottom...It does not fill up the entire screen.


Best kart racing on the PC

lok0812 | July 6, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

Think Mario Kart except with Sega characters on the PC. The gameplay and mechanics are very similar, you race and try to become the top by good control and items you pick up. One fun aspect about this is your vehicle can transform when the track change from land to water or air. You can also do stunt after a jump to give you a temporary boost to your vehicle. Similar to Mario Kart, the long you do your drift the better your temporary speed boost will be. Definitely must get for any racing fans especially with friends.


Possibly the best Kart Racer ever made. Easily the best on PC

jujohnso | July 4, 2013 | See all jujohnso's reviews »

This game rocks! If you liked the first, this one will blow you away! Even if you didn't like the first, this one is worth checking out. The developers are active on Steam and have continued patching the game with user feedback suggestions. So much variety! Online and offline multiplayer both are loads of fun. Graphics are amazing, smooth and fluid! So much to do. I've played this for 35 hours and still have not done all there is to do. If you like Kart racers at all, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better game than this one.



soetisluuc | June 30, 2013 | See all soetisluuc's reviews »

This game really surprised me. It snucked out unnoticed, and turned out to be a kart racing gem. When i first tried this game out, i was really skeptical. I thought this would be another mediocre Mario Kart clone. But the more i played, the more i realized that i was wrong. This game has a lot more strategical depth than meets the eye. The boost combos system is very rewarding to learn, but the high reward comes with a high risk. It's easy to understand the boost combo concept, but it's hard to master - it really raises the skill ceiling. The levels in this game are well planned, it's just pure racing perfection. The transformation between car, plane and hovercraft may seem gimmicky, but it actually gives the game a lot of variation. It also adds more opportunities for boost combos - further adding strategic elements and increasing the skill cap. Everything in this game is pure racing perfection, and it's the greatest SEGA love letter - and Sonic game - in years. Mario Kart has finally been replaced.


Just Plain Fun

Wolf_Bronski | June 11, 2013 | See all Wolf_Bronski's reviews »

This game is accessible to newbies to the genre and can give some veterans a run for there money at times. It is a pure blast to play with friends and online latency is pretty smooth. The visuals are astounding and the music helps to rev the player. The only downside is the lack of a game lobby system where you can create a game and let people join based on a game/server list. Would especially be useful to fill slots not occupied if you have only one friend playing arena mode at the time, etc. Overall I like it, and hopefully you will, too.


A great and impressive game

kalil | June 8, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

Well, this all star game Sega was the second part of racing grandest on this platform, leaving impressed with some graphics and movie careers, and new characters who never expected, in addition to lso mods we can have with each character in their cars. Only there is no more as the first racing modes, like picking up a chao, shoot bombs ... but everything else is fine. Besides having online function, which should be present in a racing game to compete with the world.


Why Sonic is the PC Kart King

EddyGaming | June 6, 2013 | See all EddyGaming's reviews »

22/25 Gameplay 8/10 Fairness 8/10 Sound 9/10 Graphics 6/10 Controls 20/20 Multiplayer 14/15 Replayability --- 87/100 The biggest competitor of F1 Race Stars is currently Sonic & All Star Racing Transformed. Who will win the Kart race on PC? In Sonic & All Star Racing Transformed (shorter: SASRT) you are supposed to play single player to unlock more multiplayer. This means that you can play either "Challenges" (similar to usual Singleplayer in F1, but in F1 you do not unlock stuff) to unlock new roads or the campain where you have to win several kinds of races, but have multiple choices if you morely like this or that. But you can also do all. So it is up to you how much you want to play and if you want to choose a way to get a new character. For these you also need "Stars". You collect Stars by winning a race on easy (1 Star), medium (2 Stars) or Hard(3 Stars). Man, I love games with SO MANY UNLOCKS <3 So you do not have to make the kinds of races that you do not like. And as their are many types of races (like normal, kill the others, boost, drive trough traffic etc.). But some of them are unfair- for me the traffic one. Another point why I just gave 8 points to "Fairness" is that you need good and powerful power-ups if you lay back in a race. In F1 you have these, not in Sonic though. The Sound is pretty nice, the Characters speak while driving but there is always some kind of childish dubstep which starts annoying after a time. Moreover the Sounds are always kept futuristic and sounds cheap sometimes. The Graphic itself is very good for a 1 year old game, but also: Everything is flashing, the houses next to the road are dancing...well- something for childs but not for me... The biggest lose in the points are the controls. A fun-racer with local split screen (which is awesome on PC) has to be easy to control to make it possible for your friends and family to be good at the game and to understand the controls. My Racing-Expert Friend just did not check how to get Power Start, Rolls, Boosts, Drifting and so on. And I did not check it in the beginning, too (which is not good). When we started playing F1 he instantly checked it all and was in the middle of the field. The Multiplayer is easy to set up and you can just do everything you want, as in F1 Race Stars. So 20/20 here. The game is pretty long, because of the many Singleplayer Stuff and the Multiplayer. It has like 20 hours on Singleplayer and an active Multiplayer. It would get 15 Points, but I decided to take away one point for the hard Controls. So this is it! TL;DR If you are looking for a Fun Kart Racer to play with family & friends sometimes - choose F1. If you are looking for a Fun Kart Racer to play Singleplayer or online - choose Sonic.


Great Game!

Version001 | June 5, 2013 | See all Version001's reviews »

I've never really liked racing games so I was skeptical when a friend of mine recommended this game to me. As a noob in racing games, I was happy that it had 3 levels of difficulty (4 when you complete the world tour) and thus catering to players of different skills. This game also has many different types of racing where one can shoot down tanks, or compete in a drift challenge and other more. The fact that the game has so many different characters of different stats and mods also allows you to choose a driver that suits your needs or even choosing your favourite character. What's more impressive is that there are 3 modes of vehicle racing - "Air, land and sea". Being able to transform into a boat in mid air and vice versa brings in so much more fun as you don't just stick to racing on land.


Good Clean Fun!

Hardtarget | June 3, 2013 | See all Hardtarget's reviews »

What a surprise. I had heard good things about this game so I bought it on a lark and I'm so happy that I did. The game is a old fashioned kart game but modernized a bit. There are still weapons and powerups but the tracks feel very fresh and are based on a lot of fun Sega properties. The racers themselves are also based on various old sega franchises and each one has their own custom kart that transforms into 3 different modes (water, air, and ground). The game is just really fun and feels like a modern Mario Kart without all of the baggage that that franchise now has. If you enjoy Kart Racing than this is a highly recommended game for you.


This is flawless and the best racing game on the PC

Supraballs | May 27, 2013 | See all Supraballs's reviews »

Somebody mentioned that this game is better than Mario Kart and a better "Mario Kart" game and they are absolutely right. This is the new standard and whenever they make a sequel, they will have some crazy high expectations to meet. I'd recommend this to anybody and from everybody I've talked to, I don't know one person who doesn't like this game. The mechanics are flawless, the racing is perfect, the powerups are on the spot. Seriously, buy this and don't look back--best racer, period.


Trumps any mario cart game

Exostenza | May 24, 2013 | See all Exostenza's reviews »

I was absolutely blown away by this game. I was told it is fantastic, but was weary and got it on sale. I can now say after playing it for many hours that this game is the best cart racer I have ever played. It has many characters to play each with their own unique style and "star" mode. The levels are so different from each other which is fantastic as it gives massive variation to the game and each level has a non-cart mode whether it be flying or boating which again is super cool and adds variance to the game. The online multiplayer is lots of fun and has many different modes to keep it fresh, but my favorite part of this game is playing it 4 players local on my HDTV with 4 wireless xbox controllers. We have such a blast and it is so much better than having a console it is crazy as the graphics (especially for a cart racing game) are just incredible and the game is made to use the 360 pad naively. Speaking of the graphics I must say that SEGA really cares about the PC and makes sure their games have lots of support on this our platform of choice. The game has been updated many time to include new graphics options, balances and tweaks which shows that the developers not only care but are listening to the community. As to expect the game has item pickups which can be used offensively or defensively and also has a start system which allows the player to get into all starts mode and each character has their own unique transformation and ability in this mode. The coins you collect also go towards being able to gamble for starting items in each race and there is just so much to unlock from characters, to different driving styles for each character to new races and racing modes. This is the best cart racing game I have ever played and the variance is completely incredible which keeps the game fun and fresh for a very, very long time with incredible online and offline multiplayer. This game is worth every penny and more. Also it is incredible because you can progress the campaign in multiplayer with a friend - what fun!


Sega All Stars is F.U.N.!

mungchung | May 14, 2013 | See all mungchung's reviews »

As far as Kart racers go, everyone knows about Mario. However, you can put Sonic right next to him. I have to say I am enjoying this one immensely. Single-player is your typical progression of "Cup" races or time trial and single race. There are a plethora of characters to unlock in the "Cup" mode. And each one can be leveled up to unlock different "mods" for cars. The music and graphics are really nice and I love the transformations. From my experience, this game is less stressful than it's Mario competitor in the sense that being in first place, does not mean you will get bombarded by traps and end up in last place on the final lap. It feels more like you have to work for first place, and more rewarding when achieved. I've had some really tight and heated multiplayer sessions. I love this game and recommend it to old and new players to this genre!


Nice Game!

Nawab2012 | May 5, 2013 | See all Nawab2012's reviews »

Well what can be said about this game? it was a huge step forward in the racing games genre to be honest, the first game was something extremely good, i personally enjoyed it a lot, the only thing that demotivated me was the fact that there was no Online Multiplayer Mode at least in the PC, im not entirely sure how was in Console The sequel of the game was extremely good, the action is even more intense than in the 1st one with a different cast of characters, new and old reworked stages, extremely good soundtrack and the missing link of the first one, Online Multiplayer!.........BUT, i have to say that there was some points in this game that in my personal opinion, were a bit of a let down 1st All Star Moves, in the 1st game each ASM was unique and presented a real threat for everyone including the 1st place player because they were completely devastating and game breaking (no wonder why they were All Star Moves) while in this one....uhm....cant really tell if there's any difference at all between every character ASM's....the only ones that look really different are Nights and Reala's moves, that was kind of demotivating for me, they dont look or feel that menacing as before, you can be at 1st place, see that someone gets the All Star and not even feel it 2 The Announcer, in the first game, the Announcer was quite a crazy guy with a really catchy voice who always was informing with precision what was happening with the other racers, specially when triggering the ASM's and sometimes could make you laugh a little bit (sometimes it made me think of Micky Cantor from Monday Night Combat), in this game the announcer feels pretty insipid and with a huge lack of energy compared to the first one and barely talks, that was, once again, in my opinion, kind of a let down 3 Minor detail but still worth mentioning, the attention to details in Items, i feel that this game lacked a more remarkable variety of items and icons during ASMs in the first one each time you grabbed one you could see an icon of something related to what will trigger the All Star, in this one you only get to see a Star with EVERY character, its not much of a big deal but its still marks a bit of lack of attention to details But well, all things considered, i cant say that i havent enjoyed the game, its really good and can give you plenty of hours of fun :D i can highly recommend it, if you are a PC Gamer, Sonic Fan and Racing fan, there's no way you can miss this one


Better Mario Kart game than Mario Kart

Profoundly_Mad | May 2, 2013 | See all Profoundly_Mad's reviews »

Sonic & All Stars Racing transformed is probably the best kart racer I have ever played. The tracks are wonderfully thought out and provide plenty of variety as you switch between car, boat and plane modes, the graphics are bright, colourful and crisp as everything runs at a steady 60 frames per second, there is a lot of hidden unlockables to discover and support up to 4 player local co-op or online racing. A fantastic game that will provide hours of entertainment.


Much improved sequal

nibbihak | April 28, 2013 | See all nibbihak's reviews »

Mario has always dominated the gokart genre but in recent years Sega have made an attempt to decrown them. S&S:ART (emphasis on the art) does exactly that. It controls extremely well; tough, the planes are so so. Courses are very well designed and give a good sense of progression to the races. A solid game and must have for any Sega fan!


PC port that matches up to expectations

Highwayman72 | April 6, 2013 | See all Highwayman72's reviews »

PC isn't exactly a hotbed of activity for arcade karting games, after the recent but decent F1 Race Stars... SEGA come along with a game that blows it out of the water with it variation. Currently this is the definitive arcade karting game out for PC.


Builds on the original well

Crazee | March 22, 2013 | See all Crazee's reviews »

Traditionally Kart racers have always struggled when pitted against the might Mario Kart series. SEGA have built upon the first game well and are putting up a great challenge to the crown. SEGA understand that a successful kart racer needs a mix of good tracks, great items, and fun characters. Most of the tracks in the game are brilliantly designed. A lot of them take into account the ability to transform between the three available states; kart, boat, and plane. This enables the tracks to evolve with each lap, offering racers something new to look out for. The items are all pretty instinctive, and there aren't too many of them. Every item has it's own use, and none feel like a waste or a duplicate. SEGA has drawn upon it's impressive back catalogue giving players a great variety of characters to drive around as. There's also a few cameos in there (like Team Fortress 2). The racing in the game feels fluid and responsive. The graphics are acceptable. The music is great, with some remixes of classic SEGA tracks included. The ability to transform is done well. It could've been something that was thrown in just as a gimmick, but SEGA have really incorporated it into the game, and it's obvious it was designed around this. By far the best addition from the previous game is online multiplayer. The multiplayer system works brilliantly, and that's what will keep me playing this for a long time. As always with racers, bring a gamepad! Bottom line: A great kart racer, that's even better with friends.


Hours of fun.

fable2 | March 4, 2013 | See all fable2's reviews »

Nowadays you can find not a lot of games that can qualify for a good party racing game. Sonic & All-Stars Racing transformed delivers a great experience while playing with friends almost everywhere in the game. This is great because you can play up to 4 players via split-screen. A thing that you can find rarely in the games these days unfortunately. Controls are smooth, but a bit difficult to master in the beginning. Various control mods and great variety of characters make this game a great choice for every picky driver. A new addition to the series is the ability to transform a vehicle to the boat or a plane. Controls for every type are different so it adds to a learning curve and also to a fun gameplay because a player can change into another type with a bit of skills or continue on another path. Degree of difficulty is quite hard but the game gradually lets you learn everything before throwing you into the fire of HARD difficulty. Boost challenges and Drift challenges can prove hard even on the easiest difficulty and this is a bit unbalanced. However when a player learns how to drift and use drift boost when needed - the game becomes much easier. In overall it is a great party game and will delivers countless hours of fun.


The best racer since F-Zero GX.

kokujin | March 2, 2013 | See all kokujin's reviews »

The first All Star racing was great on its on right, but this game takes everything to the next level.More Sega nostalgia, better racing mechanics, and an awesome roster.If like racing games then you owe it yourself to play this game.


A must have for any kart racing fans and Sega fans

Lekes | Feb. 11, 2013 | See all Lekes's reviews »

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is fantastic. Rights the wrongs of the original in every way. With great characters from Sega's past including characters from the likes of Jet Set Radio, Golden Axe and Space Channel 5, this game is a love letter to the biggest Sega fans. All tracks feel a treat to drive through, with the tracks Transforming after each lap to take you into a different driving experience. With your kart transforming into a boat and plane, the transformation is seamless. Minor complaint is with the flying and boat racing. At times, with all that's going on in the game, it is not always clear where you are supposed to be flying and with driving in a boat, it generally feels as though you have limited to no control of the boat at times, with the waters movement proving to be erratic at times. Other than the aforementioned niggles, the general experience with Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is a great one. A must have for any kart racing fans and Sega fans.


The PC Port we deserve

kairegister | Feb. 2, 2013 | See all kairegister's reviews »

The game runs great at max settings with not great specs, almost guaranteed to run on your computer even if it's low. Tons of charactrs, 20 tracks (all with a mirror mode). great controls for cars, planes, and boats. a world tour mode There's splitscreen multiplayer AND (what we didnt get with the first game), online multiplayer! The stages are great, referencing classic Sega games, and most in the 3-lap has a "unique" section that is different. An example would be the Sky Sanctuary stage (Sonic 3&K), the third lap the entire stage is actually collapsing (like in the game) and the track changes because of it. Definitely a must for Mario Kart fans. Or fans of kart-racing games in general, not much of those on PC gaming besides Zero Gear and that F1 game


An Excellent Arcade Racer!

videopower77 | Feb. 2, 2013 | See all videopower77's reviews »

The game is surprisingly good! Great graphics and really fun racing. I've played (and still do) a lot of Mario Kart and this doesn't feel like a knock-off or a cash-in at all. The level design is excellent and there aren't any blue shell like powerups (that I'm aware of) in the game which makes you want to take 1st place early on and keep it instead of waiting in the middle of the pack before making your move. There is a lot to do in the game so for $29.99, it's worth the price. If you like arcade racing games, then pick this one up then.