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Better than most..

wfosnot | June 1, 2013 | See all wfosnot's reviews »

Guild Wars does so many things right. Play with friends and get XP (you are auto leveled for each area) - so you can re-play areas with friends and you still get experience. Loot - if you help fight, whether you got the first hit or not, you get some loot. No monthly subscription! Constantly gets updates! Play how you like - different weapons let you play different styles. Go get this game...


Great Buy Must Own

Toyou4you | May 25, 2013 | See all Toyou4you's reviews »

This game is worth the money, and it has no monthly fees. This game is great looking, great fun, and great value. Unlike most new F2P games it's not play to win or gimicky items with high prices. The plot is good, but by no means great. What it lacks in original plot it makes up in entertainment values. Each mission to stay unique from other MMO standard missions have multiple ways to beat the mission. There are violent ways and non violent ways. You can for the most part (not always) get levels without killing anything. The graphics aren't Crysis level but considering the Art Style (don't know why I want to capitalize it) and the fact it's MMO the graphics are one of the best. Buy this game you won't regret.


A Different Step in Guild Wars

Jangle | May 23, 2013 | See all Jangle's reviews »

First, I came from finishing all of GW1, and I loved that game. Now that I've played through GW2, I think I can give a pretty accurate review of it. Let's start. GW2 has an amazing achievements system that allows the players to gain chunks of experience over the lifetime of their accounts and daily/weekly. If you complete all your daily/weekly/etc, you can get exp, money, or items. This is one mechanic that separates it from the competition because the system works so well. Quests are a little different than in GW1. GW2 quests are usually seen on your map, and when you complete the objectives, you don't have to run back to the giver in order to receive the rewards which is nice. The in-game market I would say is both good and bad. First, players can sell almost anything they want for almost any price they wish. There are a couple downsides to this though. One thing I hate about the market is that it is very hard to make ANY gold crafting anything because people will craft top level items and sell them for cheaper than the materials required to build them. Really one of the only ways to make money in the market is to farm a certain good for almost forever OR find/craft a legendary or something unique to sell. So basically, players cannot play the market and make money almost at all. If they can, the profits are almost nothing. PVE - has a decent story. Some missions are a pain, especially if you aren't playing with friends. Armor ratings and protections level up with the creatures so it seems that no matter when you get upgraded armor, enemies do the same proportional damage so it seems you never get any stronger. I also won't ruin the last mission for anyone, but I was very disappointed with the boss fight. Anyone who played through it will know exactly what I mean. PVP - The PVP in GW2 is questionable. On one hand, it is pretty fun when you are playing with friends, BUT there is only like 1 map for PVP, so it gets VERY repetitive. Also, since this game allows enemy players to see where you are casting a spell, you can almost dodge every single AOE spell in the game with ease, so that's very lame. Player Customization - this is probably my least favorite part of the game. GW1 allowed a player to choose 1 main class and a secondary class, which allowed them to choose from thousands of different combinations of skills and strategies. In GW2, every player has almost the same skills available, so it looks like everyone is using the same skills as everyone else. Classes have very few skills to choose from compared to GW1, and you can only have 1 class. So, this game removes a lot of strategy and customization from the first game, probably to appeal to new MMO players and the more casual player instead of a niche/hardcore player base. Graphics - the graphics in GW2 are pretty good. It's an upgrade from GW1 definitely. From when I played last though, SLI/Crossfire was still not optimized at all so people who built mult-card systems for this game, saw no boost in performance. They should probably work on that. All in all, it's a pretty good game. I would like to see them add a ton more skills/classes/strategies, remove AOE sights, and add some of the more hardcore elements from GW1. It appeals to a more broad/casual range of players, which was probably to get more new players interested in the game.


Don't feel obligated to play because you pay!

cappincrunch | May 23, 2013 | See all cappincrunch's reviews »

The best part of this game is it's free to play. After you buy it of course. It's the price of a standard game, so treat it like one. Most games these days take 4-8 hours, so you will feel a great deal of fulfillment when you play this game. The Review: I can go on and on for hours on why you should buy this game, so I will bullet-point the pros and cons so you don't have to read a book. THE GOOD: +Free to play: The cash shop is not pay to win, it's pay for little things like more bank slots or character clothes. +Combat: It's smoothest combat system out today. The only learning curve required is the dodge system, but that's easy to pick up. Nothing feels clunky or unresponsive. +The partying: Are you too late to join a group fight on a world boss? That's okay. Just start attacking and you'll get rewards as well. But don't think people will just jump in and hit it once. You are rewarded for the damage you do. +No heals required: In a way it makes me sad, but survival is so much better and necessary. No more dragging around without a healer. No more healer for people to blame. Everyone has to take care of themselves and party members can revive you if you can't keep up. +Rich environments: I hope you can run this at medium to high settings because the art design is beautiful. For once I feel like the map developers didn't get tired of their job and began throwing in the same designs with a new color. I've made new races simply for the new areas to discover. Once you've learned how to transfer from one major city to the other, you can quest anywhere. +Scaling down in low level areas: This is a pro and con. A pro because you never feel like you're dominating. People can't go to the starting areas and just take down a world boss in one hit. This allows you to travel back to an older area and join other questers without ruining their experience. THE BAD: Pvp.. well.. WvW: World vs World is boring for me. Large maps capturing territories. It sounds fun, but the maps are too big.. about the size of a questing map. The maps are too big with not enough players. Usually I see large groups sticking together. It feels more like world pvp in other games except there's really no reason to stay in the zone other than to pvp. What bothers me is the lack of alternatives. No basic team deathmatch, capture the flags, or king of the hill. It really needs variety. End game: Keep in mind, I'm reviewing this for when I played at launch. The end-game is probably much better now since I've been receiving so many updates about free dlc launches. Once I hit the cap, I just farmed seals for gear and then I found no reason to continue playing. I'm usually an end-game pvper so you can see that wasn't much of an option for me. Scaling down characters in low level areas: I marked this as a pro earlier, but it's also a con to me because it makes you feel like your big/badass character is a weak low level. You can't just show up and say "I'll help you with your quest!" and wreck everything in your path. The level balance takes away your prideful achievement when the level 10 next to you is putting out a little less damage than you.


ME LIKEY... for now

zipsaw | May 22, 2013 | See all zipsaw's reviews »

its a slow start game, but learning the ropes doesn't take long at all, the beginning makes you thirst to wonder what is going to happen next all the while random events populate some needed action from the..shall we say.. "dynamic" questing. like i said it is slow to start but it grasps your attention that most MMOs do not. not sure if it is going to make me stick around but i am giving it a chance. it does lack in true class customization, but the fact that the way you hold your weapons and the weapons themselves do add a factor of how you have to play your class. partying will def make game play better for you, just a side note there


A Solid MMO Romp

ElitistCuisine | May 19, 2013 | See all ElitistCuisine's reviews »

This game, when I played it, was a very well thought out MMO. It's combat felt unique, due to the dodge system, and the lore/missions were well thought out. The system that steals the show, however, is the event system that often brings many players together to complete an objective for, mostly, the same reward. This mechanic really kept me engaged. The crafting system feels swift, imaginative, and very fun. I have lost countless coins just because I was immensly curious in what I could discover. However, once reaching the highest level, I swiftly lost interest. I have never been a raiding sort of person, more enjoying the environment and general chaos of event battles. All in all, a wonderful, beautiful game. It just appears to be difficult to stay engaged after a pro-longed period of time.


Deserves hype, but not as much as it's getting

Cooberstooge | May 6, 2013 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

For a game to look decent, have solid quests, and have only a one-time fee to play forever, that in itself makes Guild Wars 2 worth a look. But from my experience, it's nowhere near deserving of all the love it's been getting for being a "revolutionary" MMO. GW2 is in many ways like id's "Rage", in that large parts of it look good, until you go close up - at that point, eye irritation may occur. A joke, yes, but stuffed in amongst the mostly gorgeous textures are ones straight out of 1998, which most likely explains why this game has a tendency to run insanely well during heavy combat and steady exploration as one doesn't have the time to check out the oft-shoddy textures due to something *always* trying to kill you. Controls are for the most part good, once you reconfigure them. I don't know who did the default layout, but the original key placement screams of someone who uses a non-standard gaming keyboard. Audio is good, but the music is too relaxing at times - falling asleep when you're about to get owned can have...undesirable consequences. My most-enjoyed part of GW2 is hunting for secrets, they're hidden everywhere, and whoever did said hiding put some serious thought into it. You might be able to see some loot, but getting to it can take hours, and more often than not someone or something decides to have you for dinner in the meantime. Overall a decent title, but most of what Guild Wars 2 has to offer has been done numerous times elsewhere. For a one-time fee, prospective buyers are getting a solid MMO - those who are vets to the genre may wish to look elsewhere first, though.


From a person who hated MMOs in 2008

tusccar | May 5, 2013 | See all tusccar's reviews »

This was my first MMO and it won't be my last. I used to hate MMOs and never really "got" them. That is until I bought this. Guild wars 2 is the embodiment of what an MMO should be. Deep and provoking plots for each character, great combat, great and vast community, and an array of quests. The combat system is very simple yet intuitive and even beginners will get used to it very fast. Just a few simple clicks of the mouse and you could be on your own questing or with a group of 40 others, taking down a dragon. There is much to do in this game besides just quest. There is crafting which will suck you into a world of discovering things to make and use, or sell. The trading post is a strong point of the game. Whether trying your luck with mystery items or flipping items to make more gold, it will have you busy for many hours to come. World vs World will have you entertained and create a comradary between you and hundreds of other players. A normal review of this game is tough due to the fact that it is massive. But it is well worth the $60. Not only is it subscription free, but there are massive content updates every few months. This is a great game for lovers and haters of MMOs. If you want a game to escape into then this is it. You will be sucked into the world of Tyria, and you will not regret it.


Solid MMO

Giltonnam | April 27, 2013 | See all Giltonnam's reviews »

This game is a very solid PvP focused MMO. It adds an active dodge mechanic to the game that you must activate in order to dodge (compared to other MMOs where it's pure chance whether you dodge or not) that will avoid all damage from all sources for the duration of the doge (usually 1-2 seconds long). Who your realm/server fights in PvP changes every week they swap around servers so to prevent everyone moving to just 1 server because it always dominates Realm v Realm PvP. It's removed the annoyance of playing the PvE portion with friends who are lower level than you because the game will lower your level to a zone's level range if you're higher than it. Each zone has public quests/events that everyone can participate in and get xp and loot. To learn your attacks you just use a certain weapon/weapon combo to learn the abilities useable with those weapons (instead of going to a trainer and paying them to learn abilities). The game overall is very solid. Great art style, refreshing PvE and PvP mechanics, and decent story (based on your race).


Excellent MMO

codenamesky | April 24, 2013 | See all codenamesky's reviews »

I played the first GW and all its expansions for almost 4 years, it was a revolutionary MMO with a large scale world, great match making, PVP and amazing PVE story with a legit storyline and many great side quests. GW 2 is as great if not better, the world is more colorful, characters and classes are various and interesting and you cant go wrong with the no subscription formula. The great thing about GW2 is that you don't get lost unlike many other MMOs that have so many irrelevant characters and quests, they make you cry for a linear story. all in all a great game. get it right away


Ok game.

sittinghawk10 | April 23, 2013 | See all sittinghawk10's reviews »

I want to like mmos, I've tried several from wow to SWTOR to some other mmos. Guild wars 2 held my attention a lot longer than those did and combat was interesting. Also, no monthly fees which allows you to take breaks if you want. I haven't been back in a couple months though so take my review with a grain of salt as a lot of things have probably changed.


Solid game

DarkMavrik | March 23, 2013 | See all DarkMavrik's reviews »

I haven't played MMo's in years because there has been no innovation, just ways to squeeze money out of the consumers left and right. With Guild wars this has changed, you purchase it once and immediatly have a ton of in game content, crafting, PvE, then many diffrent kinds of PvP from costume brawls to team based PvP. Then there is the war, 3 server fighting each other for control. Non stop fun. Best part if you get bored take a break, they add content everymonth and events and you don't have to pay to play it


A solid game, but nothing extraordinary.

i6ix | March 15, 2013 | See all i6ix's reviews »

So, it's a solid game. Nice visuals, smooth gameplay mechanics. Fun enough. I would recommend anyone who is really into MMO's to give it a try. However, it still has a shallow feel in my opinion. Despite the attempts to make the game feel like you actually have an effect on the world, the dynamics involved are incredibly short-lived and repetitive. I don't blame them, it's an MMO, that's generally how the world functions so that others can come and experience the quests, etc. However, it still has that glassy feeling of separation between you and the game. The pvp can be fun. I can't say if I like it better than battlegrounds in the other mmo that many play... The skills and characters are alright. The story line adapting to your choices can be somewhat interesting, although I found myself detached from that as well. The music can almost be too soothing. I sometimes almost fell asleep because of the pretty nature around me and the calm sounds. Navigating the larger cities can be painful. Although, I do enjoy searching for the hidden objects, finding a way up on top of a building to grab them. Overall, if you've played other MMO's, this will feel similar. Go to an area, talk to someone, finish their quests. Rinse and Repeat. However, if you are looking for a new fresh MMO to move to from another game, this is a solid release.


A solid game

celdiruen | Feb. 2, 2013 | See all celdiruen's reviews »

If you're looking for a continuation of Guild Wars, you'll be disappointed. If you're looking for a WoW-clone, you'll be disappointed as well. Guild Wars 2 is... different. It has no traditional questing mechanics, instead using dynamic events and heart events which activate when you're in a specific area. It has interesting races and classes, and good class customizability. The game itself looks beautiful, and runs fairly well. There's both structured and world PVP, as well as dungeons. There are some flaws, however. The game allows you to unlock all of your various weapon skills very early on. Often, this is something you look forward to as you level. People might lose the drive to keep going onto level 80. Furthermore, end game is lacklustre, as there isn't gear progression on the same scale as other games. However, ArenaNet have been changing this, with the addition of new dungeons and higher level gear. Overall, even if the endgame doesn't hook you, the game has very enjoyable zones, classes, and PVP.


Great for WoW Players

captainstark | Jan. 26, 2013 | See all captainstark's reviews »

Having recently canceled my WoW subscription, and have been anticipating this game for over a year, GW2 has finally launched. All the hype surrounding this game, and the posts saying that this is a revolutionary entry to the MMORPG genre are true. Guild Wars 2 takes all the questing, grinding, Looting boredom out, and replaces it with a fast paced fun experience. I'm playing a Charr Warrior and am still at Level 23 and still wanting more. I will probably be playing this game for more than a couple of years. In summary if you've been playing WoW or other MMO's and are freaking sick and tired of them, give this game a try its free to play and will have you hooked for a very long time.


Yet Another MMO

Kirbycode | Jan. 20, 2013 | See all Kirbycode's reviews »

Despite its "manifesto", Guild Wars 2 fails to break the traditional mold of MMORPGs. 95% of the game still consists of attacking enemies standing around in a field with a standard attack rotation. Exclamation points are replaced with oranges, and "endgame" consists of PvP, grinding a certain location for hours on end for gold and loot, or playing the auction house. Still, there are some interesting parts of an otherwise mindless hacknslash. 1) Dynamic Events are a form of quest that happen without you starting it. For example, if an army of monsters decide to attack a town, they're going to attack it whether or not you're there. And if you fail to protect the town, the game changes to reflect this, creating the idea that you are really in a living, breathing world. Unfortunately, the majority of these dynamic events are pitiful. The enemy AI is mindless and rarely a present a challenge other than taking forever to kill. Most dynamic events have no consequence for failure, and the few that do rarely affect the world for more than 5~10 minutes. The number of dynamic events I would recommend other players to try out can be counted on one hand, the majority of which are in a starting zone. 2) The game is very pretty. There are a lot of little effects that really work well together. You can color your clothes however you want. However, clothing will often clip through other pieces of clothing, making yourself an awful mess. If you have friends and want a casual game to romp around in, it's definitely worth the $60. But otherwise, it's a run-of-the-mill MMO with no subscription fee.


Fresh take on the MMO formula

masterenric0 | Jan. 19, 2013 | See all masterenric0's reviews »

Admitted, I am not a huge MMO player. But when it comes to MMO's I will always choose to play Guild Wars 2 first. The fact that there is no monthly subscription free was reason enough for me to buy it and try it out. I am very happy that I did.


Great Game

kaiyoti | Dec. 30, 2012 | See all kaiyoti's reviews »

I can't say I'm a MMO fan, but this is a great game IMO. I really like the theif mechanic in this game, allows for more dynamics. This game goes great with eyefinity setup. Love the music.


Not for everyone

seejaypeeko | Dec. 23, 2012 | See all seejaypeeko's reviews »

If you're looking to move on from WoW, or another subscription based grindfest, this may not be the game for you. Max level and top-tier gear is a short journey, if that's all you're looking for. If you're looking for the original Guild Wars with prettier graphics, you're not going to find it here. While Guild Wars 2 has clear ties to the original, things like sPvP are sorely lacking and ANet hasn't done much to fix it. If, on the other hand, you're looking for an MMO that isn't built around a constant grind; a game that has great art direction, great graphics, and a huge community, this is probably the game for you.


One of the best games ever.

gewgles | Dec. 18, 2012 | See all gewgles's reviews »

I just started playing this game and it's amazing. The game is so immersive you start playing and before you know it's 4 hours into the game. The best part is that there is no subscription fee. Unlike other popular mmos.


Big hype, still good.

Abomb7894 | Dec. 11, 2012 | See all Abomb7894's reviews »

After logging 2000 hours into the original guild wars, I really wanted to get Guild Wars 2. After the initial hype, the game really died. Currently, PvE areas are pretty empty, minus a few areas used to get events and rewards. Doing normal exploration and events is possible in low levels due to solo ability, but in the end area, its near impossible to do it without a group now. PvP last time I checked took forever to log into, so I never experienced much of it, though I have heard promising stories. I personally did not like the story much, there were too many options, and it felt like I had 3 options to repeat over and over again, and it got too repetitive with the same layout. But alas, it is a good game. I regret getting it for the $60 I paid, but it is worth some money. The big thing this game has is the promise of expansions and no monthly subscriptions. The game is based around PvP more than PvE, as it wants to be an esport. Overall, the game is beautiful. You won't be disappointed with it if you don't hold it up to the hype that it had. It is not a whole new MMO, it just takes some steps in a new direction.


Good MMO

celdiruen | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all celdiruen's reviews »

GW2 is an interesting MMO. I can promise you that if you enjoy MMOs and like what you see when you read up about the game, you'll get your money's worth. With no subscription fee, you don't feel compelled to play it non-stop every month. However, the game will pull you in, at least for a time. It has a fully featured world, PvP, and large scale battles. There's a personal story you can do on your own or with friends. There are dynamic events that happen throughout the world, making it feel at least a little bit more alive than the average MMO universe. The game has a beautiful aesthetic, as well. I wouldn't call the game revolutionary, but it is solid. If you were ever interested in it, or if any of this piques your interest, give it a shot.


Great game.

Derek12 | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all Derek12's reviews »

This game will certainly satisfy all mmo fans, and action adventure fans alike. It offers many gameplay modes, PVE- the "singleplayer" like or coop experience, PvP which is mainly about killing the enemy, or capturing flags. as well as WvW- massive player vs player maps. The graphics look nice, but are not super amazing, but just plain nice. the music though is amazing, one of the best compared to other games. the community is helpful, and most of the time people are eager to help one another, and teach others tricks, location info. Overall the game feels cooperative rather competitive, which is always nice. I would recommend it, or at minimum trying the free trial account. It will definitively offer many months of fun. Since the quests are not that boring.


Completely satisfied

makosuite | Dec. 7, 2012 | See all makosuite's reviews »

I've played Guild Wars since Nightfall. I loved exploring each original campaign. I immersed myself in the lore and the plot of the Guild Wars universe. I spent hundreds of hours in Eye of the North. Guild Wars 2 frightened me. Would the sense of adventure leave with an open world? Would a hundred people on the same map ruin the experience? It didn't. The dual-weapon system is a good alternative to the dual-class system of Guild Wars 1--not adding the extreme depth of class building, but retaining some of its complexities. The class design is wonderful. I've play three characters to 80 and it has felt like a different game each time. The music, composed by Jeremy Soule, is once again wonderful. Every so often you are treated to a heritage track from the GW1 OST. Marvelous. A must buy. One of the most important games released in the last five years.


Great online experience

lachking | Dec. 5, 2012 | See all lachking's reviews »

Guild Wars 2 is my first experience to online role playing games and quite simply, I was blown away. The level of customisation is immense as you create your own character and play the game how you want to. There is no explicit way to play: you may like to be a warrior and slash enemies, or perhaps prefer to be a caster. You may engage in the main quest, or could also choose to complete many different tasks helping various people, such as placing rabbits in a cage. You can also if you wish just choose to explore the gigantic world presented to you and observe the breathtaking scenery. Being an online game, there is also a large emphasis on interacting with other players. For this reason, it is a good idea to play with friends and complete tasks cooperatively. The experience gain for completing tasks is given to both players, and this encourages teamwork, especially since many tasks involve defeating powerful beasts which can prove difficult if attacked alone. The game’s presentation is superb. The colour scheme with the graphics engine looks top notch. This is made even better with great looking scenery such as waterfalls accompanied with strong ambience. The music is also great and makes you want to keep playing the game. One last point about this game is that there are no subscription fees. This is a huge plus, meaning you only need to buy the game and not be forced to pay monthly fees, which is the reason I never got into World of Warcraft. In all essence, Guild Wars 2 is a great game. Superb gameplay, great atmosphere, and no monthly fees combine to create a top notch online experience that will keep you coming back for more.


Evolutionary, not revolutionary

Tuttlebat | Oct. 31, 2012 | See all Tuttlebat's reviews »

Some people though Guild Wars 2 would change the MMO scene, but it really doesn't. What it does do is improve it in many different ways. The idea of binding skills to weapons is great and allows for creativity with your playstyle, however it only seems viable in PvE. In PvP, there are usually only a couple optimal weapon choices you can use, which isn't great, but at least you still have options. There is a lot of content available for PvE, but the game seems made for PvP. The best part is that even if you haven't played the game at all, you can just jump right into the PvP without having to level up or grind at all. The PvP scales everyone to the same level and player skill is what separates a good player from a bad one. The best way to look at this game is to see it as a $60 full-price release and not an MMO. If you expect an MMO, you might be expecting a lot and may be disappointed in some areas. However, if you consider it as a one-time payment of $60 (because that's really what it is), this game is amazing fun for the money. I love games and MMO's but I don't like to pay monthly subscription fees, so Guild Wars 2 is a great option. Is it as good as WoW? That's debatable. But the fact that this game is not based on a subscription makes it significantly better, even if it means that your standards don't need to be as high.


Great Once Over Learning Curve

ROKET | Oct. 12, 2012 | See all ROKET's reviews »

I wanna start by saying that you should be ready for a slight learning curve. There were things I just simply couldnt understand at first and didnt really enjoy the game until I saw everything I could do and benefit from. This game is awesome. Ive played WoW and EVE and while this game is pretty different you get a game that is thoroughly enjoyable. The game features consistent and fun PvP, story driven PvE and a somewhat dynamic questing system that really rewards you for being a team player. This is the first game where Ive wanted to play alts. In WoW you make an alt when you get bored but in this game you make an alt to experience each of the five races and any of the 8 different classes. The game is content packed right from the start. Each race has its own story to follow that can vary greatly according to options you choose during character creation. I made two Charr characters and chose between the Blood and Ash Legion during character creation and found out that you interact with different characters depending on who you side with. The trait system - as I found out later - is also very deep and really adds a huge amount of strategy to PvP. I was mindblow when I saw just how deeply I could customize my characters skills just by tweaking traits. Customization, in terms of armor and look, is also much better this time around than it was in the first GW. As you loot and quest you gain new armor pieces and weapons and can upgrade your toon at a very steady and satisfying pace. WorldvsWorld is also a great addition. As you progress and help out your server you gain perks that trickle down to EVERYONE on the server whether it be boosts to crafting or any other skills. Lastly - the graphics and art of this game are amazing. I love it and the game looks even better when using Sweet FX. You should check it out. All in all this game is very highly recommended.


Great MMO With No Subscription Fees

BillyMays14 | Oct. 5, 2012 | See all BillyMays14's reviews »

Guild Wars II has great graphics, engaging combat and gameplay, and no monthly subscription fees. Classes and combat are diverse, quests are mostly interesting, and ArenaNet pushes constant updates. The microtransaction store is easily ignored. This is a perfect MMO for those just getting into them or those who are tired of the bigger ones (WOW, Old Republic, etc)


Pretty decent for a casual MMO

JustAlfo | Oct. 2, 2012 | See all JustAlfo's reviews »

This is a splendid MMO that doesn't require you to give all your waking moments to. Leveling is fun and diverse, and never got boring for me. There are a few lacking endgame (lvl80) events to do at the moment. However it's like that for any new MMO. The combat system is pretty fun and interesting, as it allows you to switch weapons during combat. You have many weapons to choose from, and can have 2 sets of weapons equipped at a time. The best part about this is, Great Sword for warrior, is completely different from Great Sword from Guardian. Each weapon is unique to its class. The classes are all very different and Unique as well, I tried them all to about level 10.


Game has alot of promise... Builds on previous and adds more.

randallsb | Oct. 1, 2012 | See all randallsb's reviews »

If you are here it is because you are a fan of mmorpg's wether you are a diehard must have fan of the guild wars lore..Or a stalwart mmorpg buyer, looking for the best you can play while it's the best. From playing this game all the way to 80 and playing another character to level 30 i found that one thing is constant, this game does get hold of you, heh. I found myself playing it to not get to the next level, but rather to see what I could do more with my character, what areas I could explore. And the pvp aspect of the game right now is fun in its current state, the developers are promising to add more, which in and of itself it is astounding... Considering this is a f2p model game, you are getting a steal at all the value that is in the game. If you pick this up, you will be slightly overwhelmed at the amount of freedom early on the beginning levels. But once you get the hang of it, you will find that it is a very open and freely balanced game then you are accustomed to, and then you will wonder why we waited so long to get a title of this quality.. Without having to be nickel and dime'd every day for it. Best mmo online so far, cannot wait for the future from ArenaNet.


A step in the right direction...and then 3 steps back

draulxx | Sept. 12, 2012 | See all draulxx's reviews »

The game is great while leveling. However when the gear your collecting doesn't matter at all. When your pve gear cannot be used in Structured.... When half the skills don't work as intended. Or several skil point challanges bug out after a certain amount of time and don''t get fixed until downtime. This creates issues. Oh lets not forget being a support character who doesn't actually attack stuff in dungeons and because of that you never get loot on anything. It should give you loot for being in the dungeon or at least supporting your team. The game has more negative than positives and most people havent hit max level to see that there is still nothing to do once you hit 80. I 100% the world and now there is literally nothing else to do. There is 1 level 80 dungeon. Being scaled down to other dungeons is the most retarded thing I have ever seen. But if I were to rate this game based on my experience while leveling I would give it a 92. However because I have played the game to 100% on one character and started leveling another character to notice that nothing ever changes and the game has no replay value. I will give the game a 75.


Loving it.

scottnat | Aug. 31, 2012 | See all scottnat's reviews »

Gorgeous game. Huge - i've played probably 30 hours already and only 10% of the map is opened. Not sure how they've done it, but massively interactive in terms of mmo aspects - without the ongoing fee. Just a brilliant incredibly polished game. Up there with Skyrim as my favorite of the last couple of years.


Unique MMO experience !

Maniacal | Aug. 29, 2012 | See all Maniacal's reviews »

Guild Wars 2, while definitely still an MMORPG, breaks the trend of MMOs simply copying WoW. Building upon the success and uniqueness of the first Guild Wars it is the only MMORPG I'll even touch. First of all, there is no monthly fee and real money store is quite optional and thankfully avoids being pay2win. Secondly, there is an excellent variety amongst the 8 professions (classes) and their playstyles with different abilities and styles depending on which weapon or combination of weapons (such as dagger and pistol for the Thief). The combat also requires at least some moving around and dodging, especially in harder fights, instead of just simply standing around pressing buttons and macros while you wait for skills to cool off (although there is still a bit of that). The game world is very well made and beautiful. The main human city of Divinity's Reach is massive in size and design, resembling a more realistic medieval city with seemingly hap-hazard streets, building placements and allies (all in a very good way) and has more than enough exploratory area. There are a number of vista viewpoints that can be found in each area for a reward of XP and a cutscene showing off the area. Often these vistas are only accessible through the use of jumping and are a great way to encourage and reward exploring the beautiful world. Questing didn't entirely do away with going up to an NPC with a symbol above their heads but it is still a big improvement and many area based quests are triggered simply by encountering them and offer several ways of completing them. World events are also triggered by encountering them and often involve defending an area or escorting an NPC but there are different ones as well. Once started a message is sent out to nearby players who will join in for the excellent rewards and work together to complete the task. Guild Wars 2 is a worth sequel to Guild Wars and the MMORPG genre in general and I highly recommend it for anyone who either already enjoys MMOs but is tired of the same old WoW clones or is new to MMOs and doesn't want to pay a monthly fee or play the same tired old gameplay.


A real challenge to WOW

leoleelok | Aug. 25, 2012 | See all leoleelok's reviews »

Graphics (ALL HIGH) Graphics mean a lot to a gamer like me, and I think we all want a beautiful game. The graphics of the game is above average MMORPG. However, it doesn't mean it is perfect, and ordinary people would have guessed that once they saw the min. requirement of the game. One thing you can notice is that... when you move a character, it is more like ice skating but not running. Sound effect Bit disappointed with the sound effect like magic and combat sound. During my gameplay experience, the sound effect of a Earth Magic sounds pretty stupid to me. Though when I started as a ranger, the combat sound is al right. System & Game Play More than excellent. The system including crafting and combat is great, but would need more time to see it through. Overall I would say... if you like AION or WOW, u will like Guild War II