Reviews for Guild Wars 2: Digital Deluxe Edition


For the most part... an ok game.

Godzzila | April 28, 2015 | See all Godzzila's reviews »

Guild Wars 2 had a lot of Hype to live up to. Did it do it? Well... kinda... The surely delivers on what it promised at first: Lack of Trinity (No Tank, DPS and Healer), a more emersive story and a new take on questing. Was it enough to make it the groundbreaking game it was supposed to be? No. The Lack of Trinity that everybody was talking about previous to the game being released, instead of making everybody feel useful, it made everybody feel useless. There is nothing unique about you... everything you do, everybody else does. There is no strategy other then full attack and full damage and rush forward spamming 1. The story is really lackluster and even tho might be fun to play the first time, the other times you have to do for all of your characters just make it boring and repetitive. The crafting system is useless other than gathering EXP and getting Legendaries that serve no purpose. The dungeons have been abandoned, the first ones stayed were pretty fine but other then that... no more dungeons being added any time soon. The game that promised SOO much to get rid of grind, just made a gigantic grind fest of grinding for skins instead of actual progress. There is no late game which is a HUUUUUUUUGE issues since the game just gets you to cap level in about 3 days of playtime. And all the efforts by ANet are being placed on the wrong part of the game. They are 100% focused on making this game E-sports viable while mostly negleting other problems with the game. Is this game worth it? I will say give it a pass, it had it hearth in the right place but overall missed the mark.


It was ok

Iversman | Feb. 3, 2014 | See all Iversman's reviews »

I never played GW1 but I jumped into GW2 with high expectations. I didn't really enjoy the game; I found the "heart" quests to be boring, tedious and there wasn't enough of them to move to the next zones - had to find similar level zones in different race areas to get the required levels. I did all the random events etc and still never got enough XP for the zones. It felt unfinished and a drag. I love my MMOs, but I just did not like this one.


Great MMO

Skyrao | Aug. 30, 2013 | See all Skyrao's reviews »

Brilliant value for a one time payment. The art and music are just amazing and the world events are really cool if you can find a party of people to take part in them with. If you are looking for an MMO then you have no need to look any further.


You Need To Play This!

gamerroverr | Aug. 17, 2013 | See all gamerroverr's reviews »

Before now, I have never really been a player of MMO games. I usually find them complex, tedious and overwhelming due to their 'In at the deep end' nature. However when playing Guild Wars 2 for the first time, I felt the complete opposite. Unlike usual MMOs where character stats matter more than anything, this game feels more skill based and natural. It was without doubt the best MMO on the market as of right now for casual players due to its easy to grasp nature. Most of the game's features are explained and demoed through instances in the game's main story quest, making them easy for the player to understand. On top of this, the game is built so that anyone can play. Despite being an MMO, it is easy for players to play through the game as though it was a single player RPG, as content is naturally scaled to a higher difficulty depending upon the size of the party which the player is in. Also, content also scales to the level of your character, meaning that missions will not become obsolete and stupidly easy should you find yourself surpassing the recommended level, before completing the content. This means that the game plays out much more like a single player RPG in terms of mechanics, compared to other games of the sort on the market. Also, the game features structured and World Vs World PvP. Structures PvP is great because you always play with people of a similar skill level, which means that you are never pitted against elite players who you will struggle to put up a fight against. Also, in World Vs World PvP, thousands of players compete in a team representing their server to build forts, capture enemy forts and rule the battleground. The gameplay is dynamic and challenging, which makes it great for players of all levels and gives it massive end game playability. Graphically, this game is stunning. The world is vibrant and graphically outstanding it the MMO genre, with only TERA being a worth opponent in terms of aesthetics. My only possible complaint is the server capacities. The areas feel very quiet as of late in all non level 80 areas. For this reason it is sometimes hard to feel like you have a group to play with. However this is easily solved by joining one of the many thousands of guilds in the game. Each of which makes the game a more fun and social experience. The extra content in this edition of the game was not great. i didn't feel like the consumables and the extra skill warranted my extra investment into the game. Therefore I would recommend the standard edition of the game as it offers the best value for money.


Well worth the wait and been playing for almost a year now

Quicksilver | June 7, 2013 | See all Quicksilver's reviews »

Guild Wars was fantastic and came into it a few years too late, but got in on the ground with these and it is just as good as the original. Free to play after the original purchase, and no need to buy additional in game items unless you want too. Hours of fun, PVP is great fun too. New playable races, classes and you can just imagine what Arena Net have got planned in the way of expansions to Cantha and Elona. Worth every penny for casual and extreme players


Hundreds of hours of entertainment for a one-off payment

Mattiebo | Aug. 29, 2012 | See all Mattiebo's reviews »

The original Guild Wars was a great game, and part of the reason for that was its one-off payment model, meaning that you don't have to pay hundreds of pounds in order to keep your subscription going. Fortunately, Guild Wars 2 also uses this model, which is certainly a plus on top of this incredible game. I have been playing for around 50 hours and am never short of things to do and find new experiences around every corner. GW2 is truly a revolutionary game which breaks away from MMO traditions. For example, the usual MMO quest system involving taking a quest from an NPC, doing it and returning to them is replaced with multiple unique quest types. Firstly is the personal story, your unique storyline determined by various choices you make in the game. Also available are tasks, which are quests with multiple contributing factors set in specific parts of the map, and world events, which bring loads of players together to complete a single goal. Combat has also moved on form simple button presses, as in most cases you'll need to aim your attacks or even place them. There are many underwater parts in Tyria which you can jump into, revealing a new skill set. You can breath unlimitedly under water as every character wears a breather. There are 5 races and 8 classes to choose from, and each playthrough will be drastically different. As I said, I've spent 50+ hours playing as an Asuran Necromancer, and when I'm ready I'll be starting a new character for a completely new experience. I can't recommend this game enough.