Reviews for Dishonored (NA)


Fresh air

V2lentin | Oct. 28, 2012 | See all V2lentin's reviews »

Dishonored is one of the few games released in the last years that let give the player a very wide range of choices on how to approach the missions. It's almost a sandbox. You are Corvo Attano, a former bodyguard of the Queen, now accused of murdering her and thrown in prison. Helped by a handful of men loyal to the Queen and by a mystical Outsider, Corvo must now save the daughter of the Queen and restore her on the throne. What sets this game apart from most other games is the fact that, similar to Human Revolution, you can choose the approach that suits you: go on a rampage and murder every enemy, or be a ghost, never detect and let everyone live. In order to do this, you have various weapons to choose from: a sword that will always be in your right hand and spells like teleportation, stop time, possession, or weapons like grenades, a crossbow or a pistol. The level design is also very clever, almost always there are at least 2 paths to choose from in order to reach your destination. The graphics of the game are not its strong point, at least not in the technical aspect. The art style looks very good, but it lacks polishing, especially when it comes to faces and animations. The sound is pretty well done, with enemies reacting to your footsteps but, unfortunately, not minding when a recording starts playing out of the blue near them. Although the game may seem short, the stealth approach will make it considerably loneger, especially if you want to explore every nook and cranny and complete the side quests too. I think this is the only game that should cost 50-60$, because it has enough content to make it worth the money, unlike most other titles in the same price range.



THE3DDUNK | Oct. 28, 2012 | See all THE3DDUNK's reviews »

Dishonored is a amazing game that lets you play however you want. You can go the whole game without killing anything, or you can go down the streets of Dunwall reeking havoc on anything that steps in your way. While Dishonored is a great game and does everything well, the campaign can run a little bit short for those expecting a longer story. The game does have great replay ability though, as there are many different paths to take in every level, which can add on to the play time. Even if the campaign does run short, that doesn't stop this game from being one of the best games of the fall that many will enjoy.


A dish best served cold

theSMOOF | Oct. 26, 2012 | See all theSMOOF's reviews »

Dishonored runs with the tagline "Revenge Solves Everything". This is earned by throwing you headfirst in to the role of the wrongly accused hero. You are framed for murder and must eliminate your enemies to restore your honor. I use the word eliminate, because for a game that puts you in the role of an assassin, you are never forced to spill one ounce of blood. The game lets you truly be in control and play how you want to play. If you want to assume the role of a bloodthirsty psycho warlock, you can be that person. If you'd rather be the Robin Hood guy sniping out the bad guys and saving the day, you can be that guy too. If you want to be a pacifist ghost that nobody every sees, it's going to be super hard, but you can be that guy as well. So many options give this game some real teeth. Some will call this game short. I'm sure you could blaze through this at a moderate pace and finish it in well under 20 hours. I clocked in over 45 in the first few missions alone. This is a game that lets you decide how challenging it is, and what kind of reward you will get from it. Overall: Compelling story with a fully realized world. Beautiful stylized art style and atmosphere. Exceptional sound design and attention to detail, great voice acting. Gameplay that works for the player instead of against them, giving you a true feeling of power and control. This game gets a near perfect score from me.


Short but fun

das_regal | Oct. 14, 2012 | See all das_regal's reviews »

Dishonored is a very fun game with an excellent plot, distinctive art style, and fluid combat. The setting is so atmospheric and incredible, I love the town's feel and aesthetic. But while the game shines in a lot of ways, not everything that glitters here is gold. In their attempt to provide a very rich, choice-driven approach to gaming, they've had to invest a lot of resources into giving you options that limit the length of the experience. When each mission has so many possibilities for completion, extra effort is required for content that only a portion of the player base will experience. As a result, Dishonored can easily be finished in 12 hours. This really makes me feel like my 60 dollar purchase just wasn't justified. I am not someone who wants to play through the same game multiple times however, I could see people who feel differently getting a lot more out of this.


Fantastic Game, Great Stealth Implementation

BillyMays14 | Oct. 10, 2012 | See all BillyMays14's reviews »

Dishonored is a fantastically open game in terms of gameplay choices. You can go the stabby stabby route or completely ghost a level or somewhere in between. The tools given to you facilitate either method and the world reacts to your actions. I have been waiting a long time for a great first-person stealth game and this (along with Deus Ex Human Revolution) have been the only major recent releases to get stealth so right. There is not enough variety to the tools you get for stealth but if you are a stealth junkie, buy this game.



RyGiEl26 | Sept. 13, 2012 | See all RyGiEl26's reviews »

This FPP shares with stealth elements, embedded in an unusual nineteenth century climate. You play the role of Corvo, a bodyguard of the Empress murdered in a coup d'état. The hero falsely accused of crimes, will seek revenge and will use for this purpose a number of weapons and supernatural abilities. Interesting for this type of production is the fact that our actions affect the story and subsequent stages of the game.


This game promises to be good

cristiano171 | Sept. 3, 2012 | See all cristiano171's reviews »

Dishonored looks to be a dark, intricate and incredibly ambitious game. Its sense of style, of setting, of thematic and visual unity is enormously impressive. It exudes depth, not just in its vast selection of abilities and possibilties, but in its realisation of a functioning world. This is a game of the year contender; and in its apparent offer of a world that can be bent to the wills of every player, it promises a truly intelligent action adventure. In this sense, Dishonored is both a link back to Deus Ex and forward toward a future of genuine sandbox design.