Reviews for Total War Battles: Shogun


Worth around $1

Basil88 | Feb. 13, 2014 | See all Basil88's reviews »

This game only has single player mode. The storyline feels forced all the way through, the main purpose is just to introduce new unit types. Although you may have seen hexes in screenshots, this game is actually an RTS. It's not a turn based game. The battles consist of moving units across maps in one direction. They can't turn back. Units have some similarity to those in Shogun: Total War 2, for example having a monk unit nearby can buff defense stats of your other units. The objective of each stage is usually to crush the enemy general. There is minimal resource management. Your buildings generate your income and you can get additional income from clicking the building when an icon pops up. This feels a bit weird because it’s on the PC. You can get bonuses depending on how you place your buildings. The game unlocks a new class each stage you progress to and there are also challenging stages which can help you unlock more classes. Most of the units are the same, making this aspect of the game boring. The music is the same as Shogun:Total War for better or worse. Overall, unless this is on sale, I wouldn’t recommend picking it up. A fair warning to everyone; if you are looking for battles with hundreds of units, this game is not for you. I find this ok in short doses, it’s on par with most Facebook games. Other reviews may suggest that this game is excellent. It's not! It's a hybrid that doesn't innovate.


Do Not Associate

xiluxpain | Jan. 13, 2014 | See all xiluxpain's reviews »

While most people here are rating low and leave a bad note, Total War Battles: Shogun definitely deserves a higher rating. What probably isn't taken into account is that most of these people are coming from the actual Total War series. When this game was being created, it was originally meant for androids and iPhone. However, as they developed the game, it became too massive for such a small device. Independently played, this game deserves at least an average score of 80. Reason? The story may be simple, but it is because it is straight forward and filled with vengeance of well-known characters that fuels you to resume gaming. For those who wish to purchase this game, purchase it out of your love of strategy and do not associated to the series too closely. Otherwise, you may be disappointed in this android-spin-off attempt. For anyone familiar with old-school tactics and battles with hexes or squares, this game is exactly that. You will require careful planning in order to win, especially when muskets come into play. There is definitely more than one way to win. And if you struggle, do not worry. There is a grinding option. That gives you bonuses as you level up certain skills and aspects that makes this spin-off unique. Buy this game if you are looking for something simple to play, and not too serious. Worth looking into, and definitely challenging.


No retreat

SeanBahamut | Dec. 26, 2013 | See all SeanBahamut's reviews »

As you may have guessed by viewing the screenshots, this game is nothing like any other Total War title. If you are looking for large-scale battles, micromanagement, and campaign maps, then look to the other titles in the series. Battles features a set of horizontal maps in which you must place buildings and troops and overcome various challenges. Your troops may only move forwards (either straight ahead, or diagonally up/down). The rules of the game allow flexibility for the player to use several strategies to complete their tasks, but some missions have very specific units available, or bottlenecks in the terrain, which both limit the tactics of those missions. I had some fun in this casual strategy title by playing in short bursts, and I recommend it for anyone looking to do the same. However, if you are looking for anything more than short-simplified-strategy-fun, then look elsewhere.


Not your Shogun

lok0812 | Aug. 17, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

This game was a success when it was for the mobile devices but it is just not up to the PC standards when it is ported. First off, compared to the awesome Shogun 2, this installment is nothing like it, battles are not as epic and sounds are not as grand. Strategic thoughts are still required to play this game though but not as much as needed in Shogun 2. Even though it is only a port, the game itself is acceptable being a RTS game instead of seeing it as a Shogun 2 game. The game is only single player only and the campaign last around 8-10 hours depending on how you play the game. Great challenges and a welcoming addition to the Total War collection.


Fun little game.

Wredniak | Aug. 31, 2012 | See all Wredniak's reviews »

This is PC version of mobile game which explain simple mechanics. In this case simple doesn't mean stupid or boring though. If you are expecting another Total War title like Medieval or Shogun 2 you will be disappointed as it's not that kind of game at all. The Gameplay consists of building few resource/unit production buildings and fitting them on the map like a puzzle as each building have predefined shape you must fit it with others in limited space then you add some units to the queue and when they are ready you place them on battlefield. Once placed units can't go back or attack enemies behind them. Your troops can either march forward a straight line or stop and wait for enemy. You can also order them to change the line they are attacking but after that you have to wait few seconds before unit can maneuver (change lines). There is some tactics involved for example spear units are good against cavalry but die pretty quick if faced with sword wielding enemy. Also attacking ranged units from the same lane usually means most troops are dead before they even reach the target so you need to think a little in this game. You won't spent 20+ hours here in one campaign trying to conquer all Japan and it was never intended that way. This game is much more casual as each battle takes about 5-15 min max and allows you to come back whenever you have some time to spare. Other interesting difference is a story, which was never a part of other Total War games. Complaining that this is not similar to other titles in Total war series is silly as this is not a continuation of the series, more like side story.


Just a port...

DrHouse | Aug. 29, 2012 | See all DrHouse's reviews »

It's a cut version of the original PC game, and it's just ported over to PC. So it's basically a cut version of the original game. Worse graphics than the original PC version. Worse sound. Worse details. Worse maps. It's worse in everything than the original version. So, from my viewpoint it's just a money-grabbing mobile port. And it's overpriced.