Reviews for Saints Row: The Third - Unlockable Pack


What's the use of gaming with these packs?

DonVercetti | Jan. 6, 2013 | See all DonVercetti's reviews »

This pack is basically a cheatcode. To achieve a 100% completion in a videogame is something to be proud of. With getting this content you get all unlockables instantly. In my opinion that marks the same time to throw the title in the bin. You play a game like this to unlock all it's little perks and pieces, and you stop playing once you've gotten all things. I could play the Saints Row title for a week straight to finish it. Or I could just play for two days and get this pack to get my savegame to a 100%


Useless DLC

panz3r88 | Sept. 7, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

This DLC pack, like many other is only for someone of want to collect everything or is a real fan of the specific game. This unlockable pack doesn't add missions or new hour of gameplay but only unlock some item and bonus that maybe you will not use


Good, fun addition

Cooberstooge | Sept. 7, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

This is quite handy if you've missed more than a few unlockables during the course of regular gameplay, like fool here tends to do, and did do with Saints Row 3. Guns, clothes, upgrades, houses, you name it, this will open it up for you! I've yet to run across anything not opened by this. Some may see this as another "cheating" DLC like one of the other ones THQ released, but this is more for people who bought SR3 and really only played through it to open up the world and all the madness possibilities contained within. I spend most of my time in the games of this series causing mayhem, and would be more than happy to be able to unlock stuff from the get-go. With this DLC, you can.