Reviews for Football Manager 2013 Steam


Best Football manager simulation that you can find

moutaine | May 8, 2013 | See all moutaine's reviews »

Who has never raged before a match to see his favorite lose against a team that is two divisions below team? nobody and Football manager offers nothing less than to take control of your favorit club and make him reach new heights. go smaller divisions in an amateur club and bring in the first division. Take control of a great club and made ​​him win all the major competitions. Manage the recruitment, training sessions, staff, and do not forget that you must be accountable to the general direction of the club Is all this football manager.


Still The Best

ravestar | May 3, 2013 | See all ravestar's reviews »

This yearly series has evolved over time, to become one of the most complete simulation game in the market. You can play in the top leagues in England, Spain, Italy, Germany among others. Having not played FM for several years, the big surprise was the 3d football match, it adds a great deal of excitement and depth to the whole game. The match engine is pretty good, with reasonable animations and engaging crowd atmosphere... You actually get to see how the team plays, which makes you analyze everything from tactics to individual roles. The rest of the classic stuff are still here, allowing you to deal with transfers, training and squad management. The newer features are team talk and media conference. For me, I found these two new aspects abit tedious after awhile, but these are concepts that will get better. There's also a classic mode which is a simplified version which speed up gameplay alot. It's a nice touch, allowing players to choose how they like to play the game. Overall if you are a football fan who think he/she can manage a club to success, then this is a great simulation game to check out. .


Same Old, Same Gold!

The__Malteser | April 28, 2013 | See all The__Malteser's reviews »

Football Manager 2013 delivers a unique and immersive football management experience, unparalleled in the genre. Apart from updating the database (just like it does each year) it added a few more features, most notably the challenges and the FM Classic game modes. FM Classic is a stripped down version of the 'old' way of playing Football Manager, by keeping the base essentials, but stripping down any extra features who casuals don't care about. It still keeps the immersive experience of the full game, thus making it a very interesting mode for new players. The challenges part is very intriguing, as you are given a series of pre-determined challenges which you have to complete. By completing them, you earn aids, which can be used in FM Classic. These aids can include no sacking, unlimited scouting, and everyone interested, amongst others. Personally, I love Football Manager 2013, as it kept the same base as last year, and added a lot of new content on the previous versions. Its not perfect, as the match engine can still be improved, but its the closest you can get to real football management.


Great Football Manager Expereience

k4zabdin | March 9, 2013 | See all k4zabdin's reviews »

I’ve been playing the Football manager series for as long as I can remember and in this review I’ll be comparing and changes which the user would experience from the previous installment of the game, Football Manager 12. The UI: The User interface in FM13 as had a visual change and overhaul compared to FM12. Although the UI has been ever changing from the begin of the series, this change is not as painful as the others. It is easy to get used to as the basic home screen is still present but a few options which were present in FM12 are shifted around and can become rather difficult to manage at first, but in time you’ll get used to it. Training: FM13 made a large step to help simplify and streamline the player training system. It is very user friendly as you can easily assign players to their training schedule as all the options are available without having to shift the different bars of attacking, shooting, technical etc to create an optimal training schedule. Match Engine: There isn’t much to say about the match engine other than the fact that the match engine has also been tweaked with recent patches to help reduce match engine exploits and make the game feel more realistic. Overall the game has had some significant improvements over the previous installment to improve user experience such as the training and the UI and I’ll recommended purchasing FM13 due to this.


The best football simulator of all time

Lippe1989 | Dec. 26, 2012 | See all Lippe1989's reviews »

What to say about this game. This is the best of the best of the best of all sports manager in the world. The game is complex and very complex. You have a lot of things to control, a lot of numbers, a lot of people from staff, players, journalist, fans. It is amazing to go beyond the gameplay like Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA and do all the things that need to be done. You will spend a lot of time playing. A lot of time through the years, seeing a player that is nothing becoming a great player (if you know or discover how to look for these players). You can pick up a team that no one knows and try to put it in a high level. It is amazing. If you wanto to play something beyond the traditional football game, this is the game that you are looking for. Very recommended.


The best Football Manager

antonioli84 | Dec. 24, 2012 | See all antonioli84's reviews »

Some people often made a question: what is interesting about managing a lot of numbers and characters and not play the game like FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer? Well, these games are obviously different. The objectives are different. Football Manager is much more complex and needs from you capacity to look for players, to make the best training program, test the best tactics with the pieces that you have. Sometimes a player can become a trouble and you have to manage it. He start to make problem if other players or call other players to be against you. It is really complex. But it is very good when you can manage a team, mainly if it is not a Barcelona, and start winning and fight for the championship. That is the beauty of Football Manager. You will have to observe, sell and buy players, make the team play well and win. The game is perfect from what it proposes and maybe the best Football Manager even made until now. Very recommend!


Almost perfect

igzaustion | Dec. 15, 2012 | See all igzaustion's reviews »

SI keeps adding brilliance to this game every year. Most notable in this release is the classic mode, which plays well if you have little time. Most importantly they improved the campaign mode to near perfection. Game runs smoothly, loading times are minimal and the new implementation of staff roles is just brilliant. On top, the database is as good as always, and keeps this franchise miles ahead of its competition. The only negative I've experienced after 500+ hours is a couple of translation glitches, where the game mixes English with the selected Norwegian. No crashes, no corrupted data and no video stuttering like in previous versions.


Time to make the dreams come true!

no1special | Dec. 14, 2012 | See all no1special's reviews »

Have you ever dreamed about being a manager of a professional football team? This game can provide you this. You can really feel like the best coach of the greatest team. From the technical side - there are some new featurings, like a new game mode which makes the season shorter. There are changes in press conferences, game design and interactions with your team. Highly recommended!


Football, the game they play in heaven

DBOT187 | Dec. 11, 2012 | See all DBOT187's reviews »

The good: an accurate, deep and time consuming simulation, the classic mode is awesome as the game becomes less of a time sink then the full blown mode. The match engine is pretty good overall, and it really is fun whether your managing your favourite top flight team or getting stragglers off the bottom. The bad: The match engine can occasionally be inconsistent with results when the result should be a win to your side, and sometimes the game wont let you win a certain match regardless of players tatics etc. Players will demand more wages, sometimes double and then get annoyed because you wont pay them and either become free agents or sign at a rival club for less. Buttering up the agent or increasing additional fees helps. The ugly: I've had a save game get corrupt randomly and lost a few months progress suggest with this you set rolling saves and a new save file every week or save often and backup, once bitten twice shy. Also had a xml file error making the mapping of the buttons/game unplayable, deleting the appdata/roaming/si/settings folder fixed this up. Extra Bonus: If you love the game suggest you read football manager stole my life, great read and very funny too. Overall: A few niggles but these don't detract from an awesome to go and play it now.


Be a football manager !

syahrefi | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all syahrefi's reviews »

This game is going better. 3d match looks a bit better and some GUI improvement have been made. The community is also great, combination of SI support and community stuff's will hypnotize you into hours of fun (and challenges). Everything that you knew and dreamed on FM12 is still there, you don't have to learn from beginning (Though the tutorials quite complete for any newbies outthere). A new features implemented, the "classic mode". Somehow it reminds me to the old FM, and SI also applied a new business model by implementing in-game shop for classic mode. In this mode, game is much simpler, faster and more challenging. You need a deep knowledge about the team you handle, otherwise you'll find a brick wall between you and your success. Overall this game is worth to buy, so, grab this one and be a football manager !


Football manager 2013

chatyman | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all chatyman's reviews »

A very good game, nice graphics, good quality gameplay, doesnt lag, the ai are very good. Multiplayer is good to and the single player is great if you love football you will play for hours. So far no glitches as off yet.


Consistantly Excellent

halbarad | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all halbarad's reviews »

Like the previous Football Manager games, Football Manager 2013 is excellent. FM13 differs from the previous by offering a more streamlined approach in the main game, and also offering a classic mode that takes you back to the very early iterations where your concerns were picking the team, buying players and the matches, amongst other core things. I still prefer the main game of course. The details are better now, your press conferences have more options, less limits, and your interactions with players and oppositions are increased. Training has been overhauled for a more simplistic approach, not my favorite choice to be honest, and it is the only negative of this excellent game. The choices of teams have increased, the players are up to date and everything just feels more true. The match engine has improved. Overall this is still the excellent game I love. The training is the only downside, but it doesn't detract too much.


Still the FM you know and love!

Burgess_101 | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all Burgess_101's reviews »

FM is the only game I can sink hundreds of hours into and with FM13 that has not changed! I got it for £20 and it has been worth every penny I highly recommend you buy this if you love the beautiful game.


Worth the wait!

seanjg | Nov. 24, 2012 | See all seanjg's reviews »

Great game, time consuming brilliance. hooked from day one. It feels very involving and seems to keep me entertained for hours on end. For the money you pay over the course of a year it is worth every penny! Top game and the patch has only made a bigger and better difference to the overall game play. Must buy.


The most complete Football Manager game yet

Vidiz | Nov. 13, 2012 | See all Vidiz's reviews »

FM 2013 improves and refines a lot of the features that were in past games. Training has now been changed from the slider based schedules to a more team based training making it less time consuming and easier to understand. New staff roles make choosing what you do and don't want to handle personally a lot easier, with your staff now able to handle loaning out your youngsters and handling your clubs scouting and more. Along with a brand new modernised UI the standard game is better than ever. The addition of Classic Mode is a nice addition for the people who want the football manager sim experience but without the work that you need to put into the standard saves. With it's own classic UI it's a nice addition to the game. Along with the challenge mode and the versus mode, which allows you to create you own cups and leagues for you and your friends there's no shortage of things to do in FM2013. The biggest improvement, at least for me, has to be them moving the online over to Steam matchmaking. Online is now a breeze to set up and lag is no longer a problem like it was in previous games. Overall, it's the best and most complete game in the series yet, if you're holding off I can't recommend FM 2013 enough.


Top quality

DukePaul | Nov. 5, 2012 | See all DukePaul's reviews »

SEGA is doing a good job with this franchise, every new game is better and bigger with a lot of new things, it is the best sports manager in the market without any doubt. This time the AI of the players in the new 3D match engine is the best improvement, its like a real football match. Also it has a Football Manager classic mode if you don't have enought time to play or the challenge mode if you are hardcore player. If you are a fan of this sport, you will play this game for a lot hours, it has so many options that makes it an endless game.


Best FM in at least 5 years

Decc95 | Nov. 5, 2012 | See all Decc95's reviews »

Not only is this installment a far more polished and user friendly experience than 2012, it's the best one since 2008 at least. Albeit, there is obviously going to be bugs, heck, the game has been out less than a week, but the positives over shadow the so few negatives. The UI has been designed to be far more friendly, and the search system is simply much more in depth. There is also a sense of challenge been added to the game, the 'minnows' will not be pushed aside whilst you rampage through the league, setting precise tactics and keeping the morale high is vital to success in this game. Now, the new game modes that have been implemented have radically added a whole new dimension to the FM experience. You can now play classic mode (a massive plus for the veterans out there) and a challenge mode - the latter being an exciting addition. I believe this game has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and I have to say so far, 2013 is definitely the game that will replace your sleep.


It's improved fm2012

rufen | Oct. 30, 2012 | See all rufen's reviews »

After 50+hrs (yeah,this game is life-sucking) playing beta I have to say it - it's FM2012 with few improvements. The most important thing is... the game is still great! There are few minor bugs and crushes, but as I've read they are working to fix them. Most important improvements: -new 3d match engine -new training system with general training and match preparation -revamp of the loans system -huge changes in scouting