Reviews for Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway


Not my favourite in the series

Gmen | March 5, 2014 | See all Gmen's reviews »

I quite like the fact Gearbox took their time with this title and decided to make a proper sequel with the aim of being superior to the original game rather than just a glorified expansion (see Earned in Blood). Except they didn’t make a superior game in some ways. Graphically the game is better. It uses a modified Unreal Engine 3 rather than a modified UE 2 like the first two games, and it looks crisper, more modern, and that’s good. The combat system is somewhat improved, with the ability to hug cover much like you would in games like Mass Effect or more recent Rainbow Six games, although problems with the friendly AI and overall controls will lead to a bit of frustration. Unfortunately, they did away with Situational Awareness, which was one of the series’ selling points. Situational Awareness allowed one to plot manoeuvres on the trot and get a larger bird’s eye view of the battlefield, but Hell’s Highway doesn’t have it, instead opting for a solely first person view. The same squad based tactical gameplay is still there, and I’m relieved about that. They also did away with bonus unlockable content like slideshows and so on which is also a bit of shame as there was some educational value in the original games due to this. However, a good story, much like that encountered in the first two games will keep you playing, just to see how it all unravels, with some good voice acting. The cutscenes might be a bit too long and take away from the action however. But good production value here, seriously. So, Hell’s Highway is better in some areas than the other two games, but worse in others, and did away with one or two of the series trademark features – things that set it apart from the competition. And in doing so it really risked becoming just another generic WWII shooter – the only saving grace here is the squad based combat. Otherwise it would have been indistinguishable from Call of Duty or Medal of Honor. Having said that, it isn't a bad game at all, and if the aged looks of the other two put you off somewhat, then you ought to at least try this one.


Not bad Brother in Arms

segrand | Dec. 26, 2013 | See all segrand's reviews »

Brothers in Arms series is known primarily from the fact that it was kind of a pioneer in the classic combination of FPS and tactical strategy. Hell's Highway is absolutely not trying to revolutionize the model . In the simplest terms it looks like this - when you arrive in a new place we analyze the positions of enemies and spacing of their people. Subordinates spend then click putting suppressive fire , and at the same time, alone or with the participation of the other team attacking enemies flank . Great idea , but the execution of previously released games left a lot to be desired. Enemies behave irrationally ( either too passive or too aggressive ) , all shares were almost identical course and poor design maps forced to solve problems in a strictly determined way. How it all looks in Hell's Highway ? I think it is much better now , though it was impossible to eliminate all childhood diseases . Still, it is a ! Brothers in Arms : Hell's Highway is an extremely successful continuation. The creators of great use of the opportunities offered by the third generation Unreal Engine , left proven ideas and added a few new options , they took care of engrossing storylines , absorbing missions . For fans of this type of production , so it should be a position worthy of interest.