Reviews for Uprising44: The Silent Shadows [Playfire]


Broken mess with nice setting.

Muffinmaster | April 22, 2014 | See all Muffinmaster's reviews »

This game... Let me tell you. It's a broken mess, with nice setting. There are two games I know that have this resistance of Nazis in video games; Saboteur and Uprising44 (if you don't count Turning Point), of which the first is actually decent fun. Why isn't Uprising then? The Uprising is a game from (some weird reason) a Polish indie developer, who doesn't seem to have any past experience, so I guess that could explain why this game is so bad. At first glare from the screenshots the game seems fairly nice and good looking, but when you're ingame, the environment seems dull and boring, with very poor textures, but for 2012 game, this is hardly the best looking indie game, maybe even one of the worst. The look isn't the only problem, it's the least trust me. The game is filled with bugs, awful AI, awful control, broken and awful levels, and overall poor programming. The game is one of the buggiest game I've ever seen, or this is one of the worst programming I've ever seen. The AI is nonexistent on both friendly and enemy side. Friendly AI completely refuses your orders, or just goes completely crazy, and starts engaging enemies with melee. The enemy AI can hardly shoot you from a point blank range, and even sometimes refuses to engage you. The game is in 2 defferent modes, RTS (Real-time Strategy) and TPS (Third person shooter), unfortunately neither of those modes are good, since in RTS part your troops won't follow your orders and the only way to win that part, is to order your troops around. The TPS part is simply one of the most boring shooter I've ever played. The levels are dull and straight forward, with no challenge at all. I would have given 10 points higher score, IF the developer would have even tried to fix this broken mess, but they just abandoned the boat, after they got their hands on the money. I don't know if this game is the most bug filled game ever, or the worst programming ever, but nevertheless, this game is straight forward NO!!! If you want to play this kind of game, get Saboteur, it's overall much much MUCH better with its open environment, decent gunplay and overall high fun factor.


No french partisans here, this is the forgotten resistance.

Tholdor | Sept. 24, 2012 | See all Tholdor's reviews »

WW2 resistance movements were worldwide in occupied zones. However, the French took the trophy for being the most recognized partisans, and even the words used here come from their prominence (like resistance and partisan themselves). On this game however, you'll play as the eastern version of those guys and gals who fought the Nazis: The Polish partisans who organized the Warsaw Uprising. The uprising ended with the destruction of the city, but the Polish (including some British and Soviets) gave a big jab to German morale. A big backstory, eh? Well, the game by itself is pretty good and justifies the backstory. You play as a squad of partisans trying to do just that: Kill Nazis. There's a cover system (obligatory these days for this kind of game), realistic scenarios, dozens of different weapons, and 2 different modes o playing: either the standard action mode where you can aim, fire, take cover, give orders and all that, and the RTS one, where the game plays on a bird's eye view and you control your partisans with point and click, like in Dawn of War. A good game overall, detailing the forgotten history of the biggest rebellion in WW2.