Reviews for Borderlands 2 Season Pass [NA]


Pretty damned good.

DizzyEevee | Jan. 16, 2013 | See all DizzyEevee's reviews »

Overall, loving it. DLC4 hasnt come out yet, but i loved DLC1 and 2. 3 was pretty alright, albeit quite short. It gives some good new content which i appreciated since beating the game a second time on True vault hunter mode got a little boring. If you like BL2, then i would recommend this. It may be a bit repetitive but if you already like BL2, then you don't mind a little repetition.


Not off to a great start

Scorpy | Dec. 28, 2012 | See all Scorpy's reviews »

When I heard that Gearbox would be outsourcing the bulk of their DLC, I regretted buying this almost immediately. Finally the first DLC pack came out and I was thoroughly disappointed. It didn't bring anything to the table that wasn't already there. The second pack was then released, and although it was a bit easier to sit through due to good writing, it still played just as blandly and similarly as the first. If you really, really love BL2 then this is probably for you. If you enjoyed it but didn't adore it, skip this.


So far not a good buy

AppleMuffin | Dec. 23, 2012 | See all AppleMuffin's reviews »

So far two of the four DLCs have beem released, and I can't say I enjoy either of them. The first one (Pirate's Booty) is bland and predictable, and though there are indeed new weapons in this game I already surpassed the power of the weapons in terms of level requirement, so it was pretty pointless to play. The same goes for the second DLC (Campaign of Carnage) although the writing was a lot more amusing. I recomend Borderlands 2 but not the DLC - so far. Hopefully the last two will redeem themselves.


Quality Content, More BL2

Brumbek | Dec. 23, 2012 | See all Brumbek's reviews »

So far two packs have been released and both are simply more BL2 which is a great thing. Here's my review for the first DLC Captain Scarlett. Scarlett delivers memorable locations and zany questing in the BL2 style. After finishing it, I can't imagine BL2 without it, which is just about the highest praise any DLC can receive. Not only are the environments extremely impressive, the Sandskiff vehicles are a total blast to pilot since they allow keyboard strafing for proper maneuverability. The couple new NPCs are great personalities, even if they are basically there just to direct you to your next quest. And a few of the music tracks are truly epic, if underutilized. The DLC does get a bit fetch questy from time to time, but overall Scarlett is a very worthy DLC that fits perfectly into the BL2 universe. It will be enjoyable to come back to Oasis to visit between main quest playthroughs with many a character to come!