Reviews for Battlefield 3™: Armored Kill (NA) [Legacy]


Shows the PC's true power.

Coolicy | Dec. 23, 2012 | See all Coolicy's reviews »

PC players get to have 64 player servers whereas console players are only stuck with 32 limit cap. The 64 players game also features a bigger scaled map to truly feature the vehicles. Armored Kill features the PC's strength and BF3's unique charm very well. Very few modern games handle vehicular battles so entertainingly and hectic at the same time. I've played the same dlc on a friend's PS3, but the performance and experience simply do not match up. I'd personally recommend that you get BF3 Premium as this pack may come as a little pricey. This pack, however, is awesome for people who really love BF3's vehicles and don't prefer other game modes. Having separate options to purchase what you want (and ignore those that you don't) is awesome! Definitely get it!


Very Pleased

ROKET | Oct. 12, 2012 | See all ROKET's reviews »

Armored Kill. I loved Close Quarters (CQ) but Armored Kill (AK) blew it out of the water. I have to admit - fatigue was setting in by the time I unlocked the last gun in CQ and I found myself caring more for kills and the newest guns than just having fun on great maps. First let me start by saying these maps are HUGE. GIGANTIC. AMAZING. BEAUTIFUL. Ive enjoyed them immensely. You get 4 maps and something like 6 new vehicles ranging from tank destroyers to artillery and the brand new AC 130 Gunship. You also get a brand new game mode called Tank Supremacy. Like CQ - AKs maps are beautiful and well thought out. Some are better than others but I still enjoy playing on all of them. You get Bandar Desert - the largest map in Battlefield history, Alborz Mountains, Armored Shield and Death Valley. All of the maps are different. Bandar Desert is set in the desert, Alborz Mountains is set in a snowy mountain area, and Armored Shield is set in a rural area of Russia. All in all I HIGHLY recommend this DLC pack if you dont already have Premium.