Reviews for RIFT®: STORM LEGION™ Combo Pack


Not bad

kalil | June 5, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

The Good: - A variety of classes are not just the typical, tank, mage, healer, there are many that are very different, my attention such as bombardier, dedicated to attach or throw bombs at enemy - The skill system like me, you choose a main class but you two like where to spend points so that you can make many variations. For example you can choose to be a thief, but there are many types of patron "thief" for example you could make combinations and bombardier murderer - Innovations rifts as the system that are not more than dimensional door openings other planes entering does invade earth beings. - It is more or less dynamic, entering these extradimensional beings can kill NPCs give you quests, all you do is enter the capitals, which are very rare, but if they reach normal raze whole cities so that the sometimes people get together to wipe them and clean up a bit the area. These bugs give you points you can spend then to get rewards, although they are not amazing, and you need to kill very many bugs and close many rifts to get something interesting. - I leaves a pleasant sensation is subjective but the game if it does not stand too hooked though, I give him a "GOOD" in this game The bad: - It is more or less the same as the other MMORPGs, just doing repetitive but not both, the dynamics of the rifts makes it more interesting - The graphics are not the ostia but are well - This very focused on guilds, if you belong to a guild that can get different objects for the guild so that they get bonuses for the guild, if you like to go on your own do not advise this game, I went for that reason because you depend the guild and if you lose cast or want to change everything done for the guild. It also makes people unite sole most powerful guilds.


A great pack

DukePaul | Dec. 21, 2012 | See all DukePaul's reviews »

This bundle includes the base game, the expansion Storm Legion an special item, if you don't mind about the extras, buy this because the price is a great deal, it offers enough content to be satisfied in the universe of Rift A great set of players, quests and monsters await for you, this game is a gem if you like massive multiplayer online rpgs.