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Blew my expectations out of the water

Mattiebo | Jan. 26, 2013 | See all Mattiebo's reviews »

I haven't played a Lego game in a while, in fact, I think the last one I played was the original Lego Star Wars on the original Xbox. As a result, I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I picked up Lego Lord of the Rings, but I was beyond pleasantly surprised. The most surprising detail is that the game is open world; giving you a massive chunk of middle earth to run wild in while you accept quests from NPCs and find hidden secrets whilst being showered in Lego studs (the currency). While the world is open, the main quests take place in the more linear levels you would expect from a Lego game. You can also revisit these levels if you want to get a better score, attempt to unlock something or to use a new ability that you've unlocked via new characters. Cut-scenes are hilarious, using the actual voice audio from the movies tied in with some great physical comedy. The story is a slightly sped-up version of the three Lord of the Rings movies, and there's even a bit of The Hobbit thrown in too. You'll run into loads of characters including ones you know and some a bit more obscure and you can buy the ones you don't get for free when you see them. All of the great features that I remember from the Lego Star Wars games are either still there or improved. This is the result of 8 years of evolution since the first Lego adventure game in 2005, and I feel that Traveller's Tales simply don't get the credit they deserve. For the first time in years I'm excited about the next Lego game. Buy it.