Reviews for Doom 3: BFG Edition


Don't play in the dark

patrickculhane | June 21, 2013 | See all patrickculhane's reviews »

When I first played this I had no idea how unsettling a video game could be. Forced to make your way through zombie infested corridors, never knowing where the next nightmare would jump out of. After about an hour I needed a break as it was all too much. The story does help make this more than a basic shooter. The only down side was the amount of time I ended up lost but only because it was all so dark.


Great run and gun fun! (PS3)

Saracen26 | Oct. 20, 2012 | See all Saracen26's reviews »

I hadn't played Doom 3 on the PC upto this point because my computer is showing its age. But when I saw it on sale for the PS3, it was a no-brainer purchase. I can't say I've been disappointed either so far. Graphically, this game is showing its age. That said, the visuals have been improved from the original. Effects, lighting and textures are improved as is mentioned. But all that is easily overlooked. For it's the gameplay and immersion factor that'll grab you. Play this game alone, in the dark and you will have a game that'll have you jumping out of your skin on numerous occasions. Lights will flicker randomly, and they'll go out without warning, For a first time play through, you will not know where half the enemies are coming from until they're right on top of you. It all comes together for quite an edge of the seat, visceral experience. Don't expect any fancy modern day mechanics though. This is retro style FPS gaming at its finest! The story plays second to continually slaughtering countless foes in tight corridors and closed spaces. This adds to the immersion, but ultimately it's pure run and gun gameplay on a mass slaughter scale. Away from the campaigns is the multiplayer. For those who have played Id's Quake 3 Arena, the gameplay from that (and sound effects) are all back in here also. This is a purely fun, high speed frag-fest like Multiplayer games of old. You start with basic weapons, and scour the levels looking for more and more powerful guns, armour, power-ups and if you're very lucky, the rare and highly sought after Big Frickin Gun (BFG) to wipe out numerous opponents at once with. No fancy load-outs or cheesy perks here! When you are eventually done with the huge amount of content the Doom 3 experience offers. You can strap yourself into the past, and go play the excellent Doom 1 & 2. In this retro trip down memory lane, you'll very quickly realise why Id Software were the Kings (and inventors) of the FPS genre. The games are pretty much untouched here. Still in their low resolution, emulated goodness, and as to be expected, both games run incredibly well. The satisfaction of ripping monsters to death with a chainsaw still has that satisfying feeling even 20 years on. Plus for those that enjoy multiplayer, it's in these games too! With the added bonus of co-operative and split screen gameplay. So you can grab a friend either online or offline and relive the retro carnage together. Make no mistake. If you love FPS, and can appreciate the simplicity that allows gamers to play other great FPS titles these days. You owe it to yourself to grab this game collection. You'll get a lot of bang for your buck, and if you're an older gamer like me, a lot of great memories too!