Reviews for Battlefield Bad Company 2: Ultimate Edition (NA)


The Brown Military Shooter I Enjoy

pipalex | Oct. 4, 2012 | See all pipalex's reviews »

Although the shooting in the game is pretty standard coupled with the Modern Warfare unlock system and few game modes, the destruction 2.0 mechanic makes it up for me. Most good camping spots can be blown up and it gives more tactical depth to a game that would not be good at all without it. It also adds a fun war movie feel to the game when everything is exploding around you and you don't even need Origin to run it. I'd say that's a win.


Better destruction but not better value

BillyMays14 | Sept. 26, 2012 | See all BillyMays14's reviews »

Battlefield Bad Company 2 was the best modern military multiplayer shooter until its big brother Battlefield 3 came out. This game boasts fantastic multiplayer with large scale battles. Great class structure and balance and the destruction in this game is amazing. Each building can be completely destroyed and levels are a smoking crater at the end. Unfortunately, this is now being compared to Battlefield 3 now that that's out and while this has a far better destruction model, it just isn't worth buying at $30 when the majority of the population has moved on to Battlefield 3. The game still deserves a great score but just be aware that this is last year's model and is just not as popular anymore.