Reviews for Little Big Planet Karting DNS


A great racer, but not the most unique.

Matimoo | June 8, 2013 | See all Matimoo's reviews »

Yes, it's not super original, but LBPKarting is a nice, enjoyable racing game. I was in the Beta test for this title, and got it last Christmas. Creating is a fun mixture of LBP-styled blocky building and Modnation style terrain and track editing. Racing is solid and entertaining but not too different to most other kart games. A nice touch is that if you have any Downloadable Content in LBP2 they will transfer over to LBPKarting without needing to repurchase!


A very different Little big planet game.

Devil_Mish | March 3, 2013 | See all Devil_Mish's reviews »

A very different Little big planet game, but not a very different racer unfortunately. If it weren't for the sheer amount of re-playability in this game with creating your own racer and your own track... or even playing others online. This game feels too much like every other racing game ever, which is a shame because the Little big planet is normally known for its innovation and it's ability to bring anything to life, but not with this one. Sure it's a good game but it's not a fantastic game and it's not to the standard we are used to seeing from Media Molecule unfortunately.