Reviews for Borderlands 2 [Legacy]


great game

misto81 | Feb. 20, 2013 | See all misto81's reviews »

It's "more of the same": take the first borderlands game, pimp it in every aspect, put a tons of weapons and enemies and you got it! The fact is if you like the first chapter, absolutely you fall in love this second game!


Time to get crazy!

CrysisX | Feb. 18, 2013 | See all CrysisX's reviews »

Borderlands 2 is a fun filled shooter game with a huge world to explore. There are 5 classes to choose from which each of them have their own special unique skill. The items in the game have so many different types of stats that it's impossible to predict what bosses/monsters will drop next most of the time. The graphics in the game looks beautiful and with PhysX turned on, it looks even better. The game is exactly same like Borderlands 1, except it has more vehicles, enemies and of course, more weapons! Borderlands 2 will keep you busy for quite a long time and you'll definitely love the characters and the funny moments in the game. Want to have more fun in the game? Get a friend to play co-op with now!


Bigger, better and guns, guns, guns!

Stebsis | Feb. 13, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

Borderlands was a great game with bazillion guns, it had some flaws, but Borderlands 2 definitely makes every single thing about Borderlands better. More locations, guns, characters, guns, quests, guns, enemy types, GUNS! Guns are just the best thing about this game. In Borderlands there were a lot of guns, but at some point it felt like the skins were starting to get a bit recycled and the difference was only minor stat variation. Borderlands 2 has just incredible amount of skins, different things the guns do and all act a bit differently. One type of gun shoots burst fire when zooming, other type shoots exploding rounds, one type you don't even load but when the clip is depleted you throw the gun away and it explodes like a grenade and you magically spawn a new gun with new clip. These give a ton of strategic value in combat and you have to change your tactic almost every time you change to a new gun. There are also a tons of new enemy types, there are your regular skags that leap towards you, marauders with guns or psychos that rush towards you with an axe or grenade. Then there are the new ones, like big brutes, or badass ones with a shield, or one of my favorites, bullymongs that throw cars and rocks at you and they come in all sizes. Locations have gotten a big upgrade, you don't just stare the same brown desert the whole time, now you start in a snowy area and work your way to lusher green areas, deserts and towns. Cell-shaded graphics make every place a pleasure to look at. The game is also ridiculously large just like Borderlands was, the locations are big and filled with all types of guns to find. Combat is a bit weak, though better than in previous title. Many firefights are a bit on the easy side, or on the other hand become a bit too cheap when enemies just rush you. There aren't that many times when you find that sweet spot, though the shooting isn't bad, just not in par with military shooters or like that. And how could I forget the best part of the game, Handsome Jack, the main villain. Oh my god, he is good. He is fun, his dialog is the best part of the game when he chats with you on the radio. One of the best original video game villains. B2 is enjoyable shooter with tons of content. Even at full price, you get more than your money's worth with tens of hours of content. Shooter elements are somewhat stiff, but great characters, superb villain, funny dialog, world you can lose yourself for tens of hours and even more guns than before definitely are worth it.


Fun co-op experience.

schroff | Feb. 4, 2013 | See all schroff's reviews »

This game is fun and is definitely and improvement over the first game. It offers the same experience but bigger and more variety which means if you didn't like the first game you might not like this one. Every one has said how awesome this game is but I would like to point out some downsides to it. For starters the enemy variety for the Bandit type sorely needs some fixing. It gets tedious fighting the same bunch of bad guys over and over again, even in new game + (aka. TVHM). The game shunts away the challenge in the game to new game+ unlike the first game which had badass elemental enemies in the first couple of hours while in this one they almost exclusively appear in NG+. The humour is good in the main story but then on it becomes like Family Guy - you have to get the reference. A lot of the humour in fights is reliant on squeaky midgets and Bandits with mentally challenged sounding voices. The loot drops in Normal mode (which you will play on your first playthrough with every character) are very poor even with the vault hunter relic. You will *not* reach level 50 in your first playthrough and the very last mission after the main game requires you to be lvl 50 ie. you have to start NG+ to reach that level - I played the main story and all side missions and reached level 35. The map also could use some fixing in the next installment, it was easy to get lost in some parts of the game (especially the frozen areas in the early parts of the game.). I would like to repeat that the game is brilliant with friends, having put in about 60 hours in co-op and another 43 in single player with two separate characters. Definitely a good purchase but just keep the above in mind to not feel underwhelmed in parts.


You won't be disappointed

MalekTaktak | Jan. 27, 2013 | See all MalekTaktak's reviews »

Borderlands 2 is simply the most fun "FPS RPG" you can find out there, and a truly unique experience on every single aspect. The graphics style is the signature of the game: stylish borderlined landscapes and character models with very cartoonish textures giving the game its own unique appeal. Throughout the game, the player can team up with 3 vault hunters in a long drop-in/out adventure, and will have to fullfill the many quests given by NPCs (including the protagonists from the first game!) which are tasks like fighting (huge) monsters/evil bad guys/bandits, finding valuable artifacts/items/MacGuffins for whatever ridiculous reasons and at your own risk or defending some important places.. etc. Surprisingly, the plotline doesn't suffer from being repetitive or boring, it's often hilariously put, topped with satirical dialogues and funny references. It feels a lot more pushed towards the snarky humouristic side than the original, not that it's a bad thing. The soundtrack and voices are perfectly fitting and well acted for a shooter heavily composed of shooting things. (duh) There's a lot more to discover, you must try it for yourself. (look at the title of this review again)


Unmatched co-op gameplay

Lekes | Jan. 23, 2013 | See all Lekes's reviews »

On the surface not much seems to have changed since the original Borderlands. Play this sequel for any length of time however and it soon proves itself to be a superior game. Both the story and script are just that bit sharper and often genuinely funny, the skill system has been expanded (Including a new 'badass rank' which rewards the player with boosts to their stats for completing certain challenges) and there are fewer missions that are nothing but glorified fetch quests. All this and a host of other minor tweaks meant that, while I bored of the first title before seeing it to the end, there was never any danger of me stopping before I saw Borderlands 2 through to its finale. This is co-op gaming at its very best.


Crazy world

xydanus | Jan. 14, 2013 | See all xydanus's reviews »

Borderlands was one of the best cooperative games ever made. I dare to say that Borderlands 2 is at least twice the game. Borderlands had everything that coop fan can hope for: open world, 4 player coop, randomized item stats (for every weapon, shield and other stuff), RPGFPS gameplay, interesting characters and beautiful graphics. Borderlands 2 has these things too, but like every sequel should do, it improves without changing the core of the game. World of Borderlands feels like it has came more alive.


Totally an upgrade of the first one!

Syco9933 | Jan. 6, 2013 | See all Syco9933's reviews »

Borderlands 2 is complete superior to the original Borderlands. By this I mean its freaking amazing, Easy one of the best in 2012 releases. It have alot of varity in playstyle with the options available. They nailed it with the storyline making it all about you, While also have alot of interesting characters to do missions for. It offers 4 classes (5 with DLC) which all have different playstyles for making you feel unique. The game feels smooth with short loading screens and have the BEST pc port ever. If this isn't enough, You can do it in Co-op with your friends! Get your friends, Activate your strategy buttons and go berserk!


Game of the Year

Micepudding | Dec. 27, 2012 | See all Micepudding's reviews »

Borderlands 2 is one of the best games of 2012, combining RPG mechanics with solid FPS gameplay and a storyline that's surprisingly engaging. Everything that made the original game great has been dialled up to eleven, and everything that the first game didn't do so well has been fixed. This is a must play game for anyone who even slightly enjoys shooters or co-op gaming.


Extremely Wonderful Games.

tszkwing | Dec. 27, 2012 | See all tszkwing's reviews »

I have been waiting for half a year after I first played the original Borderlands. Borderlands really amazed me and it is definitely one of my favorite game. However, after my first try in Borderlands 2, I instantly loved it. It is a lot better than the original Borderlands. The Characters now has a huge number of skill to let the player to play through. The story-line is much much longer. And the most important thing, THE LOOTS. More guns, More shields, More mods. That is the world of Pandora. Borderlands 2 makes its legend again in all players' mind. It is surely one of the best games in 2012.


Amazing game!

Axxelator | Dec. 22, 2012 | See all Axxelator's reviews »

After playing Borderlands 2 for more than 80 hours, I can confidently say that it is absolutely fantastic from start to finish. I rarely play a game for this long, but this one kept me wanting more. The difficulty spikes up near the end, though, so some people might not enjoy this about it. However, this is still a very fun game that is worth the full price. Highly recommended.


FPS with MMORPG style

syahrefi | Dec. 17, 2012 | See all syahrefi's reviews »

If you love playing FPS and MMORPG you'll gonna love this one! At first, you can select 4 classes (or 5 with pre-order pack / Mech DLC) that suits your playing style. Kill the mobs, get exp & loots, and level up! And don't forget to spend skill points. Those will help you to finish your quests. The game itself is quite easy at beginning, but become harder as the time goes in. At end-game, you'll face a super duper hard super-boss, but no worries, with the help of your friends (or random strangers via online matchmaking) you'll be able to beat him and get a chance to get a legendary loot item. Another feature is dueling. You get bored doin quest, wanna test your skill, or just wanna show off your legendary equip? Just meet someone someone via online features or LAN and ask for duel. The first minus points my opinion is the mob type. You'll find similar type of enemy through the game, the only real difference is their level, body size and color. The second one is the main story which (in my opinion) is too short.


One of the best games I've ever played!

Mister_Facepalm | Dec. 14, 2012 | See all Mister_Facepalm's reviews »

Borderlands 2 pretty much takes it's previous game and improves upon everything, adding various little, yet important features (a FOV slider for example). Excellent use of NVIDIA's PhysX creates some nice additional detail the game's world, and as a big fan of realistic physics in games, I love it! The story also seems a lot more focused than before, and has perhaps a slightly more serious theme to it, but that certainly doesn't take away from the game's consistently excellent humor. Variety in the game is immense, with an off-the-scale amount of weaponry, a simple but nice selection of clothes colours and head types for each character to choose from. This is one of the few games in recent years that I can confidently call FUN!


Even better than Borderlands!

Geforcer | Dec. 13, 2012 | See all Geforcer's reviews »

Let me start off by saying that I am a huge fan of Borderlands. Finished it completely with all of DLCs and I loved it! I knew that Gearbox won't disappoint with the sequel and that they will bring many improvements. And they did! Characters are completely new and are very different from the ones in the first part. Each of them has a set of special skills and a special ability that can turn the tide of battle around! There are lots of different weapons, outrageous missions and characters and conversations that make you laugh hard! One of the best games this year!


Like The First Time

kalil | Dec. 11, 2012 | See all kalil's reviews »

The first Borderlands was a good game about guns. This is just more of the same. If you really enjoyed the first one, you'll love this one. I found the first one to be good, and I found this one to be slightly less good. But still good. The basic game mechanics are exactly the same - though some of the characters a lot less interesting. The story is still quite boring, but far from the mess the story was in the previous game. There are some very annoying menu and UI choices that I really didn't like, but the great visual style and hilarious voice acting was still present. There are still ridiculous amounts of guns (though they didn't seem as varied or fun as the last game, but that's possibly because I'd seen the most of the gun varieties before) and they're still quite fun to shoot. The game still gets very repetitive. It's kinda sad that they didn't change much from the old formula, because it was slightly broken. But hey, maybe nowadays people say "if it's only slightly broke, don't bother fixing it, it's probably still fine".


Unlimited Fun !!

julio77777 | Dec. 11, 2012 | See all julio77777's reviews »

Definitely one the best game of 2012, I of course enjoyed the first game, both in solo and multi, and this one is an improvement. Story wise you face one of the best villain I've seen in a video game : Handsome Jack, who wants to open the vault once more. Over the course of the game you will meet all the big figures of the first game, while waging war against Hyperion and Jack. You will also explore a lot more of Pandora, with many locations and type of landscape, no more rocks and derserts only, there is now snow greenery, towns etc... that makes the games less monotonous. The quest have more interesting scripts sometimes hilarious, and it's really worth your time to listen to what the characters have to say. The four new characters are all interesting and balanced with their own playstyle. That makes it interesting to try a new playthrough with a different characters and while the story and quest stay the same the gameplay can change quite a bit. The RPG elements haven't changed much, except you no longer have a level associated to a type of weapon, instead by accomplishing different challenges and actions you get Badass Ranks that give you medals for each medals you can choose a small bonus like more health, more shield, gun damage etc... So by varying your playstyles and using each weapons types and elemental types you can get more badass ranks. A new "element" is now available called slag, it weakens the target making it more vulnerable to all source of damage. As far as weapon types go there is no change, but each weapon has its strong points and flaws, no more super perfect weapon, which is a good thing as it makes you try more the different types and varies the playstyles. Visually nothing much to say, it's looking really good if you like the type. As far as performance go, you should run it with a medium to high end machine. It's quite well optimised for PC and doesn't have the console port feel so many games have these days. The controls are good too. The multiplayer is as fun as ever and they added multiplayer bosses to challenge the most hardened Vault Hunters out there. All in all if you liked the first game or if like shooting things in a crazy fun environement you can buy this game, you won't be disappointed.


Great Sequel

Estufu | Dec. 10, 2012 | See all Estufu's reviews »

2k and Gearbox are back together again to bring us the sequel to the borderlands franchise. Winner of best multiplayer, best shooter, best male performance and best character at the 2012 VGA It improves everything from the previous game, you'll get to meet familiar faces and brand new characters. The game has great dialogue and memorable characters. Huge amount of weapons with different stats which will make you think before replacing your current weapons. All that with an incredible multiplayer experience up to 4 people online. Also the developers out done themselves by giving PC players what they wanted and gave them a more pc friendly game making it much more enjoyable. Awesome game and definitely a buy if not a must try.


Back 2 Borderlands

Dant96 | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all Dant96's reviews »

Borderlands 2 makes its amazing returns with the new addition to the franchise. Borderlands lets you take on the world of Pandora with, well over a million weapons and upgrades. Borderlands 2 is very fun and addictive with its slapstick sense of humour and its amazing combat system. Buy this game you will not be dissapointed.



ProWilma | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all ProWilma's reviews »

Borderlands 2 is even wilder and more outrageous than the first one, implementing more weapons with a variety of ammo, rarity and new weapon sounds. The characters are even more diverse this time, with NPC's hailing the most interesting and enjoyable dialogue this year. The action is never short lived, with plenty of gunfights, explosions and bad guys to shoot. Overall great game.


Borderlands 2 feels a bit too familiar

digitalpunk | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all digitalpunk's reviews »

I really loved the first game, the mix of RPG and shooting, the quests, the story, absolutely loved the artistic style, the coop (although what I really disliked was the common drops, witch it's the same in Borderlands 2). With that beautiful experience I pre-ordered Borderlands 2 right away hoping to get something as special as the first game was..BUT for me it feels a bit too familiar, it's like Borderlands 1 with new locations and characters. Don't get me wrong, it's as beautiful as the first game and it will suck you in it's universe for a long time, however don't expect something really new or different. Great game nevertheless.


Nearly perfect game

panz3r88 | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Borderlands 2 takes all the elements of the original and improve them to create one of the best game of 2012. Everything is better, there are more enemies, bigger maps and the mix between fps and rpg that characterize the game is really fun. The characters you meet and the weapons you will use during the game are really crazy and fun. Borderlands 2 is really good in singleplayer, but if you want to really enjoy it you must play the four player coop: the number of enemies and the chaos will increase, but at the same time the chance to achieve powerful loot from the enemies increases.


Awesome game

Raazak | Dec. 7, 2012 | See all Raazak's reviews »

Let me start off by saying I really enjoyed the first game a lot. This game does improve on the first one in many ways, but I'm not having as much fun with it. I like the smarter A.I., the problem is that it seems they also got stronger while changing the fact I now can't have a shield with health regen or the shields recharge differently. I'm finding that I've died a lot more in this game than in the first, which is a bummer when you're playing solo and you don't have someone to help you while you're trying to get a second wind. The story is much improved is actually a focal point in Borderlands 2. You see some characters change or develop, which I can't recall happening in the first game. Also, the writing along with the voice acting is extremely well done. There are a lot of quirky people that fill the world and fit how over the top things can be. The first game didn't have as many different looking enemies, locations, or seemed to use as many colors as this game. Not to mention they updated the engine some, so the game looks fantastic. I'm torn on my feelings toward Borderlands 2. It is clearly an improvement over the first, but it largely plays the same and got more difficult to solo. I want to love this game as much as the first, but I can't. The gameplay is too similar and the advancement of the enemy intelligence doesn't feel like they did anything to help the player combat this.


even better than the first borderlands !

mike159 | Dec. 5, 2012 | See all mike159's reviews »

this was my first purchase on greenmangaming and i dont regret it , this game is like the first borderlands but far better , i have like 100 hours of playtime and i keep playing , very good game to play with your friends a lot to explore and even more weapons than before u wont regret buying this game !


It makes mindless killing fun

dawe | Nov. 20, 2012 | See all dawe's reviews »

The continuation of the acclaimed prequel which is basicly the same. It is still about shooting all the big and small bandits, monsters and now plus robots you can find. And oh, there's a ton of loot and much bigger weapons and lots of stuff to kill (did I mentoin that?). It's fun, I'll give it that, but it's basicly the same as the first game which bores me after a while as it feels like playing the same game all over again. But the victims of my blazing gunrage are getting somewhat smarter in seeking cover.. at least it's improved since the first game.


Best Game 2012

IganX | Nov. 7, 2012 | See all IganX's reviews »

Original, Fun, Dynamic, Borderlands returns in this amazing sequel with new characters, new enemies, and tons of new weapons and skills. Its gameplay is awesome, the story is engaging, and its Co-op mode makes this game the best of 2012, no doubt.


A perfect coop title

Kradath | Nov. 7, 2012 | See all Kradath's reviews »

This game is a blast, especially played cooperatively with friends. It's fast paced, funny and has a ridiculous amount of loot. This all makes it an addictive title and every coop fan should get it. Highest recommendation.


It is Borderlands but ten times better!

DukePaul | Oct. 18, 2012 | See all DukePaul's reviews »

Borderlands 2 is a real evolution of the first game, the new characters and skills feel more badass than ever, for example the Axton's turret is a real killing machine that kills enemies in seconds. Also the games keeps all the fantastics aspects like thousands of loot: weapons, money, shields, a lot of items that you will never see a weapon like other and the number of enemies and variety is bigger too. The graphics with Nvidia card and Physx makes the game look better with all the effects like poison fluids on the enemies. For me is the best Action/RPG/Shooter on years, with cooperative up four players, story filled with humour and about 30 hours of gameplay you can not miss this game.


If you haven't got it by now, it's time

rulzmaker | Oct. 10, 2012 | See all rulzmaker's reviews »

This game amazed me. It's atmosphere that you get while upon starting the game never fades, thus creating an awesome gameplay experience. All the things that were missing out from the first Borderlands have been addressed. The action going on the screen makes you lose yourself for hours on end. I really recommend you get this game.


A whole heap of fun!

StewartX | Oct. 2, 2012 | See all StewartX's reviews »

If you are a fan of the first one then you'll love the second! Borderlands 2 takes the best from Borderlands 1 and tweaks the rest. The game is a lot more balanced and well thought through. Most of the phrases uttered by the foe are hilarious and the story / missions entertaining. I've only just purchased this myself and already 20 hours into it. Be warned, this game will take away your social life... you know... unless you can get 3 other friends together to play through the game with you. (Should also note that cars can now fit all four players in at once) Graphics: 8/10 Gameplay: 8/10 Story: 8/10 Multiplayer: Yes, up to 4 players. Overall: 85/100


Pretty good FPS but gets repetitive and shallow very fast.

fable2 | Sept. 30, 2012 | See all fable2's reviews »

This sequel brings more and flashier effects to weapons as well as shields, class mods, grenade types, and relics. It offers just more things compared to the first game. It's strongest point is that it has a richer gameplay Graphically the game is ok if you like cartoony graphics but i would prefer something more realistic that would take advantage of modern PC tech The single player perspective story it is poor the main quest pits you against an idiot called "Handsome Jack," who comes across as a one-note villain with very little to offer after the first few hours. I kept expecting some sort of meaningful progression for the villain, but the end result is a flat character that's more annoying than anything else and the ending is not that great either. Also most missions after a while follow the same repetitive pattern with enemies always getting spawned out of thin air and mostly about killing someone or follow "A to B" kind of missions...Nothing special and nothing new But story and characters and missions are not everything...Perhaps after spending many hours with the first game has rendered me resilient to some of the new game's charms, but as someone who went into Borderlands 2 with a sickness that I thought only more Borderlands could cure, I'm left feeling like I didn't receive a full dose.


Capitalizes on the Epicness of Borderlands 1

MADNESSSsss | Sept. 27, 2012 | See all MADNESSSsss's reviews »

Lots more weapons, Very nice looking graphics and awesome co-op. Takes all the good the good elements of Borderlands 1 and makes them bigger and better. Also having physX definitely makes the game more realistic and beautiful. If you don't believe me check the youtube vids on Borderlands with/without PhysX A must buy for all Borderlands 1 fans/fanatics xD


Improvements over a great game

Orwain | Sept. 25, 2012 | See all Orwain's reviews »

Borderlands 1 is a great game but Gearbox made some nice improvements on this one.The 1st one was a console ports and it showed, I mean beside all the issues on PC caused by that still didn't detract from a great gameplay, fun characters, etc, now we got all the good things back and even more like a better story, much funnier characters, more diverse areas to explore in a PC optimized game, lot of graphical improvements specially on nvidia cards thanks to PhysX, options to adjust filters, FOV, etc. Is good to see Gearbox didn't took the route of franchises like CoD releasing a clone of the previous game and instead choose to improve things. Just a minor warning if you are using a AMD FX processor, there are chances the game may crash and in some cases a bios update may fix them, but I'd blame AMD instead Gearbox since it's not the only game people using those processors are having issues with.


Borderlands 2 is awesome

jeyko | Sept. 24, 2012 | See all jeyko's reviews »

Borderlands 2 is finally out. Aaaand it's the same as Borderlands 1. But this does not make it bad, quite the opposite. Borderlands 2 is amazing. There are more guns, more classes (and more coming in DLC) and the graphics are amazing. The aesthetics are the same as the first game which I love, because I loved them in the first game too. It is actually an awesome PC port with a lot of options, including FOV and exclusive to PC PhysX effects which makes killing things explode give more satisfaction and also adds fluids. Definitely get Borderlands 2 if you liked Borderlands and are looking more of that type of fun. Sure, there aren't really any innovations, but it didn't really need them.


Best Than The First One

Sharptap | Sept. 24, 2012 | See all Sharptap's reviews »

This game is very good. All of it. The non-sense story, the combat, the graphics, the characters. Everything. The Graphics look like a comic book and that is one of the things that make the game special. RPG elements are really strong and they upgrade your character in various ways. It's really fun when you play co-op , killing with friends is great and funny. It´s the game of the year for 2012. This game deserve to be in any collection of pc games.


Best FPS of 2012

sanyi777 | Sept. 23, 2012 | See all sanyi777's reviews »

Borderlands 2 is much better than the first episode. There are a lot of new weapons, and the leveling has improved too. There are new characters, like the "Gunzerker" who massacres with two weapons. The story is even funnier, and the areas are more diversed. I reccomend the game for those who enjoyed Borderlands, or just want a great FPS experience.


Great game

Zinzun | Sept. 23, 2012 | See all Zinzun's reviews »

Borderland is more of the same:more characters,a better graphic,same replay value. It's like a first person shooter-Diablo:kill tons of enemies,find new and powerful weapons ad build up your character. On solo,well,it can be boring,but with other friends is pure fun. This time the locations are various,you will not fight all the time into desertic area,so this is a must buy!


A very good one

leoleelok | Sept. 22, 2012 | See all leoleelok's reviews »

Overall I dunno why but it looks like an mmorpg to me. I didn't mean the game is bad. But when a FPS game gives you a damge per hit. It certainly looks like a MMORPG for me. However, once you started playing the game, you will be loving it. Upgrades are available, the graphics are cute and special. like we are in a ''comic world''. Controls Controls are easy and not complicated. If you have played a few FPS game, say like call of duty , you don't need much time to adapt to it. Easy control doesn't mean easy game. The game still has its challenging moments for some occasion. Graphics My computer cant run the game at the highest quality, but its already pretty good here. And would someone else comment on this? Conclusion: BUY IT