Reviews for Battlefield 3: Premium Edition (NA) [Legacy]


Decent multiplayer but terrible singleplayer

Jray264 | Jan. 22, 2013 | See all Jray264's reviews »

The title really says it all. The BF3 campaign is one of the most boring shooter campaigns in recent memory. But you're not here for the story right (I hope not at least)? You're in it for the multiplayer! And I can say that the multiplayer is pretty good. Instead of being a twitchy corridor shoot out like Call of Duty, BF3 focuses on large maps, teamwork, and vehicles. Is someone camping on that giant skyscraper over there? Get in a tank and blow it up! Since the game is focused on teamwork, it's better if you play with friends rather than random people online. Overall, Battlefield 3 offers a solid multiplayer experience and not much else.


For BF3 Fanatics only!

Coolicy | Dec. 14, 2012 | See all Coolicy's reviews »

This package is really the "ultimate pack" for BF3. You get the base game + all the DLC's for a full game's price, and the package frequently goes on sale (like it is now on GMG). The base game includes a SP campaign and COOP mode, both are extremely lackluster and not as entertaining as campaigns you can find elsewhere. However, the BF series was not famous for its campaign or its coop, its charm lies in the multiplayer. That's where the value of the package comes in. At times where CoD map packs sell for $15 each (and they offer significantly less content), BF3's map pack offer much more value for your buck. As of this writing, End Game is still yet to be released, and there are already 4 map packs released. Back to Karkand aims to attract the BF2 fan as it offers the old maps but reimagined in BF3's awesome Frostbite 2 engine. Close Quarters is targeted towards the CoD fans as the maps are designed for, as stated, "close quarters". Armored Kill is to please the fans who love BF3's vehicular combat with its abundant tanks and aircrafts + massive map size. Aftermath is really a mix of everything, but focused on the aftermath of an earthquake and showcases more on destruction capability in the maps. If you love BF3, this is a great deal to get the complete package if you haven't already upgraded. If you're new to BF3, perhaps research on the game and try it at a friend's place first or something. Team Deathmatch plays very similarly to CoD and is very fun, but that is really one small portion of the whole package and this may not be for you.