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Welcome Isaac Clarke on Tau Volantis

Guardian412 | Feb. 7, 2013 | See all Guardian412's reviews »

Dead Space 3 continues the story of Engineer Isaac Clarke, starts years after the storyline of Dead Space 2, and it is the great conclusion to a great sci-fi horror trilogy. The game has changed a lot since we last time played in this universe and lived the horrors of both the USG Ishimura and the Sprawl. First and most important change is the length of the game. Dead Space 3 has the length of the first two games altogether. It took me about 14 hours 11 minutes to finish on normal difficulty, but, and here comes the twist, I accidentaly missed some optional quests and areas. Yep, the game is not that linear anymore, but you may complete side missions parallel with the main quest and I haven't tried the co-operative mode, which will definitely expand the gametime, so as the storyline a bit. The game has the dark atmosphere of DS1 and DS2, even if its not that scary anymore. But the horror genre is not and never was about scaring the hell out of people, but to present the darkest corner of the mind. And Dead Space 3 is still one of the bests in this, to present a situation what you wouldn't want to live if you would be in Clarke's place, but would ran far away instead. Dead Space 3 is still a horror game, even if its different than the first episode. However comparing to my all time favorite, System Shock 2, Dead Space never was that scary. :) The environment, so as the whole design of the game is great and flawless, merging the first two games altogether perfectly, especially as it plays on both land / station and in space / spaceship environments in about a 60-40%. Personally this was a huge surprise to me as from the advertisements and trailers I thought it will play only on the icy planet of Tau Volantis. Well, I was dead wrong. The storyline is maybe the strongest of all three as it finally explains everything, and unlike Mass Effect 3, Dead Space 3 is doing this right. As it's a horror story, don't expect class A twists, however there are few great one, so as explanation. But you may expect a class A storytelling instead, along with great characters, narration and voice acting. Only the final conclusion, the final boss fight and the ending feels a bit vague, similar to DS1 and DS2. But basically the whole game is a hell of a ride, a very long one. Is it better than Dead Space 1? Yes and nope. Yes, because it's not that repetaive, but nope, because as you already know what a Necromorph is, you already won't feel that thrill and mystery you've felt in the first episode. Is it better than Dead Space 2? Most definitely, especially as DS3 has optional side missions and great weapon crafting, which will feel a bit strange and alien for the first time, but by time you'll get used to it. However there is one huge problem with weapon crafting, namely the balance. If you find the right combination, the basic weapon will do just fine from the beginning to the end of the game, and honestly, I used a well upgraded basic welder and a probe rifle, what is a quest item, almost throughout the whole game. I didn't felt the necessity to craft new weapons as to me it was enough to craft the old ones and boost them to the maximum. So this part, while it's damned good, as there are hundreds of possibilites for the weapons, but its also bad as if you find the right combination, even the most basic weapon, the iconic welder is quite enough. Honestly I don't have a clue why the mainstream reviewers don't like this game as this time EA and Visceral did the conclusion of a trilogy damned right. So in my opinion, if you love horror-sci-fi games, if you ever loved this series, Dead Space 3 is highly-highly recommended game not just for every Dead Space fans, but for people who want to play a good game. I gave 93% for the first episode, I gave 91% for the second, so I believe Dead Space 3 deserves a solid 92%.