Reviews for NBA 2K13 [Legacy]


An Amazing Sports Game

thegaminglyfe | June 20, 2013 | See all thegaminglyfe's reviews »

NBA 2K13 is an amazing sports game and you will see when you're playing it how much detail the game really has. The graphics are very detailed but like most sports game, there should be more of a focus on the background instead of just what you see on the court. The game sounds very good from the choice of what songs to put in the soundtrack to the sounds of the shoes on the court. The animations look very realistic but there are some bugs like hands going through the backboard, legs going through the ground when the players fall etc. My favorite part is how easy it is for newcomers, there are many different levels of difficulty for NBA game veterans and newcomers to sports games. If you like Sports Simulation games or want to start playing them, this is the game for you.


Best basasketball series for the last 4 years.

VERTIGO2K12 | June 18, 2013 | See all VERTIGO2K12's reviews »

I have played all of the 2K basketball games for PC and I can say it's the greatest experience ever. The old NBA Live series were quite stiff when it comes to animations and not that good graphics wise either. When 2K9 came out I couldn't stop playing it. Over these 4 years it evolved to the greatest basketball simulator with the addition of other game modes like My Player since 2K10, which is still my favourite game mode. I currently have an athletic PG rate at 87 overall in my first season. I got the MVP and the Rookie of the Year awards and I carried the Orlando Magic to the playoffs. The My Player game mode evolved to the point that you have complete freedom of choice and the ability to influence a manager to do certain actions like trades. It's just a great experience. The only dissapointing thing about 2K13 is the My Team mode which was left out of the PC version. I couldn't wait to play it but it seems I will have to wait for the next installment of this game. But.. Yeah.. It's still a great game and a franchise that I always looked forward to for new releases.


A good game despite the shortcomings in the PC version

kalil | June 7, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

GAMEPLAY: This is most noticeable in the game, at least par to me. The movements and how they end are very real, they give you the feeling of having made a good move and a good move and differentiate the technique about talented players some not so good. TECHNOLOGY: certainly movements are fluid and with a variety of them. Yesterday I played with Saquille O'neal and how to go around the defender and two-handed dunk hoop hanging ... totally reminded me in its infancy with Orlando. GRAPHICS: good, not bad or anything, all players are different to back, but are lagging somewhat behind other games, in my case I have in mind the graphics. SOUND: for as no surprise to anyone that the comments in Spanish are not present even after they heard I have to say I would not, take away quality to the game. One thing for me and I have not improved to take into account what is the sound of ball bounce, the shock of a pivot against another, hitting a Shank Matt Kemp type, that would give it more realism. I've changed the sound for it, but could be more exaggerated to enjoy a good mate. INNOVATION: of course the addition of the right analog stick has been a success, but we must relearn the movements again, but I find each of them in training is a joy to stay with the ones you like and then use because memorize them all is amazing. CONCLUSION: forget the fact the PC version will have been a decisive factor not to buy for many, but I get to enjoy both a good match (having raised the difficulty) that almost made forget all these problems. NOTE: could having added street parties (1vs1, 2vs2, ...) random selection of players and that the players chose PC. In PC there is also no online play this kind of way.


Hard to justify on a year to year basis

jcyuen7 | June 5, 2013 | See all jcyuen7's reviews »

The NBA2K series has held the monopoly on basketball games for a while now. They shell out these games on a yearly basis, and while they are very good games, there isn't much added on from the previous year. There are some slight improvements; it's not as terribly difficult to drive as last year. And the MyPlayer becomes slightly more polished as the years go by. All in all, if you're new to the series or you're itching for a roster update, this is a great game to fill those needs. But if you're alright with what you have from a previous year, 2k13 won't be that huge of a difference for you.


Yeah, I don't see it...

Kratzer | June 3, 2013 | See all Kratzer's reviews »

I've seen nothing but people stroking this series off for a number of years now and the only thing I can tell you is that this is one of my least favorite franchise of games. It's baseball cousin is difficult enough in its career mode, but the career in this game is simply unforgiving. If you are out of position for a moment you are branded a villain, perhaps true of real basketball, but not when your positions are changed on a whim. Your player starts out as nothing short of awful and if you are not a talented player, which you will not be off the bat, then you will find yourself entirely frustrated with this game. I have tried to come back and play this game on multiple occasions and each time I find myself throwing my hands up in frustration. I may even grant that it is something I just don't get, but I am not a dullard, this game has an unreasonably high barrier of entry to non-basketball fans and to novice gamers. Don't believe all of its high praises.


Awesome sports game, must buy for NBA fans!

BlueFireGaming | Feb. 25, 2013 | See all BlueFireGaming's reviews »

I'll get straight to the point: NBA 2K13 is an amazing game. The graphics, animations and gameplay are really well-made, and many people walking by even think I'm watching a real match! I'm a big sports fan, and I also like the NBA really much, and I have to say that this game is just perfectly made for NBA fans. Also, I really like the little things that 2K put into the game: from the fake social media tweets to your player after a match to the amazing soundtrack. I think that 2K did a great thing with having Jay Z as an executive producer. The overall style of the game is really nice, and as I said earlier, the soundtrack is just perfect for the game (with the exception of Viva la Vida, but that's just me). The overall difficulty of the game is also well-balanced. The game isn't so hard that you will start rage-quitting after 1 minute, but it's also not like you are going to win every single game with a difference of like 20 points. This is a perfect example of a game that is easy to learn, but hard to master. The only thing I would've liked is some kind of tutorial, just because the controls have been drastically changed as of this season: you use the right stick on your controller to perform tricks now, as well as to shoot the ball. All in all, this is a great game and I would really recommend it to anyone who even likes the NBA a little bit. The game is a must buy! Note: I haven't tried the online mode yet, but I think I won't ever, because I'm a singleplayer guy.


Great basketball game, but disappointing Online Mode

jeliozver | Feb. 23, 2013 | See all jeliozver's reviews »

My impressions of the game are mixed. Definitely this is the best (and only continuing its developing) Basketball game for PC. The graphics are very good for a sports game. Optimization is perfect and the game runs smooth even on old PC's. Face animations for most players are pretty well polished and resemble those of real basketball players. The movement of the players around the foor and their style of shooting to the basket is also well reproduced. Most of the players in the NBA are present. Even legends like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird etc. There are various game modes among which you can choose. Starting a career with Rising Star will also keep you many many hours in front of screen. Developers maintain rosters list to keep abreast with the current form of your favorite basketball players and teams.Playing alongside with friends can bring a lot of joy. Overall experience with this game in offline is perfect. Decision of developers for making online account bound to only one machine is terrible. If you replace lets say motherboard you can pretty much say good buy to your Online Profile and you have to buy the game again to be able to play online. PC gamers have been harmed in options for multiplayer games, unlike those in the console versions of the game. There is no custom modes for playing and searching for players is terrible. Overall the multiplayer part of the game for PC is broken.


Must-buy for NBA or sports fans

rulzmaker | Dec. 11, 2012 | See all rulzmaker's reviews »

The game is incredible. It features a great gameplay, a memorable soundtrack that was set up by Jay-Z himself. It's great that the game features players like Michael Jordan which is available to play. And I most definitely love the Live section of the game, that show you which games are played everyday in the League, which you can quick play from the menu or browse through stats. I have nothing to say against this title, except the fact that it is a must-buy!


Best NBA game ever

derangedboar | Dec. 10, 2012 | See all derangedboar's reviews »

I find this to be the best NBA game ever. I don't usually buy sport games for the pc but this one is definitely worth it. The new style screen style is a bit hard to get used to but once you do its great. I like how the ball handling is now, its really improved. The skill points are a bit different, but i like how that was changed also. They made it so you dont get 2000000k points, but instead around 100-300 points a game. Its a lot better. You can also get random goals to get more skills during games (ie. make 3 of 4 of your first baskets). I usually only play myplayer mode so this review is just based on that.


The best basketball game available

acard87 | Nov. 25, 2012 | See all acard87's reviews »

NBA 2k13 simply takes everything its predecessors had and adds more. The graphics are amazing, with players that look like they're real and an incredible attention to the details. The controls are excellent, easy enough to allow the player to get to know the basics really quickly, but with a lot of advanced combos that will let more experienced players to really control the game, with an infinity of different moves and shots. There are many game modes that span from single match to NBA champioship, but personally what I like most in this game is the single player career, in which you create your own player and you control only him, following his growth and becoming a NBA legend and giving him a trademark style by assigning him signature skills: for the care of every detail during and after the match, with press conferences and fans reactions to the game, it almost feels like you really are an NBA player. NBA 2k13 is recommended to anyone: if you like NBA, you'll loveit, and if you're not a fan of basketball there's a chance you'll become one playing this game.


Finally the best basketball game on PC.

DukePaul | Nov. 1, 2012 | See all DukePaul's reviews »

After a long of wait, 2K games bring us one of the best sports game ever made, and this time on PC. The graphics are amazing, the players look like their real counterparts and the stadiums are so well made with the 3 commentators, the people in the background, the sounds, all feels like a real basketball match. The controls are easy, responsive and accurate, you will learn how to play properly in a few minutes. The new thing is the signature skills, there are like 50 of them and players can possess multiple and the skills have varying ways to effect gameplay for example you can add an energy boos to the entire team. At the moment this is the best basketball game, buy it.


How a basketball game should be

DrHouse | Oct. 28, 2012 | See all DrHouse's reviews »

I'm not a big fan of sport games, but when I played this I instantly liked it. Everything in it is amazing, how the controls feel, how it look, how it behaves. When you grab the controls you really feel like the players are listening to your orders. You don't feel like you have to "learn" the controls, instead they just do what they should do. The graphics are great, nothing special but very good. The sound feels inmersive with all the comments, the bacground sounds, everything. And the inmersive stats and profiles...perfect. So THIS is how a sports game should be. Also it's not that expensive.