Reviews for MUD Motocross Championship


It should have stayed in the MUD.

sergebelanger22 | June 27, 2013 | See all sergebelanger22's reviews »

MUD is the first game to have a complete roster from the FIM Motocross World Championship. However, this is only one of the few good things that this game has. There was supposed to be track deterioration. There is not. Moreover, the grooves that you can see on the track are purely aesthetic. There is no real grooves. So, you can go from the far left to the far right of the track without fearing to fall of your bike. That is one of the most important thing in motocross racing. Secondly, the career mode is absolutely broken. All of the races need to be unlocked with money. However, you will make less money in a race than it costs to unlock the next one. So, you have to repeat your races twice quite often to do so. Do not forget that you also have to buy sponsors in order to win more cash from each races. You also have skills to buy. So, forget about buying some cool helmets that are available. That's the last thing you will have a chance to buy since this does not affect your driving skills. Other than that, the career mode feels empty. You do races, but there is no standings, cinematics or anything after them. The list of riders that you can select from is limited and only contains 4 fictional characters. For a game that has a full list of real riders, that could have been nice if we could have select any in the list. The tracks are most of the time completely invented ones. There is the last one, which is the Motocross of Nations which is real, that's it for the career. If you play with a keypad, every menus are not adapted to it. So, you will see F1, F2, F3 without knowing which buttons it is on your controller. It feels like you are in a 1990 game, where controllers are almost not existing yet on PC. When racing, as soon as you go out of the cones, you will be put back on the track. However, sometimes you do not want to reset your bike. So, you will lose precious seconds. That is probably for preventing cheating, however, this could be certainly improved. The are few good things in this game. The soundtrack is great. It contains several good tracks, mostly punk-rock-alternative music. It is nice to race against Ken Roczen, or Tyler Rattray and being able to beat them. The teams are also real ones, so you can be sponsored by Pro Circuit Kawasaki and so on. Globally, this might be a fair game for beginners, but even then I would recommend you more the MX vs ATV series before MUD.


An okay over-priced game

Gh0st233 | Nov. 5, 2012 | See all Gh0st233's reviews »

We haven't had a good motocross game in quite a while, and we still don't. I remember playing a motocross game some 9-10 years ago, and I loved it, but this doesn't come anywhere close to that. That game was so simple, and it was so enjoyable and great. This is a game with good graphics, good audio and a lengthy campaign, which is about all. You can also do stunts, but most of them, especially the Whip, don't look that fabulous. I, myself, like dirt-bikes and motocross, and I loved that game I played 10 years ago that I can't remember the name of, but this has failed to bring me a lot of enjoyment, and I can't recommend it to anyone, especially at this price. Nail'd or MX vs ATV Reflex would be a much better purchase for a lot less, especially at a sale. If you have to get this game, wait a few years until the price drops enough so that it's worth it.