Reviews for Battlefield 3 Premium Edition


Beautiful but not for everyone

nudeood | Sept. 10, 2013 | See all nudeood's reviews ยป

I got this game on sale and was extremely happy to play it as it's a great benchmark for a gaming pc due to the beautiful visuals of the game. If you have a powerful computer it's worth buying Battlefield 3 simply to experience the almost life-like environments and enjoy true immersion. The single-player campaign has an underwhelming plot but allows you to learn the gameplay fundamentals, which is important as this game does not play like a typical shooter. You have to fully utilise cover and the destructive environments in order to complete missions, meaning there's more to thing about when selecting a load-out than simply choosing your favourite gun. The game's highlight is the multiplayer, where you can put these tactics to the test with squadmates and land, sea and air vehicles. This makes online matches extremely fun, diverse and very addictive.