Reviews for Gran Turismo 5 Academy Edition


Best racing game out there

petes123 | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all petes123's reviews »

Travel at high speeds with the world's finest supercars, the most popular and critically acclaimed racing game returns; this Gran Turismo series delivers it's re-mastered edition to the table, Gran Turismo Academy Edtion includes all the online latest updates up to 0.61 which is a massive amount of 556mb if you have just purchased the original of the franchise. The Game is packed with two bonus DLC codes which includes a cars pack containing 30 extra vehicles and a special Nissan GT-R Academy edition vehicle car which was driven in the Nurburgring 24H race used and is the car which is pictured on the front cover of the game. Gran Turismo showcases some of the world's finest super cars with over 1220 cars available to unlock, poly graphic entertainment has brought in several different driving modes; racing in snowy, rainy conditions not mentioning battling at night in arcade mode, so already it is interesting to see what the game has to offer. It has 26 different locations, and 71 set locations available in the game. It also includes Nascar, go karting, dirt,snow which is new to the Gran turismo series, stunning graphics and a new realm of imagination is what it's got to offer. Every twist and turn will be a thrilling ride thrust with the power of these amazing hyper cars; The Campaign/Career mode You start off with a certain amount off credits; which are used to purchase vehicles and upgrade them. GT life is split into two campaigns A-spec and B-spec. A-spec is where you drive racecars and B-spec is where you're not the driver you give orders to the racing driver on how the race should be led; this is way to earn loads credits whilst siting back and giving a few orders. The car you purchase will be used in the first season. Some seasons have restrictions on what car you use. You can purchase new and used Vehicles in the dealership section; where you have a choice off choosing well over an astonishing 200-800 premium cars such as Toyota, Nissan, BNW, Mercedes and so on... The Multiplayer In one lobby you can have up to 16 players set up to any gaming modes shuffle races, standard race the host chooses the host also chooses restrictions, rules, max bhp etc Shuffle mode is where the game randomly chooses a car; that has the same class as other racers. When you finish the race you are awarded credits which are used to purchase car's etc. The game at times can lag which I think spoils the moment you hit the tarmac. Conclusion: In my opinion this is one of the best racing games out there at the moment I would rate this 8/10 this would be a great game for any racing motor heads that are looking for a game that meets the thrill.


The definitive PS3 Racer.

Devil_Mish | March 3, 2013 | See all Devil_Mish's reviews »

All of the incredible game play that you got from Gran Turismo 5, but with all the extra content previously only available to purchase from the PS store. These additions certainly aren't game changing however, so normally I'd recommend getting the original version of Gran Turismo over this one, however it's hard to not recommend this one instead because it's even cheap than it's original which is absolutely crazy to think! This game really makes you feel like a professional racer car driver and feels really exciting to play, it really feels like you're sitting behind the wheel of these cars!