Reviews for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale


Not perfect, but well worth the money.

Matimoo | June 9, 2013 | See all Matimoo's reviews »

Before you judge Playstation Allstars as a "Smash Bros. clone with Playstation characters", let me tell you it most certainly is not, if so, its similarities are only at face value. Allstars scores based on kills, but unlike traditional fighters, the only way to achieve kills is through supers. Each character has 3, a cheap but easy to dodge level 1, a more powerful level 2, and an expensive but devastating level 3, such as Big Daddy flooding the stage, or Ratchet blasting the stage with his spaceship! The game is easy to win, but hard to master. Most players will beat story mode with ease, but online you'll find players who've mastered combos and kill confirms, and the real challenge is defeating those. The roster is excellent, including the obvious choices like Cole, Sackboy and Drake, as well as a few classic characters from PS1 days like Sir Daniel, Parappa and Spike, and even a few 3rd party fighters such as Heihachi, Raiden and Dante! Unfortunately several "true PSAllstars", such as Crash Bandicoot and Spyro are absent due to the developers being unable to acquire them, but despite this the game is still a decent love-letter to Playstation Veterans. All in all, the game is a solid fighter, but not quite perfect.


Very good game, but lacking something

Mattiebo | Jan. 26, 2013 | See all Mattiebo's reviews »

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a great game. You get to play as 20 of PlayStation and Co's most recognisable faces and beat up you opponents to build up AP meter before letting out a one of 3 super moves (per character) depending on how much AP you have. When PSASBR first showed up, people thought it would just be a shameless rip off of Nintendo's brilliant Super Smash Bros series, but the gameplay shows that it is more than that. The only way to score in the game is by using a character's super moves and so fights get incredibly chaotic as the fighters try to build up as much AP as possible. Every character is unique in the way they move, their super moves and their normal moves which are executed using the face buttons paired with a directional button. The story mode is something that you may expect from a Capcom fighter like Street Fighter X Tekken or Marvel VS Capcom. You pick your character, watch a cut-scene, do a few fights, watch another cut-scene, fight the boss and then watch a final cut-scene. You unlock things for specific characters by reaching certain levels with them, and you level them up by winning matches and completing the many goals. Unfortunately, this is the only way to unlock things in the game and so you may feel that there is no point to play the game with anyone other then your mains. While there is a lot of unlockable content for specific characters including costumes, taunts and victory music, the fact that you can't unlock anything for doing other things is a bit disappointing. That may just be because I'm used to the Smash Bros series in which you unlock things left, right and centre for doing just about anything, making it a more exciting experience. The online multiplayer is solid, but people often use the more cheap and spammy characters like Kratos and Radec. Characters like this desperately need to be nerfed, but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be happening. If you can get a fair fight, however, the multiplayer side is fun. The future for the game is sure to see some new characters in the form of DLC, including 2 new characters coming soon for free. Frustratingly, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is very close to being an absolutely brilliant game and I feel like my only criticisms; the lack of unique unlockables and the overpowered characters, could have easily been changed during development. As a result, I feel that the game is not close to being as good as Super Smash Bros, but it's definitely still worth a try.