Reviews for Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed: Limited Edition


The Smash Brothers of racing games!

DaxterD1 | Sept. 29, 2013 | See all DaxterD1's reviews »

Almost dramatically overlooked, SAASRT is a clever twist on the tired kart racing genre that crams in just about every bit of Sega history it possibly can. Golden Axe, Shinobi, NiGHTS, House of the Dead and many more get plenty of references that are sure to keep you smiling, and 8 player online makes it highly addictive. It only suffers due to some dodgy water physics that can end up flipping you upside down at random times. Other than that, highly recommended!


Great game and better than Mario Kart!

britishlad | July 31, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

Is this the best kart racer this gen? Yep. More importantly is this is a collection of all things Sega. Sega has always been a step behind Nintendo and it is good to see Sega come out with a greatest hits type game along the lines of Fighters Megamix. As for the game story, just racing. Everyone knows how the system works. You race other racers on tracks littered with weapons and speed pads. Sega through in a few time trials for good measure. However.....your car can turn into a boat to run on water of a plane / copter to fly when you run out of land. The boats are a bit floaty by design and the air vehicles feel natural with a bit of touchiness when you go up and down. The weapons are sadly a little on the boring side and actually hitting the target takes a bit of skill. The difficulty is well balanced however some of the later tracks are a tad easier than some of the earlier ones. Speaking of the tracks they are the best looking tracks in any kart racer. Period. There is no argument to be made. It looks fantastic. It looks so good in fact that some tracks like the "Nights" course or the "Samba" track are so cluttered it gets a tad confusing. Also the track design seems to be either a tad to simple or a tad to complicated. Some are trail and error. Not a deal breaker but it needs to be mentioned. But they look great - I highly recommend this game for gamers who love Mario Kart and those sort of games!