Reviews for Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed: Limited Edition


Gotta go fast!

Megadwarf | May 3, 2013 | See all Megadwarf's reviews »

Where do I start? Have you ever been annoyed that Mario Kart is just a tad too easy? Have you been looking for a kart racer that doesn't carry Mario's name? Have you been looking for something that's 'arcadey', but also tests your abilities? Look no further. Whilst I was rather disappointed with the original Sonic all star racing game, 'Transformed' totally turned me around! The sense of speed you have whilst moving in this game is amazing. The character roster draws from all walks of Sega's varied history and brings back forgotten franchises so you can race through their levels with pure nostalgic joy. Currently playing through the game on B-class, the few times I've gone on A-class I've been destroyed by the AI. Sumo Digital have clearly made a conscious effort to not make a brain dead racer, but one which will constantly test you and teach you to become better at the game, not allowing you to sit within your comfort zone for too long. Flipping between the three vehicle types brings a new dimension to the racing as well. Karts being the typical power-slide boost fare we've grown accustomed to. Flying vehicles are designed around dodging objects to gain a boost, and aiming for boost rings dotted about the track. Boats feel like a much harder to handle kart. Sumo clearly made an effort on the PC version too. Running at 60fps and being able to run on effectively a toaster. It looks clean, crisp, and smooth as butter. The track design is bonkers and has some wonderful remixes of classics theme tunes playing throughout the race. If you're looking for a fun racer to beat your friends at. Look no further than here!


Sega's response to Mario kart!

Devil_Mish | Feb. 26, 2013 | See all Devil_Mish's reviews »

Sega's response to Mario kart, Sonic all stars racing transformed is the sequel to sonic and sega all stars racing. Whereas the previous one was just all cars, this one allows your car to "Transform" into a plane or a boat! This game lets you travel through time (Not literally) to witness all of your favourate sega genesis and mega drive games through this cart racer, allowing you to upgrade your license, earn more money to purchase more characters and memorable music. Multiplayer is a lot of fun too although I feel like it lacks somewhat, and doesn't quite have that fun feel you get when you play mario kart wii with friends, however you still get an amazing experience when playing this game and if you get the limited edition, you get Metal sonic and his transforming car/plane/boat and an outrun level.