Reviews for FIFA 13 (EU)


Good for what it is

H4ZD4M4N | Jan. 31, 2014 | See all H4ZD4M4N's reviews »

I think most people realise that with a new FIFA game, there won't be too many changes. The game in general is the same every year with some better graphics and engine features which qualify it's new release. But why fix something that isn't broken? I bought this primarily to get back into the brilliant manager mode that I used to play on FIFA 05 on my PS2. I got into it instantly, I still recognise the features and gameplay from back then. If you are considering this game then I would say get it purely for this, it's always been my favourite part of the FIFA franchise. Something I didn't recognise from way back then is the Ultimate Team feature. You can buy/sell virtual trading cards to build your team and this feature seems to be getting extremely popular. Overall, it's almost the same FIFA you already know, but it's definitely worth the price for the improvements they have made.


Pretty much the same

rjb789 | Sept. 27, 2013 | See all rjb789's reviews »

The best way to describe the newest reiteration of the extremely popular FIFA franchise is by calling it FIFA 12.5. Because that's what it is. Its a slightly changed and new game based of the great formula that was FIFA 12. This is no bad thing but it means that people who play fifa 12 will find nothing new here except a tiny change in the graphical fidelity of the game play and a few new players who have been introduced into the footballing scene in 2012. The game play is great as ever with players free flowing around the pitch and the clever opposing team's AI always serves up a challenge but it doesn't feel much different so it does not warrant a purchase.


This is FIFA 12.5, Avoid and try FIFA 14

Anthony_KoA | Sept. 8, 2013 | See all Anthony_KoA's reviews »

Because I have a computer that can run anything on the planet I decided to get rid of my 360 before it's value decided because of the XBONE, So this led me to start buy titles such as FIFA 13 on the PC and don't get me wrong September to December it was great, a moderately bearable auction market for the worlds top player's and a reasonable connection time to play someone in Ultimate team. I only ever play the Ultimate Team part of FIFA since it was added into the game and this iteration brought some big changed notably how you play versus someone, gone is open versus mode where you could match yourself against a even or much weaker side depending on how many goals you wanted to score and avoid those pack built teams before your ready, Now everything is based on leagues, you cue and you play who ever your given, but now because every game matters those laid back one versus one game's now mean life and or league death based on the outcome of a game you didn't necessarily want to bring your A game to (you know what I mean?) If your reading this the time to buy FIFA 13 on the PC has been passed, you can wait upwards of 20 minutes to find a match depending on what time your willing/wanting to play and the market is now black market prices, you want a formation card that should be worth 1000 coins well now it's 15,000 coins and you won't find it cheaper because Mr. 15,000 bought up all the other versions of the card and price locked it. It was an improvement over 12 the attacker's A.I against defenders was much improved, but the underlying need for speed in your team can ruin your dream team, as a United fan I would love to play the likes of Vidic and Ferdinand but against mere English Championship quality player's if that pace is over 80, your going to be wondering where the hole's were, and that's a problem that will worsen.


Improving every year

liverpool1504 | Aug. 20, 2013 | See all liverpool1504's reviews »

EA have come out again with a fantastic modernised and realistic new game that provides a great way of playing to all gamers. With organised and aestheticly pleasing menus and the realistic gameplay Fifa 13 is the perfect game.


Almost there!!

M4rkybob | Aug. 18, 2013 | See all M4rkybob's reviews »

This game is soooo close to amazing. If only the goalkeepers and referee descisions were a little better this game would be 100/100


Fun game

Joe56780 | Aug. 17, 2013 | See all Joe56780's reviews »

As with other Fifas there are a couple of game modes: Quick Play Career Online Play Ultimate Team & More (those are the main ones though) Quickplay is as its name suggests, you pick a team to be and a team to face (or your friend picks the team you are facing if you are playing against each other). Career mode is a 15 season career in which you can put your be a pro in a team (optional) then play/manage who ever you want. Controlling transfers, scouting systems ect. Online play is pretty much like quick play aside from playing against an online opponent, your wins / losses are tracked and you can go up/down divisions based on results. Ultimate team is probably the most popular feature now, you buy / sell / trade trading cards via a virtual market (can spend real money for card packs of different qualities), gaining coins which are traded via matches/selling cards. EA put inform players in packs, which are improved versions of other players keeping the game fresh. If you haven't played fifa before its worth a go and if you have you aren't going to be disappointed.


Fifa 12 with improved Ultimate Team

paddyg | Aug. 11, 2013 | See all paddyg's reviews »

EA do this every year. Re-releasing the same basic game but with updates to squads, strips, sponsors and Ultimate Team however we all still buy it! Graphically the game hasn't improved much and the improvements EA boasted about before release are barely noticeable, but take nothing away from this title as it provides hours of fun with the improved Ultimate Team mode and Single Players Career Mode. A better Transfer Engine means for a more accurate simulation of the transfer window. All in all it does what you want.


They've improved ultimate team, but that's it...

Avesomeofthat13 | Aug. 8, 2013 | See all Avesomeofthat13's reviews »

As I said in my FIFA 12 review, between each year the actual differences in the game are minor. In FIFA 13 they've improved the graphics slightly, improved ultimate team and changed the impact engine slightly. Plus they've given us one more ball colour. It offers the same functions as FIFA 10,11 and 12; while adding a few newer players to keep up to date with current standings - which is a waste to just produce one game. They should make one FIFA game and regularly update it, instead of releasing an annual game with a few minor fixes. I enjoy FIFA games, so I can't complain - the only reason I buy them is because the servers for the previous games get shut down once a newer game comes out.


Really good game but it takes some practice!

crunzaty | Aug. 3, 2013 | See all crunzaty's reviews »

Since i'm an old Playstation 2 user who played this game earlier it's a really fun and frustrating time, i suck at the game but it's really good. You can play with up to 11 friends in one team against other teams (with 2-11 players) You can also if you feel like it just play some career mode against the CPU. The game is really good so i just want to play it over and over again :)


Best football sim to date

darkyhbk | July 16, 2013 | See all darkyhbk's reviews »

FIFA 13 improves FIFA 12's formula even further and delivers the best football game to date. There are some added features in the manager mode, such as the ability to coach a national side alongside your club, participating in qualifiers for the major tournaments and fighting for the EURO, World Cup and Confederation Cup titles. The ability to select your team from all the players of a certain nation is a nice touch. Also, the youth academy system is further improved. Another nice touch are the tutorials which you can choose to practise when the game is loading. If you complete a stage of, say, crossing, you'll move to another, more complicated one, improving your skill quickly and easily. Despite some minor AI problems and inconsistencies in stadium names, FIFA 13 delivers the best footballing experience you can get.


Kick off!

damianjar122 | July 7, 2013 | See all damianjar122's reviews »

When I played this game the first time I was really surprised. It's awesome. Phisycs is so realistic. You can score beatiful goals and do so many tricks. Gameplay is much better then in Pro Evolution Soccer. Many teams to choose and finenet play (many option: team game, seasons, FUT and more). Worth it's price.


A true improvement in all aspects

VERTIGO2K12 | June 18, 2013 | See all VERTIGO2K12's reviews »

And when I say that I mean every little aspect. From grapchis to game mechanics and overall feature improvement. The Ultimate Team mode is even better than the one in FIFA 12 and it's the best idea EA has ever had. Starting out with a weaker team and then making your own team using the exact players you want makes this game a great experience along with the fun of playing with your friends. Alongside this comes the spirit of competition because every win in the Ultimate Team mode gets you closer to your favourite selection of players by giving you coins to buy players. It's a game I play on a daily basis and I can't wait for FIFA 14. It's a great era for these sports games.


Great football simulator

Bbozmen | June 11, 2013 | See all Bbozmen's reviews »

FIFA 13 is a great simulator with great improvements with respect to FIFA 12. The physics are much better, the dribbles are much more realistic. The difference between a Messi and a 1 star person are much more noticeable. FIFA 13 offers a good career mode with a lot of functions, like scouting and being a coach of a national team. The AI ingame is quite annoying some times by making circles every-single-time but they get much and much better when you set their skill to professional or higher. FIFA Ultimate team is okay, haven't played that much. I'm more an online player. However the online play hasn't had a nice finishing touch by the developers. It's almost impossible to do a 2vs2 match, because the rooms made for 2vs2 have a capacity of 50 players and when you get in and start a match not just 3 others can join but a lot more which in turn make, for example, 3vs3 matches instead of 2vs2. That's quite annoying... Online play does have it good sides. There's something called 'Seasons' in which you can grow 0 to 5 stars and have a rank based on games won/lost/draw. This is only 1vs1 and you get set up against players mostly based on your own skill. All with all, a great game to play. I've already put over 270 hours into it! NOTE: Play this with a controller on the computer!


Great Football Game

chrisdolman22 | May 30, 2013 | See all chrisdolman22's reviews »

If you've ever played any of the FIFA series before, you pretty much know what you're going to get with FIFA 13. In effect, FIFA 13 is just any of the previous FIFA games, but with more polish, a scattering of new features, the latest teams and more. Now, I'm not a fan of game companies regurgitating the same game over and over, but to a certain extent I'm glad that EA do with FIFA. While there are few major changes to last year's FIFA 12, 13 feels far nicer to play. The movement has been improved, ever-so-slightly, but moving your players around the pitch and dribbling the ball through your opponent's defense is far more enjoyable that it was. Players move fairly intelligently, and while you do get the occasional FIFA 'why on earth did you try and pass to that player' moments, passing is slick too. My favourite feature is the 'Ultimate Team' section, which is like a digital trading card game, but each card represents a player that you can use in your team. You can sell cards on the trading market and buy others to increase your coin total and buy better players so that you can take on your friends and the world with your very own team built from scratch. Sure, there isn't a huge amount of reason to buy this over FIFA 12, but the updated squads, improved graphics, superior motion and vastly larger online player base have sold it for me. If you're into football and want to play it on the PC, FIFA 13 is definitely the way to go (until FIFA 14, that is).


Best football game

Shykon | May 24, 2013 | See all Shykon's reviews »

This was very entertaining. I liked it. Well done.


Man of the match!

Crazee | Feb. 20, 2013 | See all Crazee's reviews »

Fifa 13 has taken everything that was good about Fifa 12 and improved it. The players are looking more realistic than ever, and the stadiums look beautiful. It actually feels as if I'm playing on real grass, rather than a plastic green surface. The new first touch control feature is a welcome addition and works brilliantly. It really helps to feel in control of the players. Career Mode has been greatly improved. The regen system is vastly improved, although a little overpowered! The best addition to career mode is the ability to offer a player in part-exchange when dealing with transfers. This helps offload some fringe players when bringing in the talent. The ability to modify the cut of incoming transfer fees you receive helps keep inflation down and prevents your budget becoming unrealistic. Unfortunately when performing well with one of the worlds best clubs after 3-5 seasons you'll likely find yourself with the best players in the world and money to spare. Sadly there is no offline virtual pro this year, a player career mode is available, but no player manager. This is a let down in an otherwise brilliant addition to the franchise. Bottom Line: The best football game there has ever been. Bring on Fifa 14!


As brilliant as FIFA 12, but with some improvements

abelfs | Dec. 17, 2012 | See all abelfs's reviews »

Once again, FIFA is more worth-buying than PES, just because the gameplay is better. There are improvements in the gameplay (except some bugs in the AI) and in the game modes. Highly recommendable!!


The best football returns.

DukePaul | Dec. 10, 2012 | See all DukePaul's reviews »

Fifa 13 is a great improvement from the previous games, it stills has some flaws and bugs but is the best football game for computers. Graphically is awesome, the characters looks so realistic and the game has some new animations.In terms of gameplay, possesion the ball and passing is easy and players make better runs as well as getting into goal scoring positions, overall the game feels faster and more fluid this year, the only bad thing is the AI. The great addition for this version are the minigames, little tests to prove your skills, they are easy to play and gives the game variety, The career mode will keep you playing the game for hours and with the online multiplayer the fun in this game is endless.