Reviews for Viking: Battle for Asgard


It;s decent.

Kane987245 | Dec. 22, 2014 | See all Kane987245's reviews »

Decent game, with a meh story, but epic, intense battles! The combat system makes up for what the rest of the game lacks. For that alone, i would recommend this game to anyone who is into this genre. It's fun to play through and the story, while mediocre, is not the worst thing I have heard in the past couple of years. Pick it up and fight on boys!


Could Have Been Great

rpmartin20 | April 24, 2014 | See all rpmartin20's reviews »

Let me iterate something before I start, this game is far from BAD. It's more just bland. When this game was first announced, I was super excited. I had fallen in love with Rome:Total War on PC. And from the trailers, it looked like they took the huge battles of the Total War and put you in the very center of it as a Viking warrior. That just oozes awesome. Add in demons, dragons, and could it go wrong? Well... one thing they did right are the size of the battles. During a siege, you do see the battlefield covered with living soldiers or dead corpses. That does add an EPIC sense to the combat in terms of scope. The graphics are pretty good, nothing amazing but not horrible. And the controls are functional and responsive usually. Again, this game really isn't that bad. It just doesn't do anything astounding. And i mean that from back when i first played it as well as now. The stealth feels tacked on, the story is so BORING and feels like it was written the night before release. I didnt feel invested in any characters. While combat is serviceable, it becomes repetitive and unsatisfying. You look around at the huge battles and while they are ginormous, your fellow soldiers are hardly doing anything and barely any of the demons soldiers (the most prominent enemy) do anything during combat. There are a few varieties (heavy armor, giants, spellcasters that respawn enemies) but that hardly does anything for the battles. After the initial "HOLY S!@# LOOK AT ALL THE GUYS ON SCREEN" moment that the game offers, its really rinse and repeat after that. Which is unfortunate. I feel like if they had really worked on fleshing out the combat or even creating a MUCH better, less-stereotypical story, this game could be great. But if you have $4 burning a hole in your pocket during this sale, you could truly do A LOT worse if you want to give this a go.


I love this game.

soundcreepy | July 7, 2013 | See all soundcreepy's reviews »

This game in my opinion is very under-rated. Hack and Slash, stealth, RPG elements, a little bit of strategy to how you approach certain battles. This game has it all. My only complaints are you run slow, and at times the combat can feel a bit undercooked. The first time I played this game was on PS3 and enjoyed it immensely, then my ps3 died and decided not to get a new one. Finally after all this time it comes to PC and is just as good as I remember, if not slightly better. And for 15,000 pennies you can't beat the price.


Quite Good!

DanielZo0 | June 11, 2013 | See all DanielZo0's reviews »

I just got over the half way point of the game and found it pleasantly enjoyable, however at times can get frustrating due to how hard some of the bot mobs can be. the battles tend to get repetitive but there is always something you can buy and a different place to explore, which an adventure action game like this should always have, all in all i found it sometimes glitches in the map and some mission glitches but nothing to severe, all in all a very enjoyable game which i would say is well worth the purchase.



kalil | June 8, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

It´s an uninspired game in every way. Try mixing a beat'em up gameplay with stealth and battle rolls, and stays on the surface of all loose resulting in all. The graphics are not particularly good or bad, but failed to translate virtually nothing imaginary Viking world of aesthetic level, rather than the argument (likely forever) does not help to use the background Viking rarely. In addition, controls are awkward and dysfunctional (especially in tecado + mouse), with significant problems in setting the goals of many enemies (which happens often). And, to sound level is neither particularly inspired nor particularly dire. Overall, not worth wasting time with him too. Although as entertainment for a boring weekend may be worth.


Great game with fine combat, medocre story, and epic battles.

fable2 | Oct. 20, 2012 | See all fable2's reviews »

Many official reviewers gave this game a fairly bad rating, complaining of shallow gameplay, and a boring overall presentation, and I have to disagree on a few fronts. First of all the gameplay is a bit underdeveloped, but it is competent enough to allow for brutal and precise kills, as well as sweeping destruction in the large conflicts. The qualm I have is the fact that your character is not made to fight many enemies at a time, without help. You will fight one, and be hit in the back by another, turn to fight them, and then be blindsided again. But, with practice you can switch enemies fast enough to avoid this. The massive landscapes are detailed well, albeit a few quirks. The travel around those Islands is made easier by portals that link to one another and these are generously placed, although some tedious walking is needed at points. The massive battles in this game are the highlights, with hundreds of units on the screen at a time, both allies and enemies. Also the help of dragons through a cool targeting systems adds scale to these fights. The tremendous number of characters onscreen is slightly overwhelming, but gives a sense of anarchy and battle confusion. This game does everything well, but nothing great nor awful. It could be more, but I am satisfied enough to play this one to the end.


This-generation nostalgia?

das_regal | Oct. 18, 2012 | See all das_regal's reviews »

This is one of the first titles I played on my Xbox 360 (before selling it about 2 years ago to immerse myself in PC gaming). It's strange to see Viking make its debut on PC so late in the game, but I am incredibly excited to play it again. This is a solid action RPG that was just begging to have its console shackles thrown off to highlight its true potential. With incredible graphics, great mission variety (including stealth encounters), and a serviceable story, this is more than worth the $15 asking price. Frankly I'm amazed they set its value so low upon release. This was a full $60 title when it came out on consoles. Late really is better than never.


Finally on PC.

DukePaul | Oct. 17, 2012 | See all DukePaul's reviews »

I played this game on consoles and it was a blast, the gameplay offers a lot of variety, with huge battles of thousands of warriors with an awesome combat system that you can do great combos, but the most gorgeous thing is see the dragons in the battlefield, they make the epic battles. Later, you do stealth missions where you need to hide from enemies , some of these missions are hard but you can beat them with patience. The game is very long, if you want all the achievements the title is 40 hours long, it has three big islands and the game almost does not have loading screens! For this price is a game that you need to play, It is the best game of the Nordic mythology.