Reviews for Terrorist Takedown - Covert Operations


An average FPS action game

FreeMan85 | Sept. 7, 2011 | See all FreeMan85's reviews »

Powered by Chrome Engine Terrorist Takedown: Covert Operation is a mediocre FPS. The graphics are great, Chrome uses very well jungle suit. There are some really nice effcts, I guess even uses HDR! Which only implemented in Chrome3. Sounds are also great, you feel your are in the jungle. with EAX turn on it's more better, but some sounds feels... weird. The voice-acting are less good, the hero's lines are cheesy like in an '80s action movie. But still enjoyable. Silly, but fun. The story is thin, but who cares? You're some special commando guy, who's unit attacked by some terrorist guy Mendoza's team. He wants to kill you, you must kill him, you know the score. You can use wide verierty of weapons: magnum, shotgun, AK-74, snipergun, rocket launcher, knifes. And you need it, because the enemy just roll out from bushes and cover, choppers try to shoot you in the head! Of course there's missions where you in a jeep or a boat as gunner. The feeling is 10 from 10! It's a short 4-5 hour game on hard difficulty (only easy and hard available), but you gonna joy every minutes! I recommend this who loves the Chrome Engine an od style FPS action games. It's really turn you off fow a couple hours. What else you want from a game?



robertification | April 12, 2011 | See all robertification's reviews »

Although this game is only 5 bucks, it's one hell of a great shooter. There's a gigantic variety of different weapons, even a crossbow, and the gameplay is almost half life-like. Your goal is to rescue some hostages, being held captive somewhere in the jungle. You can choose which way you'd like to make your way through the jungle... you can go with a sniper and a knife, or with explosives and blast your way through, or just with your rifle. It's also very addictive to play this game over and over, but with different tactics every time. I promise you won't get bored with this game very soon...