Reviews for XCOM: Enemy Unknown [Legacy]


Pleasantly Difficult

wickerrman | June 19, 2013 | See all wickerrman's reviews »

XCOM is truly a beautifully-crafted modern strategy game. It's very rare these days to see such a well-made game which is difficult to beat, but Firaxis have hit the nail on the head here. In my opinion, this is a must have for anyone interested in strategy!



vhero | June 16, 2013 | See all vhero's reviews »

Amazing game as long as you have time to invest into it. This isn't a pick up and play game. Not that i'm saying its advanced jut that it's a game you can really lose yourself in.


XCOM is no X-Com - but it's really great

mutsuriini | June 14, 2013 | See all mutsuriini's reviews »

Firaxis' XCOM, while a great game, is probably never going to be considered a classic like the original X-Com that is still today being replayed over and over again by players all over the world. The game seems amazing to begin with (though perhaps too streamlined and simplified, some would argue), but in the long term it suffers from a myriad of weird bugs (teleporting enemies, XCOM operatives stuck in the environment etc.) that make the otherwise tense, but fair ironman mode an exercise in frustration. I enjoyed my first playthrough immensely in spite of this, but upon starting a new game I realized how little randomization there is when it comes to the different maps you play on. The area layouts seem exactly the same as on your first playthrough, and so the level of replayability suffers enourmously. The grand strategic layer of the game, the geoscape, is also much more limited in terms of the choices you're given - everything seems more 'staged' - but there are some nice new additions that give the game an identity of its own. One could say that it's lacking compared to X-Com, but you could also say that it's simply different, and stands on its own as a great, streamlined modern version of the amazing wonder of a game that the Gollop brothers cooked up in 1994. It's certainly much better than the lacklustre UFO series.


Another great turn-based game by the creators of Civilization

DunkerGZ | June 10, 2013 | See all DunkerGZ's reviews »

Being a great fan of Civ myself, I was hoping for a good and exciting estrategy game and I was not disappointed. Command and Xcom squad and fight waves and waves of aliens, each one with special stats and habilities. One of the games you can't let pass if youre a strategy fan.


A passable sequel to a great game

FlyingGazzelle | June 10, 2013 | See all FlyingGazzelle's reviews »

Technical issues aside XCOM delivers on what it sets out to do. The game is a tense ordeal as you try to keep all of your soldiers alive. Once you figure out the mechanics, however, the game becomes a bit easier and a lot of the tension is lost. The story is passable and the aesthetic is, whilst a bit bland, quite impressive. The multiplayer is interesting, however, as you pit alien against marines in what can lead to some interesting encounters. (Or you both just stay on defence and nothing happens ever!)


An Excellent turn-based strategy game

Shadowwolf414 | June 8, 2013 | See all Shadowwolf414's reviews »

Not usually a fan of strategy games, I was wary of XCOM: Enemy unknown when I received it in a pre-order offer with Bioshock Infinite. However, once I started playing, I couldn't stop. It serves a a refreshing reminder that not all military based games are too-easy point and go shooters. Each decision you make can have catastrophic consequences, making victory that much better, or defeat that much more punishing. Only flaws I could point out are mainly aesthetic; the XCOM project is supposed to represent all of the world's nations coming together to face the alien threat. So why do all of the soldiers have generic US accents when they speak? Issues such as this however don't really affect the gameplay directly, so it is nonetheless a must buy, even if you don't think you like strategy games.


Good, but overrated

Demilisz | June 7, 2013 | See all Demilisz's reviews »

The game is good, it really is. The problem is that at the same time it gets better reviews than it really deserves. It was design to look and feel like action game more than turn base tactical game. It even have environment destruction, but sadly very limited - nothing near what Silent Storm offered. And to add a salt to injury - the collision system is broken and often allows to shoot through the wall without damaging it. Practically - it is one trick game. The combat mechanic with two action per soldier and cover system introduced at very beginning will be there to the very end. Without any improvements or variations. You go on mission, leap from cover to cover and try to shoot down Aliens. And that's it. Nothing new is introduced later in the game and this system never evolves. It is slightly better on strategic mode - despite having only once base it is quiet challenging and requires some thinking and making decisions. At first at last, cause the game becames easier the further you progress. But in early and mid game you should have a rough time - too bad mostly because game tends to punish you randomly and whole Panic mechanic is made to just make polayer feel bad: when you help a country (and you can choose only one at a time), you keep panic from rising in given country only. But when you ignore a request, panic rises on whole continent. With time you will send more and more satelites on the orbit to oversee a countries (and aliens NEVER attack a country that is under satellite surveilance), but early in game Aliens will always come on top. The game also lack in term of equipment. This is no Jagged alliance and no Silent Storm - I counted around 16 waepons in total in whole game (3x sniper rifles, 3x heavy waepon, 3x shotgun waepons, 4x assault rifles and 3x pistol). You surely will not have to take your time to choose a guns for your men. Now good things: leveling system may be simplified, but at least works and you want to have expierienced veterans over bunch of newbies. And the game lacks in replaybility: finish it ones and don' feel an urge to return. However - it will keep you playing for hours once you start it. Too bad that when you turn it off, there won't be that feeling like "I'm wasting time not playing this game". If you look for deep and challenging tactical game: wait for Xenonauts maybe. If you want a good tactical game then you can try this - but look for mods that deals with some of the flaws.


Refreshing game play for a scifi rts

Quicksilver | June 7, 2013 | See all Quicksilver's reviews »

Having played UFO a long time ago I was looking forward to playing XCOM and was pleasantly surprised. Gameplay is intuative, camera angles could be better, and the graphics and switch between top down and action camera is good. Aliens are tough and capturing is well worth it.


Nothing like the original... but brilliant nonetheless

wiper | June 6, 2013 | See all wiper's reviews »

UFO: Enemy Unknown is an absolute classic of the strategy genre. It's also incredibly hard to get into for a modern player - opaque controls, lengthy battles filled with micromanagement and, of course, dated visuals make it a challenging experience. Persevere and you'll soon understand its charms, but it's understandable that with XCOM, Firaxis wanted to change things up a little. Gone are the overlong battles, in are tight affairs featuring small numbers of troops, where every decision is important, every moment tense. You lose a little of the freedom of UFO, but what you gain is an accessible but challenging game, designed to be played as a single, irreversible campaign in Ironman mode. A few niggling bugs bring the game down a peg, but it's absolutely worth any strategy fan's time.


This game is enjoyable.

brenker99 | June 4, 2013 | See all brenker99's reviews »

I got this game in the Bioshock infinite pre order deal , 3 days before the launch I decided to give XCOM a chance, I couldn't stop playing for 2 days. This game got a great story line a good Turn based combat and great setting. One of the bad things about this game its the fact that theres about 30 maps or so so you would probarly play the same map about twice in 1 gameplay. And when you do it will ruin the combat. An auto generated map system would make this game a 9/10 , With out the few bugs crashes and glitches it would be a 10/10 , Btw the animation glitches are somewhat funny.


An excellent top down strategic game.

Chauci | May 31, 2013 | See all Chauci's reviews »

This remake brings back what fans love the most, the tactical combat with procentages and cover. The game has managed to make both the base management and the combat. The base offers a compelling side view of the base. They even manged to bring the base to life with all your employee walking around and working in their little offices. The game is brutal and you will often find pain from loosing one of your favourite soldiers, but such is life and it adds to the tension of even the most simple of missions. all in all it brings an interesting story with lovely tactical and slow combat and a good base management section. Which leaves you in total control over, which weapons and upgrades you wish to dedicate your scientist to next.


Reawakening the strategy genre

DRodders | May 31, 2013 | See all DRodders's reviews »

I cannot stress this enough - this game will take up your time. It is a superb game, and really shows what can be done with a reboot. If you have any interest at all in strategy games, this is something you should consider picking up. The actual mechanics are solid, with a nice clean interface and easy to understand icons. However the ease of understanding doesn't take away from the difficult or the complexity of the game, which at times can be brutal. The game puts you in charge of a squad of soldiers, and tasks you to destroy the alien invasion. You find yourself building up the members and becoming attached to them as you win battle after battle, only for it all to be cruelly taken from you when your best man gets themselves killed on a routine mission. This is a game you should try. pick it up at the first opportunity.


A harrowing but very entertaining experience

Jimangi | May 30, 2013 | See all Jimangi's reviews »

I never played the original games, they were before my time. Judging from the prejudices held by old fans towards this new iteration they must have been pretty good. Those retro-heads had nothing to worry about though. Enemy Unknown is great. It’s tense, intelligent and unlike any AAA game you’ll play right now. Go get it.


A pleasant reminder of PC gaming in the 90's

Spenk | May 22, 2013 | See all Spenk's reviews »

XCOM: Enemy unknown feels more like a homage to the original XCOM series more than a full on sequel. While XCOM: Enemy Unknown brings excellent and challenging strategic gameplay, it does fail to apply fear and suspense like the original games. A long campaign with lots of variety with abilities, research and level design keeps the game feeling fresh and wanting you to keep playing. This game is a definite purchase if you are a fan of the series or genre but would wait for a sale as this game has been as cheap as £10


Welcome back, XCOM

DISCOMAN | May 15, 2013 | See all DISCOMAN's reviews »

As a player of the previous traditional XCOM games (not Enforcer) I welcomed this with open arms. It brought back what everyone loved about the old XCOM games and added so much good to it too. There are things like the main base being greatly improved, levelling up and also other additions such as character specializations and more interaction with the squad and affiliates. It will please old XCOM fans as being a throwback to what made it great and making necessary additions. There isn't much else I can say other than overall I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to turn based strategy lovers and general strategy fans!


Best. Remake. Ever.

oGk_MalicE | May 15, 2013 | See all oGk_MalicE's reviews »

I have been waiting many years for a decent remake of XCOM after playing the originals to death. Not only did Firaxis succeed in doing a really good job of this remake, but also managed to improve on the original concept (well, in my opinion at least) XCOM rates best game of 2012 in the strategy division in my books. It doesn't get boring and there are many ways to play, so it has a lot of replay value. And even the multiplayer isn't half bad either. A definite MUST HAVE for fans of the old games!


Excellent revival of the series

Mandemon | May 8, 2013 | See all Mandemon's reviews »

Finally X-Com series has gained a worthy sequel. This game is a long waited modernization of the old classic and it does its job well. Combat has been streamlined, but not dumbed down. 2 action system allowed room for tactical thinking and action, but does not bog down the gameplay. The action remains fast, yet forces the player to actually think about his actions. Numerous special abilities increase the range of possible tactics player can take, yet at the same time, limit the choices in a good fashion. This, paradoxically, makes the game better. As the player is no longer able to do whatever he wants, but needs to choose from limited tools to solve wide variety of problems. This leads to different kinds of tactics, especially when your favorite solution is not available. Graphics are nothing special, but they do their job. However, personally, I do not need big flashy graphics. Indeed, the games graphic style is something that will most likely stand the test of time longer than photo-realistic attempts. Game presents player constantly with hard choices. Whenever it's where to use resources, where to intercept aliens, what technologies he should prioritize, what squad composition, there is always a trade off. Player is not able to just do everything, but must choose constantly what he considers most important. Yet, the game does not offer these in binary either/or format, but as a natural part of the economy. Resources are finite and there simply isn't enough for everything. There is nice variety of aliens and each of them acts differently. Their own special abilities make sure that no encounter plays the same. AI is pretty smart and most importantly, does not cheat. Game is not without flaws, however. It still has lots of graphical glitches. Games difficult curve rises fast, but after reaching it's peak, drops fast. Geoscape portion of the game would need more content on itself, as it's present form, it's too easy to "win". Maps are all handmade and do present nice variety, each requiring it's own tactics. However, there is only limited amount of them and thus will soon start to recycle. What brings the score down most, are two bugs: Teleport Bug, which causes the aliens to suddenly teleport to your location. Other bug is Flanking Bug, which is not as severe, but is still something that can hamper you. However, despite these flaws, the game is very enjoyable and offers lots of fun. Personally, I have already sank more than 100 hours into the game and I have enjoyed every moment of it.


What a timesink!

KomoMax | May 4, 2013 | See all KomoMax's reviews »

Never had a chance to play the original X-COM games, but i have to say that Enemy Unknown is simply a brilliant game. There are 3 things i liked the most - story, gameplay and controls. The storyline is more or less linear, with several obligatory missions and multiple submissions which make you play this game almost forever. I have spend around 7 hours of playing non-stop since the download. Gameplay is divided into two parts: first, the actual battles with aliens, and second, the management of your team and the base. I don't have much experience in this type of game, but i found the controls to be very easy to understand and you get used to them in 1 or 2 battles. Perhaps one strange thing about this game is that submissions are quite repetitive in terms of objectives and maps,so at some point you start to feel that you are on the same mission over and over again. Nevertheless it gives you a chance to master your strategy and team skills. At the end, just want to say that everyone MUST try this game, and from my opinion it's worth every single pound, euro, dollar or whatever it is spent on it. That's a solid 95 out of 100 from my side!


A must have for strategy fans.

jackhezraat | May 4, 2013 | See all jackhezraat's reviews »

This game is exceptional in punishing any of your mistakes - That's how video games should actually be. You'll get frustrated and yet you'll come back for more punishment. Another surprise hit for 2012 and yet perhaps it shouldn't be so surprising with Firaxis behind this masterpiece. If you've played any original XCOM games prior to the 2012 entry, then be prepared to be blown away with nostalgia. Strategy fans can't go wrong with this title.


So punishing yet satisfying

onewinged90 | May 4, 2013 | See all onewinged90's reviews »

Let me start of with this one word: Awesome. That word is what defines XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The game has been regarded as the worthy reboot of the XCOM franchise, I have never played the older XCOM games but seeing the veterans who played the classic game before and giving this game a thumbs up, I know the game would be great. Gone are the days where shooter games are a norm in the gaming community, and this game changes that. This game brought back the meaning of turn-based tactical shooter where no mindless shooting is involved. Every move you make has it's consequences, and it will determine the life and death of your squad. The complaints I have about the game are sometimes the game will experience graphical glitches, where your soldier will shoot through walls and making a 90 degree aim. There is a rare bug that will cause an infinite "alien activity" turn where the game will stuck on alien's move, verify the game's cache when this happens. And the ending of the game is somewhat lukewarm, I'm glad that I've beaten the game but the ending turned out to be "just like that?" kind of end. But still it is a great game do not get me wrong. On sale or not, the game is worth your money to purchase on. Get this game and you will not be disappointed.


Great Tactical Game!

jango2210 | April 28, 2013 | See all jango2210's reviews »

I'm Going to Start this Review By Saying That This Game Is Great And The Satisfaction You Get From Seeing a Headshot Get Pulled Off After You Position Your Men To Attack. This Is a Great Game And i Urge Anyone Who Doesent Already Have This Game To Get It.


Great game with some minor problems.

Profoundly_Mad | April 22, 2013 | See all Profoundly_Mad's reviews »

XCOM: Enemy Unknown had some large boots to fill, with the original game being considered as one of the best games of all time. Does this new game reach these loft heights? For the most part, yes but not without some issues. The graphics are somewhat cartoonish but fit the game well. As for the gameplay, it is split between base management and the battlescape. In base management you respond to alien threats, research new technologies to better help you combat the alien menace, review your squad that gets sent out for battlescape missions and tackle requests from the council. The end result is highly streamlined from the original games somewhat obtuse base management but works surprisingly well and still gives you the sense of progression the original game did. The battlescape has you send out a squad of 4 - 6 soldiers out in the field to exterminate the alien threat or capture them in a turn based format. Like the original game, rookies are prone to dying and every move you make is important and can make the difference between life and death, resulting in a fun albeit sometimes tense and frustrating experience. However, the battlescape also has some issues which bring the game down. Every time you discover an alien, they get a free turn where they scramble into a more advantageous position. Sometimes this can be really frustrating and you'll end up losing a soldier purely because of bad luck. Other times, the games percentage to hit a target doesn't seem to be entirely accurate as what looks like a guaranteed shot can miss multiple times. Despite these hiccups, the game is a good reimagining of the original and is a good starting point for newcomers to the series to play.



kaj100 | April 5, 2013 | See all kaj100's reviews »

Why are you reading this when you could be playing this GOTY winner from like everywhere? Okay, now for the serious bit. This is pure old school yet modern gaming. The graphics and art style? Good, nothing more, nothing less. The audio? Cool. I like it, especially the voice acting with different accents. Very nice touches. Gameplay? Superb. It runs like a dream, optimised so brilliantly, that most cpus from i3 onward can run it. The actual gameplay is deep and difficult. Not unfair or irritating, it's balanced perfectly on that fine line with difficulty and annoyance. You'll play through the missions, and build your base. Each time taking minutes to plan it all out, and see whether it will affect you negatively or positively in the long run. You'll go into a mission all prepared and come out of it, barely surviving but proud of what you accomplished. It's a great game when you accomplish something, when you don't, you can't blame the game, you just made a mistake somewhere. The combat is my personal favourite. It's a mix of turn based and real time. Real time as in when you move into the line of fire of an alien, they'll shoot you. Vice versa too. Permadeath is present too. Your captain just died? Better reload that save :P Unless your playing on Iron man where NO RELOADING OF SAVE ARE ALLOWED. Yes, your guy dies? Mourn him and move on soldier. You'll play this game. You'll cheer, you'll boo, you'll scream but you'll enjoy it. That's what counts right?


Easily one of my top 3 games of 2012

BurroCaralho | March 29, 2013 | See all BurroCaralho's reviews »

Having never played the original XCOM, this game didn't really register on my radar until i saw some game play footage and found it interesting. I bought it on a punt and 90 hours later i'm still enjoying it as much as when i started. The story goes that there's an alien invasion and you have to defend earth in turn based combat missions. You start with rookies who have standard 'human' guns but you're in a constant race to upgrade your guns, armor, accessories to help you with an ever increasing threat from new and more powerful aliens. This game is challenging, you're nearly always short of money so you really have to pick and choose what you really need to do and buy rather than just doing whatever you want. You have to constantly research and engineer new equipment and facilities to keep you on pace with your foes and you'd better make sure you get enough satellites up around the world to scan for aliens or the world will panic and leave your 'Council'. If too many leave you lose the game and my fourth play through is the first time i've managed to have no countries pull out, it isn't easy at all but so rewarding for the tactically minded. It has a great ironman mode if you choose it which means that you can't save 20 times a mission and go back if you make a mistake, you have to deal with the repercussions of all your actions.Multiplayer is excellent too, play against friends or random people, it really adds a new challenge when your opponent isn't CPU AI. It has it's bugs too, sometimes you shoot through walls or a shot that seemingly connects, doesn't, or you're left surprised that one of your squad can't see a target even though you're sure he has line of sight. These are really minor issues though and don;t impact on gameplay at all for me, the excellent tactical play far outweighs them.


XCOM Review

Stebsis | March 25, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

I never played the original or any other XCOM games before this. I've tried the first one but it was way too complicated for me, but I got right away into Enemy Unknown. You could maybe say that they dumbed it down for people like me, but from what I played the original, it feels more like they cleaned everything from that game and made it much more clear what and how you're supposed to do things. You're a Commander in charge of XCOM, like a governmental agency responsible for neutralizing alien threats. There is no particular story or anything like that, you basically just need to survive as long as possible. Strategically the game is great. It's turn based strategy, you move your units first and then enemy and so on. You can, and must, take cover behind objects which vary from trees, to houses, to trains or wherever your current mission is. There are tons of varied locations that seem to generate randomly which is nice. When you point at the location you want to go, it shows you if you're in full cover or half cover or no cover at all. Full cover of course shields you more making you harder to hit and so on. Enemy AI is really great, it doesn't feel unfair because same rules apply to them too, how much they can move, what cover they're in etc. You also have your base where you can research stuff like alien autopsies, better armor and weapons, how to be more deadly against aliens and much more. You also build your base by digging tunnels and shafts and building stuff like power generators and laboratories that give you extra scientists, engineers and power. You have so much things you need to manage, you're in responsible for tons of countries that you need to protect, you need to build satellites to launch to these countries so that they can spot alien threats, but then you notice that you don't have enough satellite uplinks to launch one or aircrafts in that area. You then try to build an upling but you notice you don't have enough engineers. You try to build a workshop that give you them but you don't haven't dug a place in your base to build one and you don't have money for one. Then you wait 5 days by scanning the globe, hoping you'll get a mission so that you'll get money, but panic in that time spreads and soon you lose United States and Russia, and their monthly income, to aliens. Then new aliens come, you don't have enough money to buy necessary weapons for your crew... It all just falls apart so quickly that you don't even notice if you don't micromanage so many things at once. It takes practice and you need to start your game from the beginning many times. XCOM is just fun but also horrible game at once, it hurts when you lose a member of your team you've been leveling up from the beginning, customised him the way you want, giving him even a name and nickname and then bam, some alien comes and shoots him in the head with a plasma gun, or even worse, turns him into a zombie that you have to then gun down. XCOM is tons of fun and there are so much to do in this game. Sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming how much you need to do, but it's also really easy to just start from beginning and learn from your mistakes. ANd you really need to always keep ironman mode on, that automatically saves your game and if your crew falls, it's game over, you can't reload a save. It just adds to the tension and makes your eye more keen to spot the mistakes you've done previously.


Not That Great

ILoveIL | Feb. 25, 2013 | See all ILoveIL's reviews »

The game is pretty fun, but have 2 major downbacks: First is the graphic. The battle look very bad and not compared to a third person games, but compared to other strategy games. When you take fire it actually hit the walls and so on. The second thing that annoys me is in its gameplay. It is possible that I'm blind, but to me some shots look impossible' and it could be real frustrating at times. It is a good game but not as great as the say.


Great game despite being slightly "streamlined"

Cane | Feb. 22, 2013 | See all Cane's reviews »

XCOM: EU does manage to deliver that XCOM feeling that we all want so much and it does manage to fix a lot of the issues from the original games however it's not at the cost of over simplifying some of the things that probably should of had stayed a bit more complex. However it still beats a lot of the other XCOM clones so if you are after a tactical game about saving the earth from aliens don't think twice about picking this one up


An unforgiving revitalization of a TBS classic.

lushteinas | Jan. 17, 2013 | See all lushteinas's reviews »

XCOM is a remake of a classic turn based tactical game mixed with real time strategy (management) elements. The Earth is being invaded by aliens and the governments of the world decide their best bet is an elite organization dedicated to fighting the extraterrestial insertion. XCOM is a game that will give you back that one more turn syndrome at 2 am. It's unforgiving, your soldiers can die very easily after just one slip-up, just like in the classic. Sadly, the squad size has been reduced only to a maximum of 6 members and the research tree isn't as interesting as in the X-Com of old, it's a great starting point to newer players. The gameplay was streamlined quite a bit to suit a wider audience and lack of randomised maps will drop the games value after a few playthroughs, but the game is worth a buy if you're even remotely interested in this turn based tactical gem of a game.


An unknown GOTY candidate

abelfs | Jan. 2, 2013 | See all abelfs's reviews »

One of the sleepers of this year. Very nice strategy game with a RPG component, easy to play but complex on its mechanics. The visuals are not the best, but serve on their purpose. A pity that it will not be a GOTY candidate just because there is no place for that kind of games...


TBS that feels like an good action movie

Sayoblade | Jan. 1, 2013 | See all Sayoblade's reviews »

Xcom gives you a great blend of turn-based strategy, base management and all that other great stuff, but at its core I think it succeeds because of the connection you have with your squad. I play with my son and one day I lost his favorite character while playing alone (on hardcore) I felt like I should be writing a letter to his family. Thats what drives this game in my option.


Amazing Game

Angeluzian | Dec. 22, 2012 | See all Angeluzian's reviews »

An amazing strategy game this is, a true gem. It's quite good and involves alot of strategy, even more because of its major flaw, everything is random. It's annoying and frustrating. Still a good game, but the random is to random. But otherwise it's quite good.


Great strategy game with some flaws.

overburning | Dec. 20, 2012 | See all overburning's reviews »

Perhaps of the hype, I was actually slightly disappointed with XCOM: Enemu Unknown. The actual gameplay is great, a modern strategy game rather than one that rely on nostalgic. It is easy to learn and difficult to master, partly due to the probability-based gameplay. However, I am surprised by how many technical issues this game has, random freezes during the enemy's turn, and any level with multiple floors are barely playable as the game seems to confuse between which floor are the units on. The story element are also pretty poor, perhaps showing the lack of experience Firaxis had in this department. That said, the tactical gameplay more than cancels out these flaws, and makes this game a must-play for any strategy game fans.


Best surprise of 2012

igzaustion | Dec. 15, 2012 | See all igzaustion's reviews »

I've played lots of XCOM like games through the years, but none have really felt like the experience of the original. This one, in my opinion, does it better. Enemy Unknown is clearly made for the console market as well as PC, but it does not take anything away from the tactical experience of the game. Controls are great for mouse/keyboard as well as gamepad. In battle, every choice you make matters, and one move can mean the difference between success and getting half your team killed. Many people call this game scripted and linear, and it is. However, if you enjoy the tactical aspect of the field battles, it doesn't matter. You could always put off the story missions and keep playing random missions until you feel like progressing. The tactical perfection, the replayability and the sheer fun of it makes this game one of my favorite games ever.


I like this game :D

kalil | Dec. 11, 2012 | See all kalil's reviews »

Back in the 90s Ufo: Enemy Unknown and the sequel X-Com: Terror From the Deep were my favorite games. I spent many hours battling aliens and caring for my soldiers so I was a bit worried about the reboot. Would it live up to the childhood memories? The answer is yes. There are changes copared to the original game, but all are for the better. The cover system is intuitive. The 2 actions per turn thing streamlines combat and the class system adds some control over the development of your soldiers. The story is engaging, albeit short, but in between the set events there are many random missions to keep you engaged and playing. The maps are premade though so there will be repetition, but it's not something a DLC can't solve. This game proved that the turn-based squad games can be a commercial success while also catering to the old school crowd. This bodes extremely well for the (almost certain now) sequels.


I don't believe it.

mrmotinjo | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all mrmotinjo's reviews »

No, I seriously do not believe what I'm seeing- a true, GOOD remake of my all-time favorite game. I had mediocre expectations for it, especially regarding the atrociously short and restrictive demo, but this game turned out to be pretty much equal in terms of fun, tension and free-time sapping as its famous predecessor. It is now a fast paced, streamlined, but not in the least dumbed down game, with pretty much all tedious, boring elements that plagued the first game removed, improved or made more interesting- even the pistols remain useful throughout the campaign! The good old U3 engine runs smooth as butter, the visual style is cartoonish and effective, and the alien design from the first game is expanded upon really well. I've had my doubts about the troop specialization and reduced squad size, but those were dispelled while playing, and those mechanics really add interesting tactical options to the game. Fully recommended, be you X-COM veterans or not!


A great game !

julio77777 | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all julio77777's reviews »

First, if you expect Xcom as it was with better graphics you can drop your expectations it's not. While it retains most of what made the old Xcom a great game there are differences. It think its main downside is that it's a multi platform game, so it has many limitations that would not exist were it a PC exclusive. But that how video game industry is nowadays, and it's not the game's fault. All in all they made a great job, the challenge can be quite tough (especially in ironman classic), but above all it's fun all the way. If you like strategy games this game is for you !


A great buy

Hungerguty | Dec. 7, 2012 | See all Hungerguty's reviews »

I played the original xcom games in the past, and enjoyed them thoroughly, and I can say that this game lives up to them in many ways. Firstly, the game has been stripped back in the UI department to make it easy to use for both old and new players. The action-hero graphics is also a great addition to the game, giving it a slightly b-movie ish feel in addition to the goofy aliens such as the sectioids. Finally, the gameplay is awesome, the tension when puching out into the map is insane, especially when playing ironman mode, and when waiting to see if your shot hit. Overall, it is a fantastic game


It took 18 years, but it was worth it

Dongstrong | Nov. 24, 2012 | See all Dongstrong's reviews »

The original title was released in 1994. It's widely regarded as one of the best PC games of all time which encouraged developers to create similar games. However, all of the sequels/remakes failed miserably. Except for this one. To be perfectly honest, I haven't played the original X-com. I'm not very interested in the strategy genre overall, but this is one of the best games I've played in my entire lifetime. It features awesome graphics which are not overly realistic but it has a graphics style unlike any other. The management and customization features are endless, and the battle will have you nervously taking small baby steps to avoid being devastated by the aliens. At the end of the game, you will probably be in tears. Why, you might ask? Well, it's more or less impossible to not get incredibly attached to every single one of your squad members. The surprisingly large customization feature provides you with the tools to create an imaginary friend. And when that friend dies, it will be almost as horrible as the death of a real friend. I haven't tried out the multiplayer feature yet but I can certainly say that this is a game that you will play through several times. I think my 70 hours of game time (so far) can speak for that. And, one of my favorite aspects; it's really, really hard. I haven't played a game that was this hard in a really long while and I've missed the challenge. All in all, this is a game that everyone can enjoy. It combines enthralling, nerve wracking gameplay, an immersive storyline, a difficult challenge which will induce numerous nervous breakdowns, and endless customization to create - dare I say it - the best game of 2012.


A worthy remake, my personal Game of the Year in 2012

Guardian412 | Nov. 9, 2012 | See all Guardian412's reviews »

After 84 hours of game I finally finished my second playthrough, which was Ironman Classic. Without saves this game is very hard, but it is so memorable and very-very exciting, similar to the original XCom - even if its more streamlined here and there. A good story is the one which have memorable characters who has their own life and story to tell. And I believe XCom is one of them. But not because the general story the game offers, but because the path which leads you to the end, the story your characters will create with their actions and even sacrifice. During your long journey you'll remember every single character by name. You'll remember all the soldiers you lead into battle, all their actions and sacrifice they'll make in your game. Not many game is capable to give you that. There are some minor glitches and issues what hopefully the upcoming patches will fix, but the highly addictive gameplay, the beautiful music, the polished, well thoughout and refined game mechanics, excellent scenarios, but foremost the phenomenal and unique atmosphere is making XCom to my Game of the Year in 2012.


Even if you don't like strategy games, Xcom is great

MarkDeejay | Nov. 8, 2012 | See all MarkDeejay's reviews »

I'm normally not that into strategy games, especially when they're turn based. Somehow they feel slow, and I just want to unwind without thinking about things too much. But Xcom managed to pull me right in. It succesfully mixes turn based strategy with a bit of management, and,... guess what ? It's great fun ! Xcom uses a certain graphical style, which reminded me a bit of Team Fortress 2. It's not super detailed by any means, but I still liked the clean look of things. The combat is brilliant, with the camera zooming in when a certain action is taken. It makes the combat feel exciting. Completing missions and killing enemies will level up your soldiers. You'll learn to take care of them, because when they're a higher level some of their abilities might just save you and your squad. The story is nothing special, but the way the whole game is executed is just amazing. You'll have to make some difficult choices (concerning building certain items/facilities and the missions you choose to accept), none of which are right or wrong. The sounds and music also add to the atmosphere of the entire game. Also, for a single-player game it's surprisingly lenghty as well. It should take most players well over 20 hours to complete, especially if you mess up your first few games (like me). Highly recommended !


A half-hearted effort at recreating a great strategy game.

fable2 | Nov. 2, 2012 | See all fable2's reviews »

Having played the original X-Com series many moons ago, I was really looking forward toward this remake of a gaming classic. While this re-imagining of this classic game is fun to play for a few hours, it soon becomes quite repetitive and rather dull. It is not as engaging as the original, and certainly not as challenging. I get the feeling that this game was somewhat rushed. There are many video clipping problems, statistical anomalies, difficulties with multilevel environments and other technical issues, for starters. The maps are uninspired, limited in their variety and are quite "western", not displaying any significant variations regardless of the country you are fighting in. The troop combat can be challenging if you play the iron man mode (which is quite brutal, btw), but otherwise a conservative, methodical sweep of a map by your troops will almost always result in a significant victory. Honestly I didn't find the weapons, troops or aliens to be very imaginative or creative. The same goes for the research technology tree. The air defense portion of the game is extremely dull...barely any strategy there. Perhaps the most disappointing omission was the decision not to allow you to go in-depth into building your base and arranging its layout and defenses to counter alien attacks as in previous incarnations of this game. The game can be fun for a while and has its moments.


there are no more games like XCOM

hugemouth | Nov. 1, 2012 | See all hugemouth's reviews »

This is probably my best purchase of the year. I pre-ordered from GMG and i am having a blast. Good to see games going back to the old age when games had some challenge in them, you should really pay attention to every step when you are playing this game. Also make sure you keep a close eye on the panic level of every country and your resources, I had to start a new game after some bad choices. It take some time to get used to the game and knowing how to priorities things but when you get it right it just feels great. Go ahead and buy the game!


A worthy remake of the original

Eiensakura | Oct. 26, 2012 | See all Eiensakura's reviews »

Being a fan of the original game, XCOM was one of my deepest gaming insecurities when Firaxis announced that they are doing a make-over of the first. But, lo and behold, Firaxis certainly managed to up the ante whilst keeping most of the core XCOM atmosphere in tact. The game is unforgiving and brutal at higher levels, which why newbies should start off at normal difficulty. There are 4 classes of soldiers at your disposal, each of them specialize in their roles. The weapon and armour upgrades are rather linear, going from standard to laser and finally plasma (weapons), and standard to carapace and finally titan/archangel/ghost (armor). Whilst this was pretty much in line with the original, something deep inside me wished for more varieties of weapons and armour to choose from. (Mods, I'm looking at you) The missions itself are limited to a few set, although the locales does change quite a bit. The typical search and destroy,diffusing a bomb, or VIP escort. Whilst the background objective might be similiar, the difference in terrain alters your strategy and tactical needs when facing ever stronger enemies. My only grip with the game is the voice-over, which is basically American voice for almost everything, where's the Japanese accented English for my Japanese soldiers? Or the Queen's English for the good old Brits? Whilst not affecting gameplay at the slightest bit, but it does sort of breaks immersion, when you see someone that's clearly not from an English speaking country, spouts out lines in American accent. No offence to the Americans by the way. All in all, XCOM is a darn good strategy game that calls upon the most of your strategical and tactical capabilities, especially in Classic and higher difficulties.


Very enjoyable game

Hypnotic | Oct. 23, 2012 | See all Hypnotic's reviews »

This is my first XCOM game, so I don't know how well it measures up to the classics, however I do know that is an absolute blast to play. It's very easy to pick up and get going if you go through the tutorial levels. While some of the finer points take a bit more play time to get to know. The turn-based combat is intense, very rewarding, and very high risk. A stupid mistake may just cause you the life of a soldier you've customized and grown attached to. That said, customization is a very fun addition to the game, you can name and change the appearance of any soldier with a good amount of options and variations. Soldiers also gain experience and rank up with a choice of different abilities. However, the game loses points for leaving out full armor customization as a pre-order bonus. If you buy the game now, you will not be able to change the colour of any armor or the general design of some of the early stage armors. You will also miss out on being able to give your soldiers helmets. Fortunately, it's all cosmetic and can be easily forgiven. The game also offers quite a bit of choice on how you would like to play your game, with 4 different difficulties with some quite radical variations, an optional tutorial (which I highly recommend on your first play through, even if you know what you're doing) and an Ironman setting, which essentially makes all your choices, and their consequences permanent for better or for worse. Of course there are still a graphical kinks I've noticed during combat, the camera can act funny and zoom out onto a different level all by itself during the enemies turn, or when switching soldiers to control, along with soldiers clipping with the environment and other very minor issues which will likely be fixed very soon after I write this. That said, it's a very enjoyable turn-based strategic combat game with some elements of base management. Well worth it's full price and a steal at any discount.


My opinion of XCOM: Enemy Unknown

pcgfng | Oct. 18, 2012 | See all pcgfng's reviews »

I have never played any of the previous XCOM games before, but XCOM: EU is a great turn based strategy game. The tutorial & (Steam) 5 page manual is basic & limited & there will be things that you may want to know such as which alien creatures can be stunned for interrogation & can withdrawn countries be drawn returned back to the XCOM project (answer is no, by the way). Therefore I would suggest playing on normal mode or lower as your first play-through if you're new to XCOM. After deciding where to locate your XCOM headquarters, you make many choices such as what to equip your soldiers with, what to build/research etc each decision with a potential consequence later on, such as buying combat gear for your soldiers instead of buying satellites to monitor UFO activity risking increased panic levels of unprotected countries. The game can make you emotionally attached to your soldiers if they die, especially if they've been on many missions & of high ranking. The game does have a few minor problems, but one which is fairly significant is the camera when you try to select a specific tile to place your soldier, it can zoom out or above environments where there are vertical levels (ground floor, first floor etc). I found this to be quite annoying, but resolved this by rotating the camera to a particular view so that tile selecting wasn't such a problem. Overall, great game, don't remain unknown to this game, X(COM) marks the spot!