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Freedom at its finest! Spend hours cutting the world apart!

Maxmetpt | July 14, 2015 | See all Maxmetpt's reviews »

Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers is a unique game, that takes a fairly familiar concept, and takes it to a whole new level. The jist of the game is that you can cut almost everything is a level with your laser, and then pull it with a hook, or push it with a rocket. Simple enough, heh? Well, it works really well! Each level is fairly large, and everything is huge, when compared to the size of your character. Then, it's about discovery and exploration, which this game certainly encourages! The story is a bit silly, but if you look past it, it will reveal a deeper story of power and civilization. It's put very simply, and it's clearly not something you should obcess over, but it's nice that it's there, and it adds a bit of depth to an otherwise very silly game! (Don't worry, it's still very silly as it is!) You play as Tiny, and you're off to collect the only thing your late Grandpa has left you: a pair of pants. Why pants? Hell if you know. But it's the last thing he has collected, as a spelunker, so it should be worth it. And you're off, into a very empty desert. Then you have an accident, and you'll soon discover a new world in that seemingly empty desert. It's you and your radio on a mighty quest! For... pants. Presentation wise, the game is simple, but it has its own style. I reminded me a bit of Psychonauts, which I know is a plus for many people. Everything seems hand-drawn (even the textures). Everything seems rough, but it fits the whole style of the game, in my opinion. Then, each time something falls, it'll make a noise, and will also drop a big "BAMM" or... "SMURTLES", in addition to the sound effect. It's nice, it's a cool little detail. Another cool aspect I really enjoyed, was the little hints present in the world regarding its civilization and its lore. It goes a long way into making a world very enjoyable to explore, and feel lively rather than empty. There are also secret levels that place you inside an old gameboy, with graphics to match. Only in 3D! Overall, everything has a very unique feel to it, it's pretty good. The music was also really good! It's hard to classify it, but it fits the barren wasteland where you are. Since you're on a journey with your radio, the music isn't necessarily continuous. You're free to switch tracks around with a single key, and just listen to the tracks you want. I usually prefer the music to be tailored to the situations, but as the sandbox game that this is (mostly), I think that it works better in this way. Along with it, sound design is also very good. Since you're mostly cutting huge stones, everything will soon start to break, with a big impact. Both the sound effects and a small screen shake will give you the impression that the world is literally falling apart around you. I may or may not have tried to dodge rocks myself from my comfortable chair. Immersion is a strongpoint in this game! Now, how is gameplay? Well, it's the shining point of Tiny and Big! As I said, the mechanics are very simple. You have a laser, with which you cut the environment. You have what it essentially a grappling hook, to pull objects towards you. And you have a rocket, that you attach to things, and send them flying. And with these 3 bad boys, you can do anything, really. There are 6 levels (one of which is a Boss Fights) only, but you can easily sink at least one hour into each, in your first palythrough (and you're likely to miss secrets, which are worthy going back for). The scale of the game is awesome, with very open areas, generally, and lots of places to reach. Of course, you can't just climb stairs... if you want, you'll have to make them. You'll cut pillars, mountains, doors, ... you name it. Chances are, if you can see it, you can reach it! Somehow. Finishing the level isn't really the point here. Than can be done very quickly, and very easily. And all things considered, it won't be worth it. But, the game has a bunch of secrets areas to explore, and a few collectibles, if you're in for achievements. There are also or challenges, if you want to limit your toolkit. If you're into more sandbox-y and exploration games, definitely give this one a try! You'll find yourself trying to climb everything, cut the world in two (or, you know... in 50), looking under every rock (well, mountain)... you get the drill. One very good thing, is that the game never really punishes exploration, at all! Once you reach somewhere important, the game will auto-save. That way, even if you die, you can just get back to it. It's a very good thing! There are God figures to find, rocks to collect (just for the achievements, generally, and also encouraging exploration even more), there are Music Tapes, to add to your collection and there are also Arcades! Each arcade is essentially a "challenge" level. Some of them were very easy and straightforward, others were slightly more challenging. It's just a nice addition to the game. There are also Easter Eggs spread around the world. The room where the band made the game's music, for example, with posters referencing other games, and the such. These are certainly nice to find. The achievements, weirdly enough, are also a good thing, in this case. The developers knew that the game was all about exploration, trying different strategies, challenging yourself, and as such, they've implemented achievements accordingly. All of them were made to encourage you to explore, rather than just try to finish it. And it's a good thing, it's nice to see it for a change! One issue that I have with the game, is the dialogue. Not because it's bad, but because of the way it was presented. In the cutscenes, everything was fine, and it made me grin a little. During gameplay, however, it has a big problem. In order not to obstruct the player's vision, they've kept the dialogue in the corners. The problem with it, is that you're very, very likely to miss it, amidst the chaos. The whole world is falling on you, so it's understandable you'll miss the little dialogue in your peripheral vision. It's not a deal breaker, at all, but it's still a flaw, I'd say. Another thing, is that the game is quite short, if you're into repeating levels, which I can understand. 5 levels is a bit short (I'm not counting the Boss Fight), even if they are varied. I've spend from 40 minutes to 1 hour in each level, roughly, by trying to explore as much as possible. I still missed a couple of things, which I'm likely to go back to, but you may not be. But, all things considered, Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers is a genuinely great game! I hadn't felt as immersed in a game as I have with it, in a while, and that's all due to the freedom it gives you. It's like a puzzle-platformer, without the genre's main flaw, for most people, which is that the solution are somewhat limited. Some people don't like those kinds of games, simply because there are very limited solutions to those problem. Well, that's not the case with this game. There are countless ways of traversing the map, all equally fun and valid! You'll just lose yourself in each level, experimenting with each rock, cutting and pulling, trying to reach something that looks interesting. Give this one a try, it's definitely worth your time!


A lot of fun, despite it's length

ninjamerson | Sept. 26, 2014 | See all ninjamerson's reviews »

Tiny & Big: Grandpa's Leftovers is an entertaining, humorous and graphically appealing game. The premise of the game is based around slicing, pulling and launching terrain in order to solve puzzles and complete rather simplistic platforming segments. The physics in this game are a major selling point for the majority of people who find themselves interested in this game and, thankfully, physics do not fall flat at any point over the course of the game. Most of the stages in Tiny & Big are not linear in any way, featuring multiple ways of solving them. The graphic style of this game is definitely not meant to be particularly life-like, but is cell shaded and incredibly appealing to the eye. Most interactions between the player and the environment are accompanied by an onomatopoeic word being rendered within the level, in full 3D i might add, next to the source of the sound. The only major gripe that I found in the game was the rather unimpressive length of it, featuring only 6 stages, but this is justified given the price of the game. I still wish there was more to experience in this tiny gem. To reinforce my previous points, Tiny & Big: Grandpa's Leftovers is a beautiful and enjoyable game, only hindered by it's length and lack of content.


A Tiny gem with big value

ric37 | Aug. 15, 2014 | See all ric37's reviews »

It's really funny and amusing games, very beautifully executed, nice mechanics, cool art-style. Kind of reminds me of psychonauts a bit, if you liked that you'll probably like this one too. I don't know if it's worth the full price, but if you catch it on sale i recommend buying it.


A fun game that will have you playing around for hours

BlockAgent | June 25, 2014 | See all BlockAgent's reviews »

This is one of those rare games that even though it only takes about 2 hours to play through, you spend about 8 or 9 hours doing so because interacting with the environment is so much fun. Cutting, rocketing and grappling pieces of the environment was a ton of fun. Basically anything you see is yours to destroy in any way you see fit. The game itself is pretty addictive and will have you saying to yourself "just one more level" over and over again if you play it late at night. The game also has a fun and charming art style to it that adds to the enjoyment.


Tiny Game That's Big on Charm

NucularS | June 22, 2014 | See all NucularS's reviews »

Get your explorer hat on and prepare to solve easy puzzles that interact with and shape the world. The game is tiny and can be easily completed in a day – which is a good thing because it never gets boring, but big on charm and quirky humor, with a surprisingly dark theme behind it. In a few words, this is Indiana Jones meets Tomb Raider in a very Adventure Time kind of way. My only regret is the lack of creative puzzles to take advantage of the unique tools at your disposal.


Innovative, fun, awesome and long enough

ficha13 | June 18, 2014 | See all ficha13's reviews »

Tiny and Big is a short and fun game with an interesting gimmick. The game mechanics relies on cutting stuff and making or clearing up the path so you can progress further. It's basically like the system in Metal Gear Solid if you want a comparison. The feel of it is really great and really makes what could have been a boring game, very fun. The art and soundtrack is also awesome, the design and art looks like a darker version of Adventure Time mixed with Aztec structure art. Also there are tutorial moments where you play on what is basically a gameboy and they look awesome. They have the classic green screen look and really good 8-bit music. The soundtrack is also very cool. It's a mix of genres and instruments and will keep reminding you of music from the '60's and '70's. Tiny & Big Grandpa's Leftovers is a really interesting indy game with a very innovative concept that is solidly brought to life, awesome soundtrack and a lot of charm. It might not be all that long, but it is sweet and indeed worth your time.


A brief Epic

damodarko | April 17, 2014 | See all damodarko's reviews »

I picked up this wonderfully quirky game a while back and I could not have loved it more. This game has a hilarious and childish mini script written for it and coupled with the comic stylings really brings it all together. In this game you can literally slash your way through a level how you like, with quirky gadgets and massive landscapes. The soundtrack is fantastic and you can acquire new tracks as you play on. The only downside to this game is that it ends and that it ends rather quickly. However, for the price you are in for a treat. It was kind of an experiment by the studio but I would love to see more of this from them.


Imaginative and creative use of a Gimmick

AkiMatti | March 21, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

This game has a certain gimmick in it, which is the possibility to cut terrain obstacles and then move the slices. The mechanic works very well and the player is left with his/her own imagination as to how to overcome the obstacles with it. The gimmick is however only part of the game, another part is the humor. The humor reminds me a bit of Psychonauts and MDK, bizarre and childish. Just the way I like it :) The controls are responsive and work even with a gamepad. I used Logitech F510 successfully. Keyboard + Mouse might work more accurately, though. It is a nice adventure platformer which will give you a journey you will likely not regret taking.


Insanely Inventive, and Ludicrously Charming

IntFam | Oct. 5, 2013 | See all IntFam's reviews »

At first, as you meander through a simple tutorial stage that shows you how everything works, T&B seems like a pretty straightforward puzzle-platforming experience. But as soon as the game unleashes you on the world, you realize that you're about to experience something special. Tiny & Big: Grandpa's Leftover's has a simple concept; use your three tools (a powerful cutting laser, a grappling hook that you use for pulling rather than climbing, and a launcher that fires little rockets that stick to objects and propel them forward when you activate them) to navigate the stages and have yourself a grand old adventure. T&B takes this concept and lets you run free with it, leaving few restrictions save a robust physics engine, and your own creativity to solve the game's puzzles. The game's surreal sense of humor and gorgeously quirky art design help carry it along as you work through several stages of the game with your trusty tools. The only true fault of the game is that it's just so short, but at ten dollars (and often less, considering how often it goes on sale), it's well worth dropping your hard-earned handful of dollars on if you enjoy a good puzzle platformer. With any luck, we'll see a sequel some time in the future that really runs wild with the concept introduced here.


Unique game that innovates a genre

fabiotp91 | Aug. 21, 2013 | See all fabiotp91's reviews »

Tiny & Big: Grandpa's Leftovers has the unique art style, the unique funny story and the unique gameplay, the game marks itself with the possiblity to make you change every level destroying it to solve your way to reach your path or even to defeat enemies, it´s a very funny game, very enjoyable too, this game truly deserves a sequel, i recomend very much for you to take a ride in this world that just brings you joy and hours of fun and engaging gameplay!


Short & Sweet

FlamingDbag | Aug. 20, 2013 | See all FlamingDbag's reviews »

I beat it in one sitting. It wasn't amazing or deep, or even that long to be honest, but it was fun and seriously helped me to mellow when I was stressed out. It's a good game to play and relax to, solving mild puzzles and abusing the cutting tool for laughs and giggles. If you have interest in this game I do suggest you buy it, just be aware it's a short game and there doesn't seem to be much reason to replay it either so I suggest you wait until it goes on sale whenever. Definitely deserves a sequel.


This is great, especially for an indie game

Avesomeofthat13 | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all Avesomeofthat13's reviews »

When I first got this, I didn't know what to think - I was presented with a character that could cut rock and attach rockets to it, which is pretty darn cool! It's puzzle based in a way, as you have to use your laser cutter to progress through the level, and use your rockets to move heavier objects. I did however find that the story is very short, about 6 missions I think, that were reasonably long - I think I completed the game in about 5 hours. I was captivated by the graphics - it has the cartoon like feel of borderlands, except it's less anti-aliased and jagged, which is okay, but I like a sharper image. It is genuinely very good.


Great Use of Mechanics

bwrussell | July 8, 2013 | See all bwrussell's reviews »

This game is really a wonderful example of what the indie community can bring to the table. The art style is superb, I never tired of the 3D, comic book-esque, sound effects popping up and the cel shaded graphics works well. The mechanics are unique and solid. You can interact with way more of the environment than necessary to complete the tasks which leads to quite a bit of goofing off, tearing things down and blasting them around. The story actually ends up having a bit of depth once you get through a few slow bits in the middle. Given how this game was developed and published it is unsurprising to see a few issues, like some occasional control bugs, but all the things it does right gloss them over. I can certainly recommend this game but I would caution against buying the soundtrack until you've heard the music.


Unique 3D Puzzle/Platformer

IchiVanilla | July 6, 2013 | See all IchiVanilla's reviews »

This game was a big surprise to me, a lot of indie games will claim "unique gameplay" by changing a few things (gravity, physics, etc.). Tiny and Big does more than just alter one thing. First off, it is a 3D platformer with a fairly open world to explore. You are guided through "levels", however within each level there are multiple secrets, and plenty of areas that exist for the sole purpose of exploring. The big thing that sets this game apart from the others is your three tools: the cutter, the rocket, and the grappling hook. The cutter allows you to cut almost anything in half, at any angle, so you can make some pretty complex paths to get to hard-to-reach places. The rocket obviously blasts things away from you, and the grappling hook pulls them towards you. It is very fun/interesting using these three tools to construct your own paths through the levels. The only cons this game has are: 1) the length, it's a bit short, but for the price it's not so bad 2) It's gameplay is slightly hindered by using a xbox controller (which i did). Eventually you get over it but you just don't have the speed you would have with a mouse to control the cutter during battle sequences. Overall it is a nice polished 3D platforming game with some very interesting new gameplay mechanics, i'd recommend it to people who liked playing banjo kazooie/spyro/crash bandicoot and other 3-d platformers as a kid, and want something with new gameplay elements.


Unique Experience

awestover89 | July 5, 2013 | See all awestover89's reviews »

Tiny and Big is an odd little gem with a lot of really unique aspects. It is similar in many ways to other physics based puzzlers, but with a sandbox, open world feel to it. The artistic style is unlike anything I have seen in other games, and the use of the environment when solving the puzzles is extremely well done. Using the tools at your disposal to completely destroy the terrain was, at times, even more enjoyable than the actual game. The game was a bit on the short side, and it is the kind of game that you cannot take seriously. The humor is a bit low brow but if you want to just wind down and lose yourself in a funny cartoony world, then Tiny and Big is an excellent choice.


Great game

tusccar | July 5, 2013 | See all tusccar's reviews »

I loved this game, the art style and play style go together great and it is loads of fun. However as already stated, the controls are a bit wonky. Its almost perfect but controls bog it down. I still highly recommend this game to anyone!


Unique adventure that doesn't overstay its welcome

Maghook | July 4, 2013 | See all Maghook's reviews »

This game has a wonderful art style, a sort of blend between Psychonauts and Borderlands, and the amount of destruction you can cause is quite remarkable, especially for a small indie title. You can literally slice through chunks of mountain ridges and columns to create your own pathways, which is encouraged considering how many secrets there are to find. The music is also pretty cool. It's a big mish-mash of artists, similar to how Hotline Miami went about their soundtrack. You won't get much playtime out of this but if you enjoy puzzle platformers then you should consider grabbing Tiny and Big when it's on sale.


Could not keep my eyes off this game

mor0se | July 4, 2013 | See all mor0se's reviews »

I finished this game the day i bought it. Its great fun, a very unique puzzle game with the humor you want. You can almost always find a unique solution to obtain the collectibles, you have levels which require some thought and some which you can fly through (or in my case explore every inch of) For the price the game is definitely worth it, and furthermore the achievements are fun to obtain.


A Very Unique Puzzle Game

thegaminglyfe | June 20, 2013 | See all thegaminglyfe's reviews »

Tiny & Big is one of the most unique puzzle games I've played and it relies heavily on your various tools to cut, manipulate and move the environment around. The game has a very nice art style that looks very beautiful and a great soundtrack even though there aren't many songs. Thera are parts that will make you laugh, the game has quite a lot of humour in different parts of the game. Highly recommended to anyone who's sick of generic puzzle games and is looking for something new.


Awesome Game!

DanielZo0 | June 11, 2013 | See all DanielZo0's reviews »

There is nothing on the market that delivers the kind of experience you get from this game. The art and music are memorable and enjoyable. The game play is innovative and unique and the story is, while a bit shallow, enjoyable. The comic style art was flawlessly executed. The game simply looks good. From the open areas bright areas to the enclosed dark ones, the art style never fails to deliver. Visually, the game is wonderful. The soundtracks fit in perfectly with the game. I enjoyed almost every track. The game play is what really grabs you. The slicing, pulling and rocketing is an incredible mechanic that gives you unrivaled flexibility in the game. Since almost everything can be manipulated, it gives new meaning to "the world is your playground". You can choose the paths the developers created for you and drag a block here and cut a block there or have some fun, explore and be creative. This is where the game shines. That being said, one big gripe i have about the game play is the controls. The movement feels very clunky and when you're trying to inch along a narrow beam, you'll frequently accidentally step too far and die. I'd say 80% of my deaths were these kinds. Luckily its no huge deal since the respawns are instant. No load times between deaths, no nothing. Just bam! There you are. And the checkpoints are frequent enough that dying is far from the end of the world. The game does get a little repetitive if you try to play it all in one sitting. If you take this game in pieces, you'll enjoy every bit of it. The story is incredibly simple but gains a surprising amount of depth. It is simply this: You are Tiny, your brother, Big, stole your grandpa's magical underwear (and has decided to wear it on his head) and has gone a bit nuts. You have to get to him and take your underwear back. In the last level, the game actually develops a bit of depth and all the stuff around you starts to have some meaning. It was a surprisingly pleasant discovery. The ending is pretty good too. Not the greatest I've ever seen but good. Overall, for delivering a fun and memorable experience, I give it an 8. 2 points were docked for the minor control issue and the occasional feeling of tedium


great fun.

CallmeTeh | June 10, 2013 | See all CallmeTeh's reviews »

a nice little indie physics based indie game which is great fun to pass a few hours. This game has an amazing sound track. It's very quirky and quite funny. well worth a buy.


Awesome game

bulbipop | May 7, 2013 | See all bulbipop's reviews »

This game is a must have, with a great art style, a revolutionary gameplay where you can cut and move almost any platform or wall to make your way through the game. There's not a lot of music but there are all great too. The story is funny, there's a lot of hidden levels or objects to found but the game is pretty short, I think I spent approximately 5 hours on it but 5 funny hours destroying everything I saw !


Ruined by terrible controls

Lunk | Jan. 17, 2013 | See all Lunk's reviews »

Tiny & Big features a really cool art style, an amusing story, and an excellent soundtrack. There's even a lot of fun to be had outside the plot, destroying the environments with the various tools you're given. All of those are things I normally value very highly in a game, but I was shocked to discover just how little they matter when combined with awful controls. Throughout most of the game, there are some mild frustrations to be found in trying to execute some really picky jumps and combating the camera movement, but nothing that would cause me to slash the score nearly as much as I did. The problem lies with the laser, which works well enough on the stationary targets you have to use it on through most of the game, but the boss fights are a different story altogether and the laser is all that really matters in them. The boss fights are really repetitive affairs, with each one demanding increasing levels of precision and perfect timing with the laser, which controls very poorly against moving objects (partly by design, partly by simply not responding accurately, and partly by requiring perfect positioning of an obstinate camera while trying to avoid projectiles in confined spaces). Adding to the frustration is that even if you execute it nearly perfectly, there's still a very good chance that the giant fragments of your target will fall on top of you and kill you in an area so small that they'd be virtually impossible to avoid even if you could see them coming with the camera stuck directly behind your character. For what it's worth, I played the game on a PC-as-console style setup using a 360 controller. Your mileage may vary, especially if you're using a mouse and keyboard, as I don't know how the game reacts to those. What I do know is that this game lasted about 3 hours from start to finish, and a significant portion of that time was spent on a pair of absolutely infuriating boss fights that completely snuffed out any positive feelings I had about a game I really wanted to like.


Very nice concept and game

Xibalba | Jan. 15, 2013 | See all Xibalba's reviews »

The game play is innovative and unique and the story is, while a bit shallow, enjoyable. The comic style art was flawlessly executed. The game simply looks good. From the open areas bright areas to the enclosed dark ones, the art style never fails to deliver. Visually, the game is really nice, The soundtracks fit in perfectly with the game. I enjoyed almost every track. You can choose the paths the developers created for you and drag a block here and cut a block there or have some fun, explore and be creative.


Surprisingly Great!

MoazTheFreeman | Dec. 7, 2012 | See all MoazTheFreeman's reviews »

This was a very surprisingly fun game! I have never played any Tiny and Big games before, and I thought I might give this one a try. The game oozes with style from every pore, has an amazing graphics style, and a great soundtrack! Also, the story is really entertaining. And most importantly, the puzzles. You are given great tools to manipulate the environment in many different ways to solve problems. This is a really fun game, and you will not regret your purchase, definitely worth it!


A little gem

Cavalieroscuro | Dec. 7, 2012 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

This game is a tiny, little gem. First of all, it has an innovative gameplay. Basically all you have to do is proceed to next level using your cutter and your rope to modify and use elements like rocks or...buildings to advance. It sound simple and it is, but is very funny also. The soundtrack is another strong point of this production: in fact, you can collect several tapes unlocking additional tracks on your player. By the way, the game is very short and can be beaten in one hour and thirty (two hours if you wanna reach all secret locations), but the price of four € is almost a gift for this. It's worth it and you must buy it!


Amazing concept but it needs improvement

DukePaul | Dec. 7, 2012 | See all DukePaul's reviews »

Tiny & Big is a good platformer with fantastic art, clever puzzles and the good use of physics thanks to the laser that can cut the enviroment, this is really neat and fun to watch, the destructible stages are the best thing of this title. This game is like a sandbox platfomer, you have freedom to resolve puzzles and sometimes the jump zones are a little awful because its easy to to die and there aren't enough checkpoints and you will have to do the same things again. The game is short but right now is on sale and for this price if you like platform games is a nice buy.


Good game

Bolo | Nov. 18, 2012 | See all Bolo's reviews »

This game truly caught me by surprise. I was expected a portal ripoff, or some uninteresting puzzle game but what I got was surprising quirky, addicting, and most of all, fun. Tiny and Big took my an a small and entertaining search for my pants. It's not an overwhelming large game, but it still packs a punch. The various tools, a slicer, a rocket device, and simple "gravity gun" allow you to use the environment in insane and awesome ways. Overall, this game is surprisingly good and you won't be disappointed.