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Great game

britishlad | July 2, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

It's been a while since we have had a DMC game but now it's back with a new look and a host of weapons and abilities that make DMC a complete blockbuster. Sometimes through the game you might just feel that Dante has been awarded way too many powerful weapons to kick demon ass. Some of the enemy design like the Dreamrunner, blood rage, ghost rage, butcher etc is excellent. The enemies wary in numbers and variety and always keeps you on toes. Most of the enemies could be easily dealt with using the Aquila or Arbiter which are very powerful weapons and the combos that you can pull off with the upgrades is just too good. Nothing better than entering a room and slicing through demons using various combos of weapons and dodges. However, the boss fights are way too easy in the game with the exception of the very last one, which is just a bit challenging compared to others. Dante fights the main villain Mundus in this one and Vergil makes his way back along with a couple other characters. The level design is beautiful and the jumps and leaps you perform using angel and demon pull are also awesome. Some of the more complex parts of the game involve using a variety of moves, jumps and pulls to reach the next area. The side missions are fun and challenging, perhaps more than the game itself. You can get decent upgrades up there. The storyline is nothing special and the new Dante is cocky as hell and some of the dialogs are just plain stupid and kiddish and the average voice acting doesn't help either! But what makes this one a winner is sheer gameplay. The brilliant fun and satisfaction you get through ripping across a demon horde of various size and numbers is satisfying. The enemies are smart and provide challenge when you face various types in one room. Some of the enemies take damage from a particular type of weapon only, so when more of these different enemies are put together, it makes for a great fight. Highly recommended espically now that the price has dropped!