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Where story doesn't matter.

Harbinger_87 | June 5, 2013 | See all Harbinger_87's reviews »

There's a huge disconnect in "Heavy Blast" concerning story and gameplay in the way that there's this thought-out background and this earnest effort of telling a story... and then you play a tiny spacecraft that's shooting multicoloured things at other things all the while dodging other multicoloured things. That's a lot of things. And "Heavy Blast" isn't more than a collection of lots of things when you get down to it. All the work that's gone into telling this story that's supposed to give you a deeper motivation to all the fighting is forgotten the moment you enter the real gameplay. All of it doesn't matter anymore. You just do your thing, regardless of why. "Heavy Blast"'s story is a nice touch but it's not more motiavting than for example a simple score-tracker. That said, on the plus side, "Heavy Blast" is not a bad game at all. It incorporates elements of bullet-hell-shooters but isn't as hardcore as games of this cathegory. It offers a decent challenge but is not fixed on a core-gamer-group as an audience. It feels a bit like the classic "Raptor: Call of Shadows" in that there is a certain sense of advancment throughout the game, apart from the usual "beat the highscore"-motivation, but in the end, it's just a shoot em up. A rewarding, ambitious shoot em up, but a shoot em up nonetheless.