Reviews for Silmarils Collection


Nostalgia round the corner

TheRealMoremir | Nov. 7, 2012 | See all TheRealMoremir's reviews »

This collection reaks of nostalgia for those of us who remember having an Amiga. They were great games, specially Ishar I and II, with it's predecesor Cristals of arborea (something like Ishar 0). They are fun games that require patience and will to be played again: they haven't aged very well and you will find yourself struggling more than once. Other than that, it is a great collection whit fun oldies like Metal Mutant and Starblade. But keep in mind you are dealing with 1991 games.


A good collection of old-school games

Gh0st233 | Nov. 5, 2012 | See all Gh0st233's reviews »

Silmarils Collection is a collection of 16 old-school strategy, RPG, adventure and arcade games. Most of them are very fun, and bring back a lot of memories of other similar games from way back, and this collection is definitely worth it. Even the full price, but if you can wait, definitely wait for a sale. Great games, great price.