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Average game

britishlad | May 31, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

I've played Medal of honor since the very beginning. All of them were worth playing, but somewere forgettable. You played them, enjoyed them, then either sold or left to rot on your shelf. Well Warfighter, at least for me, is about the same. I'm not saying it is a bad game by any means. It has great graphics (you do have to download a 1.7GB HD version, if you want HD) and great gameplay. The style of weapons, how they sound and how they fire, are quite realistic. Beautiful environment to run around in. As for the story, well it was somewhat interesting. It did have its parts where it brought you in, but then you went out on some mindless missions. I do agree with GameSpot's review about the driving missions. They are quite fun. Multiplayer wise, if you played the previous MoH or BF3, you have the multiplayer for Warfighter and to be honest it's pretty much dead online Overall, don't expect much from this game