Reviews for EVE Online - 60 Day Time Card


Hard core MMO

Icedchicken | Feb. 15, 2014 | See all Icedchicken's reviews »

Played them all and this is by far the best. Sandbox emergent game play and driven, constantly evolving meta. Plus you don't have to farm currency if you don't want to. Always buy my game time from this site, cash rewards plus 20% off often makes it a steal.



franeq | Sept. 30, 2013 | See all franeq's reviews »

This new expansion makes it easier to get in to the game, but it is still a gigantic learning curve for some people and that is my only gripe as people without patience will not play it so you may be forced to find in-game friends to play with. This game was a must buy for MMORPG fans who are looking for a truly deep and expanding space based science fiction universe and after spending the last couple of weeks with it again I have to say it is a better buy today.


EVE is Real

bbrady145 | Aug. 16, 2013 | See all bbrady145's reviews »

There is a reason why EVE is till subscription based game where many others have turned to F2P and Pay to Win models, EVE is one of the few games here eve people that have been playing for less then a few months can still do almost anything in the game regardless of skill points. Also to add to the awesomeness of EVE, Character Trading and buying In-Game Currency (through GTC's) is legal and encouraged, making it easy for the casual gamer to PLAY instead of GRIND!


One of the best and most unique games out there

Toby | July 23, 2013 | See all Toby's reviews »

There is a reason for why EVE is still thriving. A lot of people bash it because it is a very difficult game to master. But if you play with the right group of people then EVE can (and will) be one of the most rewarding and fun experiences you can possibly have.


Best MMO?

jonnymroberts | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all jonnymroberts's reviews »

Yes this game has a steep learning curve, but when you get past that it is amazing. There are many ups and downs, ie you can be on a winning streak then the game will cruelly wipe that from you. Graphics are gorgeous and the new expansion is great


A Spectacular game that everyone should experience

Mikester7 | Dec. 3, 2012 | See all Mikester7's reviews »

Due to the way the progression system is set up in EVE Online, new players will literally find it impossible to reach the wealth and power of old veterans. Due to this, the power hungry people will find that EVE Online will not satisfy. However, economists, space junkies, social MMO fans, lone questers and members of the military generally find this game to be incredible (I met many people serving in the navy while playing this game). It is absolutely packed full of content, amazing visuals, spectacular spaceship details, great social aspects and on the edge of your seat combat. EVE offers an experience that no other game in history ever has, which is unexplainable, you simply have to play the game to understand. Try out this game, even if it is just for a month or two just to experience this incredible game.


Best Space Simulator

DukePaul | Oct. 30, 2012 | See all DukePaul's reviews »

This game has a high learning curve, you can win a lot of money and be the "king" of the universe and lose your fortune in seconds, but the good thing is that you can be the one who steals all that money and power, you cam choose your own path. This MMO was made almost a decade ago, and is still active because offers a unique experience that other games can't offer and because all the support from the developers is amazing. The graphics even if they are old they look nice and the art design is awesome. I loved the character customization and the variety of ships and roles. This game was buggy years ago but now is fantastic, the gameplay if you have patience to complete some boring missions at the beginning you will have a blast later with this game and all the content it offers. In 60 days you will have an awesome experience.