Reviews for Supreme Commander


Not Total Annihilation but still fun

Glyndwr | Oct. 11, 2013 | See all Glyndwr's reviews »

Total Annihilation was an excellent game when it was released and it was always going to be hard to surpass that feeling a few years later. Supreme Commander doesn't have that impact but it is a good RTS. If you like massive battles where you can zoom out for a large scale overview and in to see the nitty gritty of battles then you'll love this. The AI is fairly good with no major pathfinding issues and the graphics are still functional today. However, the code wasn't brilliantly optimised for this game which did make it a bit of a CPU hog when it first came out, it shouldn't be a problem with a modern rig but worth bearing in mind if using an older PC. There is plenty of content with large campaigns but interest in the game can run out before the content as the storyline isn't particularly engaging.


Huge RTS game

zakk77 | Sept. 20, 2013 | See all zakk77's reviews »

Really huge Real-Time Strategy game. A little bit too huge for my likings. Grafix were excellent, storyline interesting enought. But as the areas are so massive you have to spend all your time buildin walls and cannons and stuff. If it only had somekind of auto bild. But you have to build many bases at the same time and building is quite slow so.. But for hardcore RTS fan this is a must, for me it was little too hc.


Massive RTS

xydanus | Jan. 16, 2013 | See all xydanus's reviews »

Supreme Commander is the best RTS game that I have played. Battlefields are massive and so is the unit count. AI works pretty well in land maps, but when map contains islands, AI makes land units that cannot get off the islands they are on. Also when playing with multiple factions over the network, game gets too heavy, so that no matter how powerful your computer is, game runs in slowmo. Of course you can limit unit count so that game runs smoothly, but this tells you that you can push the game to its limit, if you want. This is what PC game is.

Community has made many great mods that improves gaming experience in many aspects. Mods can add new units, new maps, balance gameplay, improve graphics etc.

One of the best thing in Supreme Commander is dual monitor- support. It allows player to use multiple cameras, so that he/she always knows what is going on.


King Size Real time Strategy

zhack075 | Dec. 30, 2012 | See all zhack075's reviews »

What is the most impressive part of Supreme Commander is probably the size of the battles. You can lead hundreds of units on a gigantic battlefield. I really enjoyed the little details that simplify your RTS experience such as the Estimated Time of Action which tells you in real time how long an action will take depending on multiple factors. I think if you like RTS, you must play this game at least once. But If you really want to play this game, try Forged Alliance instead which contains much more content and improvements !


The less innovative but solid sequel to Total Annihilation

Mikester7 | Oct. 29, 2012 | See all Mikester7's reviews »

Supreme Commander, developed by one of my favorite developers, shares a surprisingly large amount of features as the famous Total Annihilation that made the game so popular. While it may not have the sheer scale and innovation that Total Annihilation, fans of the game may find Supreme Commander a surprisingly great experience. It still maintains the focus on huge battles, economic management and massive powerful units that take an eternity to build. It has so much content for the price, consisting of numerous campaigns and great online features so you can play with your friends easily just like you may had done back in the days of Total Annihilation. The other good thing is it fixes the rather poor pathfinding as large amounts of units are introduced to the map, that I found was a game-breaking problem with Total Annihilation.

While I personally find Supreme Commander as a game that gets far too drawn out and slow after a while, don't let that deter you as you may find this solid strategy game a gem.

While it got bashed a lot for vastly changing to series, I find its sequel, Supreme Commander 2 a more enjoyable experience personally.