Reviews for Farming Giant [Playfire]


MY farm

cristiano171 | Nov. 6, 2012 | See all cristiano171's reviews »

If you’re the kind of strategist that loves to manage anything, and you often find yourself lost for hours in a game of Sim City then Farming Giant may be just the game you’re looking for, whilst it does cater to the particular niche of farming enthusiasts, there are just so many satisfying ways to play the game, that even the simplest of buying and selling on the market is a fantastically addictive way to play. It’s pure addictive bliss down on the homestead, and with many levels and different buildings to unlock you’ll be sweating away at your farm for days at a time! Whether you want to deal in livestock, wine, bread, clothes, fruit juice or just crops, the choice is yours in Farming Giant 4/5.However, if you aren't a big management fan, and you're not really fussed with farming, and quite enjoy a good old trading strategy, Farming Giant allows you to focus simply on the trade of goods from any of the individual towns that all have unique supply and demand, so it sure pays to shop around if you want to keep an eye on your purse strings. However if you wish to ensure that you get top dollar for selling your goods then you can strike up an order with one of the towns so you can deliver a certain amount of crops to them before a certain date, either immediately, cumulatively or periodically; great when you’re sitting on 10,000 units of Cow Meat and you know that Berlin is willing to pay 6.26 per unit!


An okay game, but a high price-tag.

Gh0st233 | Nov. 5, 2012 | See all Gh0st233's reviews »

Farming Giant is a farming simulator-strategy game. The game is quite fun, and it can be enjoyed for some time. The graphics are quite nice, surprisingly, and the game-play isn't bad. There are a lot of vehicles, and a lot of areas you can choose from to build your farm on. There are also a few different game-modes that should increase the fun factor that the game offers. However, while this game may be quite fun to play for a break from all the AAA titles, and what-not, the 30$ price-tag is just way too high, because, instead of buying this, you can add 20$ and buy a brand-new AAA game and have much, much more fun from it.