Reviews for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13


Good game

britishlad | July 14, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

It is very easy for me to compliment this game, good gameplay, graphics & a lot of good aspects to the career mode to keep me occupied for hours on end, but I cant help but feel that this is a like it or hate it game. I am young, love watching & playing golf, as well as spending hours on my PS3, so this game was well suited to me but i feel if one of the previous statements is untrue for you then you might grow tired of this game rather quickly. Putting aside personal aspects though the game is truly brilliant, its physics are very lifelike and so are the players & courses, and the list of courses is almost never-ending, which is good for me because it means there is more likely to be an easy eagle around the corner on a short par 5 or easy 4, so overall very enjoyable and realistic, but definitely try before you buy with this game or get it at a cheap price