Reviews for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance


The pleasant surprise!

GreyFox9260 | Nov. 5, 2013 | See all GreyFox9260's reviews »

With this hack and slash entry style to the metal gear series wasnt a great idea in my mind for the series and a huge fan, but surprisingly it was very enjoyable and still give you that feeling that you were a true boos in those epic moments and boss fights with the freedom of playing the game in a totally whacky do it yourself way or by sticking to the code, not harming a soul and completing it it a stupidly fast time. The soundtrack itself is so awesome! Going from the orchestra in previous games to the fast thrashing guitar in this fits so well with this style and will leave you playing moments again and again to listen to those awesome tracks. I believe it fits in with the story perfectly and clearly explains it. To start with it is alittle bit tricky to get your head around it and to get use to how it plays but once you are absorbed into the game you will be mastering it in no time. Must buy but do play the entire series!


The Spin-off That Matters!

TK4EVA47 | Oct. 12, 2013 | See all TK4EVA47's reviews »

With the Metal Gear franchise we've seen a few spin-off's that were just horrible and now we have another one, is this one good? YES! MGR follows one of the main character's of Metal Gear after the events of MGS 4, with him working for a PMC. After being injured badly he wants revenge. It sounds cliche but this story is pretty good and does't get as complicated as the normal Metal Gear games, meaning anyone who likes fast paced combat will enjoy this game. Game-play wise, it's a lot different from the series as it stealth takes a step back, so that action can take a step forward. You'll be stabbing, slicing and chopping anything that gets in your way. This game is amazing, to be blunt, the only flaws is that maybe the stealth could have been better, as well as the story. Other than that, GAME IS AMAZING, SO BUY IT NOW!