Reviews for Sleeping Dogs (DE)


This game is pure epicness!

KatsumihD | Feb. 11, 2014 | See all KatsumihD's reviews »

This game was originaly planned as another True Crime game. Now it is a great open world game like GTA,only difference is that this plays in Hong Kong,which is pretty awesome. This game has astonishing graphics and also great gameplay. I like this kind of setting,where you actually can decide if you only play the Triad missions or help the cops. In most situations you will use your fighting skills and don´t care about weapons,which isn´t bad. As a conclusion i would say,that you should buy this game,it is worth the money.


Perfect Open-World game.

DeeCodex | Feb. 24, 2013 | See all DeeCodex's reviews »

This game was the perfect example for other developers how to put a good Story into an open-world game. I loved every minute i played, i think mainly because of the feeling you get in the citys, it was so immersive. I always come back to play this game just to drive around the towns with the awesome cars and their handling, that the game offers. The fights are brutal and pretty meaty which i liked very much. The Martial-Arts feeling was instantly activated =P Big recommendation for this game.